Experts to decide uniqueness of Goan Dhangar

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 01 August 2012 13:42 IST

Goa government is now planning to appoint fourth committee of experts to prove that Dhangar is a tribe in Goa and should be granted Scheduled Tribe status.

The central government has already granted this status to Gawada, Kunbi and Velip but has rejected to include Dhangar in it.

The state government had initially set a committee headed by Adv Gajendranath Usgaonkar to compile information about the Dhangar community in Goa.

However, the centre rejected this report since it did not contain all the information required.

Later, another committee headed by Dr Bernedite Gomes was appointed, bringing out all socio-economic as well as cultural aspects of the life of Dhangars in Goa.

Since the second report was also rejected on technical grounds, the state government appointed experts from Dharwad University.

The centre has presently raised five queries pertaining to this report in 2011.

Though social welfare minister Mahadev Naik initially assured to reply to these queries, chief minister Manohar Parrikar intervened to inform the House that the state authorities are not equipped enough to reply to these queries.

“We need to justify the generic connections of the Dhangar as well as the fact how Goa’s Dhangar are different from Maharashtra”, said the chief minister.

The report apparently has pointed out that marriages take place between Dhangar from Goa and Maharashtra while the religious traditions of both are also similar.

The problem is that Dhangar in Maharashtra has been recognized as OBC while Goa’s Dhangars are demanding ST status.

St Andre MLA Vishnu Wagh pointed out that the experts also need to consider various other aspects like the unique Gods of the Dhangar etc to prove a point that they are different from Goa’s OBC.

While rejecting the proposal that all-party delegation should go to New Delhi to convince the central authorities in this regard, Parrikar felt that the experts deciding on uniqueness of Dhangar is more important.

Till then, demanded Sanguem MLA Subhash Phaldesai, the Dhangar community may be given all kind facilities, including reservations in education and government employment.

Wagh demanded that Dhangar be given status of a state tribe.            

Social welfare minister Naik assured to provide all kind of facilities possible within the legal parameters to the Dhangar community.

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IT has been decades since our so called founders of this great nation had made this reservation for the backward classes. and decades later our political fools are still encouraging reservation .reservation is stopping the progress of the country,but is only the vote bank of the politicians. who is benefiting from the taxpayers money, which my father and all the goan citizens paid for the state.beneficiaries are the obc, and sc and the immigrants.our fathers earned, paid taxes for sake of these people . the general category have to slog all their life and die in isolation.but the backward classes are enjoying government jobs and all the benefits in their own country.all the good brain is migrating and all you find is reservation class manning all the government offices who have no manners nor can they speak good looks as if bihar is far ahead of us .I hope that some day someone bring reservation to an end.

- justino, dubai | 17 th October 2012 04:28


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