Youth flex muscles against Ram Sene, form Ami Goykar

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 17 June 2012 22:11 IST

Anwesha Singbal

The youth brigade in Goa has flexed its muscles to fight against religious fanatics like Shree Ram Sene by forming a front, Ami Goykar.

Anwesha Singbal, who was unanimously elected the convenor of AG, said the group would start spreading the message to unite against the communal forces among all the stakeholders.

The AG is planning to hold a convention in the first week of July in Ramnathi, where SRS chief Pramod Muthalik as well as other communal leaders had gathered recently, demanding Hindu Rashtra in a secular country.

For the convention, the AG plans to mobilise all the like-minded Goans from among the students, social organizations, tourism stakeholders, business organizations, panchayats etc to pledge their support for the cause of Goa’s unity in diversity.

“We also plan to meet chief minister Manohar Parrikar shortly, demanding from him to prevent Muthalik from coming to Goa as his earlier acts in Mangalore and other places have clearly been targeted towards breaching the secular concept of our country.

“Though democracy gives the liberty to form an organization, our Constitution is strongly based on the concepts of Secularism and hence, it is the duty of the chief minister to ensure that he does not allow organizations with communal intentions to set foot in our state”, said Dr Mukul Pai Raiturkar, the co-convenor of AG.

In fact, the AG feels that it is the duty of the BJP government to prove that it is indeed secular and hence would not entertain any threat to the secular fabric of the state.

The AG has raised concerns on the statements and acts of Ram Sene which threaten to act against pubs and the western culture in Goa.

The AG also feels that Goa has always remained a blend of various cultures and people from all religions have lived in peace in the state for ages.

Around 50 youth who met in Margao today has also nominated Adv Prasanna Timble as the spokesperson.

Jay Joshi, Elison Morenas, Amey Kamat, Barkha Naik, Rahul Prabhudesai, Sneha Sabnis and other youths  are nominated as the members of the organization. 

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If you allow such fanatics group in Goa then one will witness ' Ami Goyenkar' or Goa Proctectors of 1986 Konkani Language agitation. Government must take advance PRECAUTIONS for such cheap and fanatics OUTFITS entry into peace loving Goa

- Carmo Santos, Goa / Kuwait | 21 st June 2012 12:01


Once an organisation is known for its intent and activities in the rest of the country, it becomes the foremost duty of elected govt to stop such organisations setting their foot on our secular soil. We cannot wait for another bomb blast or any blasting situation like that created by Sanatan and then act on it.

We do not want the repeats of Orissa, Karnataka or Godhra in a peaceful state like Goa.

We the women of Goa shall truly stand for our right to freedom and liberty and throw them out lock, stock and barrel.

Gawd catch some goons in the name of moral policing teach goans , what is morality and sanskriti when they have been involved in molestation, physical abuse of women and vandalism. Is this in the garb of religion ? then Mr Mutthalik you are knocking on a wrong door.



- Babita Angle, Margao | 18 th June 2012 09:33


Right decision by the youth...We donot want the likes of Ram Sene here in Goa to disturb the tranquility and communal harmony practised in the society for centuries..

There are many other more important issues facing this small State like infrastructure development, creation of employment opportunities, reducing crimes and corruption...etc...

Let the Hon. CM ban such fanatic organizations from taking root here in this small State---We donot need them here....

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 18 th June 2012 09:01


Ram Sena is getting much more publicity in Goa than it ever deserved. Probably, that was the aim of its leaders, and they have succeeded in their plan. India is a secular, democratic and free society. People can freely express their views and opinions; law and order should intervene only when it becomes a danger to the society.

The shahi imam of jama masjid always blabbers such nonsense all the time, and nobody cares.

In Goa, everybody is trying to use the situation for political mileage.

- Jagan Kamat, Canada | 18 th June 2012 09:00


Kudos to youth of Goa for standing against the communal monster of SRS. My only appeal to this young brigade is to go to the root of the problem. The convention that demanded India to be the Hindu Rashtra was organized by Sanatan Santstha (SS.. similar to SS of Nazis) founded by Dr, Jayant Atahvale, who is a failed medical practitioner. This man who claims to be the reincarnation of lord Krishna (sic) has a perverted mind and display of his undergarments at various exhibitions organized by SS is the proof. His cult members involved in several bomb blasts are worshiped as patriots by SS and only his brand of ' Hinduism' is considered to be the authentic one.

These self righteous fanatics have destroyed several families in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnatak and a Kannada periodical ' Karavale Ali' has constantly exposed their falsehood. In this age of commercialism, SS is just another business outfit trying to expand its business of selling the oldest commodity known to mankind, i.e. religion in a new package.

So the SRS is merely the symptom of the disease. the real culprit is very much in Goa itself, issuing dictates from Ramnathi. SRS is a distant enemy operating from outside the Goa border, the real devil is Jayant Athavale and his gang in Goa.

- Shrikant Marathe, Parvati, Pune | 18 th June 2012 08:54


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