Gadgil accuses politicians opposing Western Ghat report

PTI, PANAJI | 15 June 2012 22:21 IST

Noted environmentalist Madhav Gadgil today criticised politicians opposing a report on the Western Ghats, saying the so-called development in the region was nothing but "confiscation".

"What is done in the name of development is simply confiscation. On the other hand, we environment advocates are being accused of blocking development," said Gadgil.

He is  heading the Western Ghat Ecology Experts Panel (WGEEP), appointed by Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF).

The panel has recommended formation of exclusive ecological zones, based on eco-sensitivity, and restrict the activities in these zones. The MoEF has now sought suggestions from the people on WGEEP report.

"The idea that ecologically sensitive zones mean only restrictions is not right. We have also suggested ideas for development," Gadgil told a gathering of environmentalists here, making a presentation on the report.

Kerala government has said that the report is not acceptable.

Gadgil, however, said no state government had yet written to the panel.

Responding to a question, Gadgil said Goa should have a buffer zone between wildlife sanctuaries and surrounding areas where non-eco-friendly commercial activities take place.

"The buffer zone would vary but it will be over several kilometres," he said.

The Gadgil Panel has recommended that the report be translated in local languages such as Marathi, Konkani and Kannada among others so that more people will understand it.

He further added that the translation should not be done using government jargons, which makes it difficult to understand.

The report should be available in simple, layman's language, he said.

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When one begins to seriously scrutinise what Politicians and to some extent Mining Industrialiasts and Real Estate Builders mean by DEVELOPMENT, at the cost of land and eco systems, usually means development for themselves & their familues only.

The logic here and notably in India /Goa, is that, the richer the Politician becomes, the more powerful he also becomes.

Where in most cases it is understood that "RIGHT "is "MIGHT"....In Goa & the rest of India too it is the opposite...."MIGHT is RIGHT.

- N.Fernandes, London | 15 th June 2012 23:47


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