Cong will bounce back as a fresh broom: Sardinha

PTI, PANAJI | 07 June 2012 22:24 IST

Reeling under shock of losing the March 3 Assembly polls, state Congress committee working president Fransisco Sardinha today said the party would bounce back.

"A new broom sweeps better", he quipped.

"When any party loses, there is a lull period. It will take two to three months more before the Congress will come back rejuvenated and perform its duty as the Opposition", said Sardinha, who is also the South Goa Congress MP.

The party will take the BJP government head-on after some months, a time period which is required to get back into action, he said.

Congress party, which was ruling prior to March three polls (with 21 Assembly seats), was reduced to single-digit (9) after facing humiliating defeat at the hands of BJP-led alliance, which one 23 seats.

Sardinha said the Congress faired badly in the polls because of its "misgovernance, absence of decision making and its failure to handle crucial illegal mining issue".

He also welcomed the BJP government's decision on Medium of Instruction, claiming that it is on the similar lines of what the Congress had decided.

However, he suggested, the government should also allow Konkani and Marathi primary schools to shift to English medium.

"They were waiting for the government's decision. All should be given chance", he added.

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sardin is like waste product who always try to gather and refresh fool people with his non sense views of curruptions. everyone of us need good goverment in but not corrupt one. for last five years history says they screwed our people and in reality they did that only becouse of money. in order to get vote they gives lots of money to poor and foolish people only at the time of election. why people dont understand that they are comng only during elections and they never help us in any sort of activities. in five years people get money for one day thats enough for poor people and they vote them...people should really think on this. congress-khoongrace Govmt screwed whole india. support for future not for past and present by accepting people like sardin. konkani amchi maay bhaas, sardin is trying to play with that also. govt should never ever allow such type of people.

- kalpesh shirodkar, mapusa | 15 th July 2012 13:09


I sincerely believe that Mr.Sardinha is living in a FOOL`s PARADISE ! Its a wishful thinking ! the congress is CORRUPT from DILLI TO GULLI ! its CANCER in the LAST STAGE ! CANNOT BE CURED ,NOW !

- Lina Vaz, Betal batim | 09 th June 2012 15:03


John and Lawande you don't have a clue what Mr Sardinha did when he was chief Minister for a short time and minister and doing right now as MP. Dead man knows how deep is the grave, high and bye you don;t know this politicians till you work with them.

MOI was not a issue but created by congress but it back fired. Lets leave teh BJP alone for atleast a year inorder to judge them, because the mess created in all teh ministries is so much. Let the education department and the school adminstration along with the parents should unite and make sure that our children get better education and achive good results.Let politicians fight thier own war strongest will survive .

- domnic, bahrain | 08 th June 2012 16:55


There is no such thing as a "NON-CORRUPT CONGRESS MAN".

If they are not "FINIANCIALLY " Corrupt, then they are...."MORALLY" corrupt & even worse "MORALLY BANKRUPT".

There is a saying that "NEW BROOMS SWEEP CLEAN".

However, when the "HANDLES" are old & out of joint, do not expect the "BRISTLES",to hold on, too long.Tey wil just fall apart sooner rather than later.

Mr Sardinha is no more than an "angel in disguise" and a poodle of the Congress Delhi wallas.All that is missing is a "Chain" around his neck.,

- N.Fernandes, London | 08 th June 2012 16:05


Good thinking Mr. Sardinha, keep your new broom ready for the new job in case BJP messing up the MoI issue. You are right all should be given a fair chance.

- John W DSouza, Margoa Goa | 08 th June 2012 11:54


so finally congress is coming back to its feet. Atleast we know that sardin is a honest non currupt politician. A few good men in congress such as sardin, shantaram naik etc if come together they can provide a much needed opposition which is essential in democracy. But what we dont understand is that as long as rane is a leader of congress in assembly what moral authority congress will have even if some bjpman is found doing corruption?

- jayesh lawande, porvorim | 08 th June 2012 02:16


Another termite who finished lovely GOA, how dare he says Congress will bounce back, when his colleagues have destroyed and looted GOA. He needs to apologise to every true goan .

I was never a BJP supported, but now's high time wise /educated people VOTE Mr Manohar Parrikar to rule goa for a very long time.

Well done CM - GOD BLESS YOU * * * * *

- Avinash Kamat, GOA | 08 th June 2012 00:39


hopeful future president of congress in goa talks about brooms but incase of Goa the present govt requires vacum cleaner to clean the mess created during the congress rule for so many years.I am waiting fo hear any defeated or elected congress MLA's asking when the lokyukta bill be implemented. First of all the currupt ministers of previous govt must be tried for their wrong doings and curruption than only the current ministers will think twice before they also do the same things like past ministers. Hope goa's election results will get repeated in 2014 central election.

- domnic, bahrain | 07 th June 2012 23:46


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