Christian-supported BJP not communal: Gadkari

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 12 May 2012 14:36 IST

Goa Pavilion in Madurai, TN

Bharatiya Janata Party is not a communal party since Roman Catholics in Goa have wholeheartedly supported it to bring it to power, said BJP national president Nitin Gadkari.

He made a statement in Tamil Nadu, after inaugurating Goa Pavilion ‘Parivartan’, an exhibition put up by Goa government’s information department, highlighting chief minister Manohar Parrikar’s achievements.

A press communiqué released by information department stated that the exhibition in Madurai coincided with TN BJP’s state conference.

“This attitude of the people of Goa (including Roman Catholics) will always be remembered by the BJP and efforts would be made to transform Goa into a model state with communal harmony”, said Gadkari.

The two-day exhibition on 10 and 11 May was also visited by around three lakh people, stated the press note, including senior BJP leader L K Advani, Lok Sabha opposition leader Sushma Swaraj and Venkaiah Naidu.

There were also similar pavilions of Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chattisgarh, Gujarat and Jharkhand – all BJP-ruled states.

The Goa pavilion was set up in the area of 120 sq mtrs at Rameshwaram Ring Road, Madurai.

The team of Goa pavilion was led by Information Director Menino Peres, assisted by Sanjay Bhandare, creative director of Sean Ad Event and Venkatesh Vasta, Director Events of Sean Ad Event.

As per the press note, the exhibition displayed development of both physical infrastructure and human resources, which has been the main mantra of Parrikar’s success.

The exhibition had a full size photograph of Parrikar with a slogan – “Parivartan, a change is the ability to imagine the future before it happens”.

The exhibition also highlighted how restructuring of taxes has benefitted the common man.

It included reducing petrol price by Rs 11 with reduction in VAT and freezing LPG price at current level for five years.

Also highlighted was the inflation allowance of Rs 1000 to housewives and Ladli Laxmi scheme of Rs one lakh for girl’s marriage.

The other areas included agriculture, tourism, education, social welfare, infrastructure, industries, urban development and health, stated the official press note.       

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BJP is chosen by Goans only as a lesser evil as compared to congress. It is far from truth that it is not communal. Look at Karnataka and the mess that BJP has created.

Goa is the only chance for BJP and depending on the improvement of infrastructure people will judge. Do not try to fool people by distributing rs.1000/- per month from their own taxes. The state has remained stagnant with stinking beaches , narrow roads, non existant garbage disposal etc etc. since decades due to the thieves and beggars that rule the state.Please prove that you are different and people will definitely support you .

- Noah, Anjuna beach road | 31 st August 2012 11:43


That is a blatant lie. Just because the BJP was voted to power in Goa this time does not mean that the BJP is not communal. The BJP plank is Hinduism and give them credit for saying this all along, unlike the Congress which openly declared itself secular, but covertly was more communal than the BJP . Now for the BJP President to make a statement as such, there is something wrong. Identity crisis or disbelief in itself?

Gadkariji, stand by your principles, BJP is based on Hinduism, but, today what has distinguished the party from the Congress is its nationalism and discipline. The Congress of yonder years fought for our freedom, but it was the Congress of the past, todays Congress is totally different, and just uses its past leaders' achievemnts to fool people of India/Goa.

The fact that Goans have voted for the BJP this time signifies many things according to me- though they may not be true. The biggest progressdevelopment is that the Catholics/Christians of Goa have finally begun to think and analyze, they have gone beyond the realms of religion and are looking towards progress and not stay in their cocoon of 'susegaad-ness'. They believe in the inteligence of Parrikar, which most of the current breed of Congressmen will not be able to reach, the third is that Catholics stand by their teaching of Forgiving.

Finally they have realised and got fed up with the Congress and its current breed of corrupt croonies.

Just trying to placate the Catholics this way will not let you go scott free----Manohar has to deliver or else we will have to call it MAAN OH HAAR

- jaret chandrapurkar, overseas/chandor | 13 th May 2012 21:21


To rule Goa or India--one needs to take all sections of the society with him...Keeping away from the self appointed advisers like the ones who last time brought out the controversial CD and distributed it to schools, is necessary....Keeping the corrupt under check is necessary but difficult considering they are habituated to it for last so many years....Making the public servants and Government servants aware that they are there to serve the public and not to boss over them is also important...They need to be reminded that the bread and butter they and their families get is out of the tax payers' money ---once in a while will also help....

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 13 th May 2012 11:54


Following the Good Friday fiasco, and statements made by the BJP "Headmen" , it may take a while for the Christians /Catholics and even Muslims to trust the BJP.

Ethnic cleansing of one form or another has been the cause of Bloodshed all over the world ,and no longer has a place in any civilised Society or Country.

Hopefully the BJP will amend some of their communal fallacies.

Trust is earned, & not just given.

- N.Fernandes, London | 12 th May 2012 21:52


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