Don't conflict Goa's 'Operation Vijay' with Kargil: Shantaram

PTI, NEW DELHI | 07 May 2012 23:47 IST

Goa Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik today raised duplication in code naming as "Operation Vijay" of liberating Goa and fighting Pakistani soldiers in Kargil and sought changing the name.

The matter was raised by Congress MP Naik during discussion on working of defence ministry. 

"Operation to liberate Goa and armed conflict against Pakistani soldiers at Kargil are both code named as Operation Vijay which breeds confusion," he said. 


"If tomorrow a question is asked in any competitive examination about Operation Vijay will the answer be army action to free Goa or Kargil War," he questioned. 

To end this confusion, the Defence ministry should correct the code name of the two different historic defence events, Naik told Defence Minister AK Antony, who was present in the House. 

Goa was liberated by Indian army from Portuguese in 1961 under operation code named "Operation Vijay." 

Kargil conflict between Pakistan and India took place in Kashmir between May and July 1999. 

Naik hailed Indian defence forces for its strong commitment towards the country. 

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Congratulations Shantaram. I must acknowledge that you have brought up a lot of issues in the RS unlike all our previoius MP's in the LS and RS, including faleiro. I wish you all the best and hope you bring up more issues. Years ago, people used to say that Parrikar is the 'right person in the wrong party'. This can be applied to you now.

- jaret chandrapurkar, overseas/chandor | 09 th May 2012 17:09


We wish our talented MP to raise his voice against the major scams taking place incessantly over the last 64 years...We wish him to attract the attention for the need for " Austerity" measures by all those wasting public money on foreign jaunts and chartered planes and other luxuries at the cost of tax payers' money...For a country which is sending satellites and rockets--allowing thousands of tonnes of wheat in the open for want of " Bags " is a disgrace and great shame...Can we not manufacture even the Bags needed for storage? Do we need to do the Politics of Jute for bags? Is this act not amount to treachery with crores of poor men sleeping hungry on one meal? Do these criminals not merit punishment and recovery of losses from them for neglecting their legitimate duties? Better in the interest of the Country to keep aside insignificant issues and concentrate on vital issues before the Nation....

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 08 th May 2012 11:17


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