Govt decides to get rid of plastic menace

PTI, PANAJI | 02 May 2012 16:50 IST

The plastic garbage littered all around the beaches in Goa would be a thing of past by next tourism season in September, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said today.

Announcing a major clean-up operation in the state from this month end, Parrikar said the State Infrastructure Development Corporation has been assigned the job to collect plastic garbage along roadside and beaches.

State government's Public Works Department (PWD) will employ its labourers to clean the plastic mess.

The state government has inked a deal with ACC cement factory in Karnataka which will use plastic as a raw material.

Parrikar, in his election manifesto, had announced that all the plastic garbage along the roadside would disappear within three months.

"There will be no garbage on the beaches by September end. We will also set up comprehensive plant to treat mixed garbage," the chief minister said.

The state government has already started lifting the construction debris dumped on the highways.

Parrikar said the state government would identify sites where debris could be dumped to resolve the issue. 

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I have forgotten to add about the Shacks in Varca-Benaulim, near Taj-exotica. The shack owners( not all of them ) throw their food rests with fish bones and their skin and dump them in to the fields. This attract stray dogs and cows that are looking for food and spread even more by carrying them away. When the weather gets hotter there is very bad odour and it stinks so much that it is unbearable smell. What can be done? Any suggestions?

- Paul Paramjit Maggu, Wiesbaden, Germany | 03 rd May 2012 00:30


Hi Paul Paramjit Maggu , Wiesbaden, Germany::: I fully agree with you about corruption in Goa.

Corruption is an ever growing "CANCER" in Goa. It afflicts all sections of Society.No one is spared.THere is no mercy either.

The worst offenders are the Local Government Bureaucrats and Administrative personnell.The Politicians,mainly Congress are the largest for financial frauds.Corruption committed by Politicians, runs into Crores of Rupees.

Corruption hinders the development of Goa and Goans.

Lets us hope the Lokayuta will address some of the issues and start lancing the cancer.

Each and every Goan I have met, have at some time,been the victim of Corruption.And from my deductions the worst offenders are the Goa Police,RTO,Local Panchayats, BDO`s , TCP & Mamlatdars & Collectors.

Lets is hope Mr Parrikar, will address some of the corruption that exists in these departments.

- N.Fernandes, London | 03 rd May 2012 00:13


Dear Mr. CM Parrikar,

My Topic: Environment and Garbage management in Goa and corruption in Goa.

This is the 2nd best news that I have heard from you. I f you keep your promise Goa will become the best state in India to live in. I am 70 years young and I have no ambitions to speculate myself for making money as God has given me more than enough or even any position. I would like to work free for the love of Goa as a consultant to benefit all the Goans in helping to tackle Garbage problem. This is due to my education as Chemical Engineer retired and long stay almost 50 years in England and Germany. I would love to give my knowledge and experience in the service of Goa and the Goans. I am not saying that other people do not have the know how. With my best wishes and sincerely

Paul Maggu

For me the first and farthermost news will be corruption free Goa, that might change the lifestyle of all the Goans.

- Paul Paramjit Maggu, Wiesbaden, Germany | 02 nd May 2012 21:55


This announcement is welcome, and should go some way in addressing the garbage menace in Goa.

Tourists visiting Goa have complained about the level of garbage for many years.It has given Goa a bad name.

Also noticeable is the garbage left in front of many Retail Shops and food Outlets,especially in villages.These outlets especially on main roads,should be forced to clean out the garbage littering the front and in some cases back and sides of their shops.It is the Shop owners ,moral,Civic & Social duty to do so.

- N.Fernandes, London | 02 nd May 2012 19:38


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