EC to act if voter gets candidate's voter's slip

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 01 March 2012 23:21 IST

Election Commission is planning to act against the voters if they come with a slip provided by the candidate.

The EC has already provided a voter’s slip to all the voters.

“We will not allow the voter’s slip in the booth, provided by the candidate”, said Narayan Navti, the joint chief electoral officer.

The EC has introduced several new concepts this time and has been tough in many more areas than in the past.

Even after the campaign ended at 5 pm today, the EC vehicles were seen propagating not to fall prey for luring with money or any other goodies.

The students of DM’s College from Mapusa were also seen performing a street play in several towns in North Goa, appealing to the voters to vote while not falling prey to any corrupt practices.

The Church has also appealed to the people to exercise their  sacred vote without getting tempted to goodies or sponsored pilgrimage trips.

The EC, according to North Goa collector Mihir Vardhan, received 698 complaints.

681 of these complaints were disposed of while 17 are still under investigation, he said.

The EC has identified 114 sensitive booths all over Goa.

Goa is going for poll on 3 March.

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Sometimes craziness has no boundaries!

- jagan, Canada | 02 nd March 2012 21:18


It is necessary to appoint at least the Chief Election Officer and a few senior Colleagues,for the State from Officers drawn from outside the State....This would allow them to function impartially.

The EC would do well to show some action against those placed at high position and challenging the EC so frequently in public rather than on the common man...We have seen how Kurshid, Beni and other Ministers have got away lightly by publicly flouting the code of conduct..

It is funny for the common man able to see what the EC Observers can not see...Go to any small village and investigate in confidence and one can so easily find out who is distributing money and how much is paid for moving in the group as supporter of the candidates connected with those who have collected huge wealth as servants of the masses...

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 02 nd March 2012 16:20


EC is becoming a dictator. What's wrong if a voter brings the voter's slip given by a candidate?

- Mahesh Parrikar, Mapusa | 02 nd March 2012 00:17


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