Church appeals not to fall prey to goodies & sponsored pilgrimage

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 29 February 2012 20:33 IST

The Church has appealed to the people to vote only honest and capable politicians, who do not gift goodies and take people on sponsored pilgrimage.

A detailed statement issued by Diocesan Centre for Social Communications Media is as follows:

“Elections are sovereign moments of our sovereignty. The electoral button we will press is a stamp on the future of our State and of our Nation. The decision at the polling station is a decision that has wider repercussions regarding the issues our people have stood for over the years, particularly against rampant corruption and reckless degradation of the Ecology in Goa.

Here goes an appeal for prayers asking from God for wisdom of discernment in choosing the rightful candidate, who will then represent us in our Legislative Assembly. They will take decisions in our name and enforce them. It is therefore required that a right person be chosen who will respect and safeguard the interest of Goa and Goans.

In this context, an utmost responsibility is required from every constituent that no consideration of personal gain – consideration which blurs the importance of certain issues and positions that the respective candidate espouses or which allows us to be lured by the fantastic brochures spelling their position – should colour our electoral decision.

We would like also to call attention to some trends noticed lately, namely:

-          Sponsored pilgrimages: Many of the aspiring Candidates, this year, have offered the pilgrims opportunities for their yearly visits to various shrines in the Country; we heard and read about sponsorships for journeys to and fro and lodge showered. Our grateful heart naturally would want to acknowledge these favours. And we may be tempted to think that it is our duty to repay such favours with our Sacred Vote;

-          Goodies: Those with power do have the capability to dispense gifts worth thousands. It is clear that those receiving them would prefer to repay them with Sacred Vote;

-          Canvassing: Nowadays this is normally done by meeting their electors in their respective homes. When candidates come visiting our homes it would seem ill-mannered not to promise one’s Sacred Vote. And we may wrongly think it is fair to keep our courteous word.

Before one is lured by the above and takes any step, it is important that one reflects seriously on these issues in light of the following principles:

a)      Gratitude is a divine quality; we need to adorn our mind and heart with it;

b)      However, our Sacred Vote is an expression of our dignity and nobleness; to make it a pawn to a favour or to a gift or to a promise superficially made is to underestimate and trivialize it; it is immoral to accept such favours or gifts, worse still, is to fraudulently invoke moral or religious blackmail to bind our conscience to those favours or gifts;

c)       There are no terms of comparison between the gift or favours received and the future of a State. The selfishly received favours or goodies can in no way serve the dignity of our Sacred Vote and the Future of our State.

Let us keep the past behind particularly those acts done in good faith. Let this and the future elections be for us an opportunity to delve into these issues before God and let the Divine light illumine us to cast our Sacred Vote according to our Conscience, without any fear, favour or force.

Is the candidate of my choice capable of forgetting him/herself for the sake of the State? Is he/she capable of being a good Legislator whose primary duty will be to draw effective legislation to safeguard Goa and Goa’s interests? As an honest legislator will he/she provide responsive and effective governance that will provide for the Integral Development of our Goa? Is he/she capable of looking after the issues Goans raised in these latest times, particularly the most important and urgent issue of Ecological time bomb ticking in Goa?

May the above crucial questions guide us all while exercising our franchise in a Responsible and Mature way and may God give us Representatives who will sincerely uphold the cause of Goa at heart.”

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It is easy to preach but difficult to practice. Have the church not taken anything from the politicians for the renovation done in the different churches in Goa.

- elvis, panaji | 04 th March 2012 14:55


Every time this message was given by the priest to the people even then how people cast their votes to the candidates who are involved in cprruption and anti social activities ? It means either people do not understand the message or there may be hidden agenda behind the message.

- Jairam, St.Cruz | 01 st March 2012 18:45


Good to see the Church guiding the society and discharging it's role of supporting morality and ethics in human life....The society will live only when the ethics and morality are supported or it will take no time to disintegrate....Accept the gifts ...... as those gifts are given from our own looted money ......but look at what is good for the future of your kids before casting your votes...;

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 01 st March 2012 16:29


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