Why has BJP given 5 tickets to miners, asks Digambar

PTI, PANAJI | 25 February 2012 23:37 IST

Hitting out at BJP over the illegal mining issue in the state, Goa chief minister Digambar Kamat today sought to know why the saffron party has given tickets to five persons from the mining industry for the upcoming assembly polls.

"They are accusing me of illegal mining. But the BJP has given tickets to five people from the mining industry," Kamat said, addressing a public rally at Fatorda in the presence of Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Kamat has been accused of harbouring huge illegal mining scam, which is estimated to be between Rs 1,200 crore and Rs 10,000 crore. 

Justice M B Shah Commission, appointed by the Centre, is inquiring into the scam. 
The chief minister said that BJP, which claims itself to be a party with a difference, has shown its "real colours" in the neighbouring Karnataka, when three of its ministers were caught watching porn clip in the assembly.
"That party's (former) president was caught while accepting bribe. How can they brag to be against corruption?," he asked. 
The public meeting at Fatorda was attended by over 30,000 people. 
This was one of the main election rallies organised by Congress, which is contesting March 3 polls, in alliance with NCP.

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It took him more than 7 years of political power wilderness to realize he had made a mistake in hurting the sentiments of the minorities while he was in power by cancelling holidays on Good Friday and feast of St Francis Xavier. Ever since his ouster from the power pinnacle in Goa, he has been seeking ways and means to re-establish his hold on the most coveted and sought-after “khursi” “kodel” in the Goa Assembly. Left high and dry by the backfiring of his saffron ideology, he has now changed his strategy but as it is rightly said, spots on a leopard cannot be washed out nor can a painted crow be a dove. With the claws of the RSS firmly entrenched in that party, he is and will always be seen, as anti minorities, no matter what mask he hides under or what gown he wears, his saffron slip will always show. Goans, whether Hindus, Catholics or Muslims have always stood together, but he tried to divide us on the basis of religion by removing the public holidays of Catholics.

Another point to note is his stand on the MOI, here again he is trying to alienate the minorities, most of whom, along with a good part of the majority, favor grants for all languages including English. Here he is again trying to foster his intent for Marathi, but only by holding the gun on the shoulders of Konkani. If we want to protect our Identity and our language then why should languages other than Konkani get grants and not English? English being a foreign language is irrelevant, as the most spoken languages in Goa today are Konkani and English and to a lesser extent Marathi. He is surely going realize his folly in siding with Marathi, on the MOI issue in these elections, as he will certainly feel the wrath and the heat of the parents who had flooded the Azad Maidan last year in support for grants for English. Citizens of democracy, communities cannot not be alienated on the basis of the language they prefer to educate their children in. It should be grants only for Konkani or grants for all, no hera pheri!

Also he has been accusing the ruling party of corruption, illegal mining and the RP, as he is frustrated for that coveted seat in the Goa assembly. Mining existed in Goa since liberation, and it’s the big names like Salgaokars, Dempo’s, Timblo’s, Vedanta Sesa etc who are into this business, dint he realize this when he was the CM then?

Now the Trinamool Congress party is trying to split the secular vote to help the saffron party return to power. Yesterday the TEAM B of the saffron party was in Goa with the (Yoga baba fasting for a day)

If one reads their election manifesto it would surely give you sleepless nights. But it is not the fear but the unforgiveable sins of past and horrors of the future that lie ahead with that party’s accession. The back door entries to entities like modis, togadias, navnirman sena, RSS, ram sena, shiv sena, Advanis, gadkaris, Bajrang dal and all the other blood sucking leeches, parasites and vampires waiting to unleash their tentacles over a peaceful Goa cannot be ruled out. The failures of state administration to protect innocent people and children from getting burnt during Godhra riots, the torching of innocent young teens of missionary Graham Steines, the harassment of minorities in Karnataka and North India cannot be detached from events that have shattered the lives of minorities at the hands of these ideologically retarded fanatics.

Let us take a look at some of the Salient features of their parties manifesto and the logical interpretation which is definitely a highway to hell for all Goans.

Point 1: Rehabilitation of Slum Dwellers – Interpretation: Let us not forget his assurance to settle the issue of regularizing the houses at Indira Nagar in Chimbel in July 2011. Immediately after his statements every forum and newspaper was populated classifying his comments as cheap, disgraceful and a mind of frustration of a desperate and disillusioned CM-in-waiting. Our Conclusion: Smacks of Pimp’s Spirit. Goan’s land to be gifted free of cost to vote banks. Grab the Goan land, displace genuine Goans and Niz Goenkars, intimidate them, threaten them, drag them at midnight to police stations (just like a former freedom fighter had to face the wrath of BJP Governance at midnight) etc.. etc… Go to Hell.. you Goans.

Point 2. DSSS PENSION to be increased to Rs 2000: Interpretation: Use Goan taxpayers money. Take from one and give to the undeserving. Statistics have revealed that many beneficiaries are fake. There is no mechanism to make this transparent and make the names public of the actual beneficiaries. Can their party / leader recover the dues from the fake ones? First stop doles to RSS backed beneficiaries and free dole fighters and Free-Dumb-Phighters.

Point 3: Dedicated mining corridors within 30 months. Interpretation: This is not an easy task and there is no sustainable solution without an EIA. Consultants will make merry from the fees paid just like the Harbour Sea Link proposed through alternate routes. The opposition leader is a good at trouble shooter. If there was illegal mining going on what did he do when his saffron party was in power in Goa? Moreover Sesa Goa has graciously donated towards saffron party funds. Please stop fooling Goans. Did the ex-CM have the guts and will to prosecute the ones involved in illegal mining only now pointing fingers at the current CM? Goans don’t expect this. Goan mining wealth will be concentrated only in the hands of few. .. The rest of Goa and Goans can GTH…..

Point 4: HOUSEWIVES: will be given an allowance of Rs 1000 per month to fight price rise. Interpretation: Expect high inflation and cost of living under BJP. Remember how cooking gas cylinder prices sky rocketed under Vajpayee's leadership. Recollect the UTI scams etc etc. Moreover allowances can be controlled by the Yuva and Seva Mandals and will be a monopoly. Opposition constituencies have a clear message. Beggars can’t be choosers. Are genuine Goans expected to beg for peanuts….

Point 5: PETROL PRICES: will be reduced by Rs 11. Interpretation: Illogical and irrational mind. Who will fund the deficit – the Goan taxpayers? Petrol is not produced or refined in Goa. IIT educated engineers understand this logic.

Point 6: GARBAGE PROBLEM: Interpretation: Unresolved by BJP from 2000 till 2005 and aggravated by Congress....

The saffron party’s manifesto Hides 2 Key issues; one is MoI which has the careers and future of children at stake and second Special Status to protect Goa and its Goan Identity unless there are hidden agendas to merge Goa once again with Maharashtra….. Damn .. you Goans. Jai Marathi Manus. Jai Maharashtra. Marathi Film Industry needs to be given grants and encouragement. Destination: Goa – a tourist destination. Victory to lunatics BBSM and ilk like Nagesh Karmali. Down with Goans, down with genuine Goans, down with Niz Goenkars.

- Cedric Dcosta, Goa | 29 th February 2012 13:20


This elections are the game of Money, All MLAs claim that they are honest, but truely speaking honest young generations are getting exploid, without working if they are getting easy money then why they will work. In my town young boys have left their jobs and busness and they are behind the MLAs. How come so much money they can efford to spend like this?

Is there any body who can stop this? Goa need one Nathuram Ghodse?

- Raju Naik, Amona kepem | 28 th February 2012 07:04


So you don't expect to get the votes of even those poor people dependent on mining, just because they are connected with mining. What a dirty logic.

it is better you don't even talk about mining.

- Jagan Kamat, Canada | 26 th February 2012 09:32


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