MGP manifesto reiterates Konkani-Marathi MoI

PTI, PANAJI | 24 February 2012 23:27 IST

Goa's oldest regional political outfit, Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP), today released its election manifesto which promises, among other things, to retain Konkani and Marathi as mediums of instruction (MOI) at the primary level.

"MOI for primary education will be either Konkani or Marathi or any other Indian language (as against English)," MGP working president Narayan Sawant told reporters in Panaji today.

The party has also said that it would ensure use of local languages in the day-to-day official communications.

MGP is contesting next month's Goa assembly polls in alliance with BJP. MOI has been one of the crucial issues in the election.

Last year, Congress-led government decided to extend government grants to English-medium schools too, apart from Konkani/Marathi schools.

MGP is opposed to the decision.

The party, which ruled Goa for 18 years after liberation from the Portuguese rule in 1961, has also promised that it would promote agriculture and horticulture.

The manifesto speaks of ensuring "deserving rates and market for agricultural products".

Transportation of agricultural products would be subsidised. It also promises to stop illegal mining, and to encourage pollution-free industries.

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BJP & MGP are communal. If they promote Regional language as MOI, they should also ensure streamlining of job opportunities to all communities and religions. Currently 90% of govt and semi govt jobs are occupied by Majority community. Minority community, predominantly catholic, who constitutes only 7% in govt jobs, is victimized and even job ratio of their minority female in poor. The key positions, including CM and Top posts in Govt administration, are controlled by Majority community and they marginalize & dominated Minority community. E.g. 98% of jobs in urban cooperative banks in Goa are held by majority community, although more than 50% of the funds in those banks are owned by minority community. Could past CM Parrikar or Kamat of majority community answer why this discrimination and injustice?

- Goa for Goans, Ga | 25 th February 2012 18:50


In these18 years of first rule MAHARASHTRAVADI Gomantak party has pursued negative policies>

1. Did its most to merge Goa into Maharashtra. Even after losing in Opinion Poll continued with the label of Maharashtra

After losing Opinion Poll MGP strived against a seperate state for Goa. They wanted to keep it a union territory

2. Always was a sucker for Maharashtra and Marathi

3. Split Goas Hindu community along caste lines, especially by Ms Shashikala Kakodkar.

4. Look at the roads in Panaji, or for that matter anywhere in Goa these roads are fit for bullock carts which is a time MGP dreams to live in. The Junta House a building in Panjim was constructed during MGP rule and LAID DOWN THE WIDTH OF 18TH jUNE ROAD FOREVER'

5. Mandovi bridge collapsed in 16 years

6 EXCEPT TENANT Law all the rest of the governance has been negative

- Kalidas Laxman, Panaji Goa | 25 th February 2012 12:54


Opportunistic Dhavlikars. When they had a chance to do something they slept with kangress to rake in the haftas. And now that the dirt under kangress is blowing off they want to ride the BJP way. I hope both the brothers are sent where they belong. Home.

- Jagan Kamat, Canada | 25 th February 2012 09:03


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