Disqualificaton plea against Churchill & Reginald dismissed

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 03 February 2012 20:20 IST

After two years, while election is announced, a disqualification petition against Churchill Alemao and Alex Reginald Lawrenco has been dismissed by speaker Pratapsing Rane.

Benaulim MLA Mickky Pacheco had fled the petition.

Soon after last Assembly election, Churchill and Lawrenco had joined the Congress, while merging their Save Goa Party into the Congress.

Some members of SGP had however claimed that the party still exists.

Rane, after dismissing the petition, told media persons that the petition had no substance since two third of members are permitted to merge the party.

SGP had only two MLAs elected and both had joined the Congress.

When asked why he had to take two long years to decide on the issue, Rane said he had to listen to arguments and counter-arguments from both the sides.

When pointed out that the SGP however still exists, Rane said he was not concerned with it.

“I am not concerned with what happens to the party. I am concerned about the Assembly and its members”, he said.

Reacting to the judgment, Alemao’s counsel Valanka Alemao said: “The merger was proper and the case had no merit.”

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Taking 2 years to arbitrate a simple problem,shoud be considered for the Guiness Book of Records.Is this what is called THE RANE EFFICIENCY?

- N.Fernandes, London | 05 th February 2012 15:12


All said and done every person knows what has rane and his son done for past 5 years and congress as whole at the centre as well as in Goa. He is forced to give the verdict as lot of money plays in politics and moreover it might be and hope so his last term as speaker and MLA. He has played his cards as he is been promised to be the chief minister if by chance he get elected provided he sort out the MGP issue and disqualification. There are strong currents that he might disqualify that is the reason sudin have resigned from the govt Hope he and his brother resigns as MLA so that they don't have the swords on thier head before the election .It high time all 3 ravi naik , p Rane and Digamber loose the current election that will be good for Goa and not forgetting the churchill and big rat.

- domnic, bahrain | 04 th February 2012 15:41


The Speaker is a member of the ruling Party---How can one expect any ruling from any speaker which could result in collapse of any Government?

For equity and probity in public life--it is essential that the powers for disqualification of the members should be delegated to either Election Commission or Judiciary....never left to the speaker.....

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 04 th February 2012 10:28


It took 2 years for Mr. Rane, a seasoned politiciand of almost 4 decades to read and understand the rule in constitution book?. or was he so busy that he did not find time to read it and now only during election he found time to read that book?.

Mr. Rane, We see you as a able administrator who has ruled goa for more than a decade as a chief minister. Please do not spoil your reputation just like your prime minister (Dr. Manmohan Singh) by being partial and opportunist to your partymen. You have already achieved what you have to achieve. We look forward to you as a guide for clean and efficient politics and rule and not as a companion of corrupt and gridy politicians.

Hope you will understand this time. Goans will never forgive you in the history if you do not understand it.

- Nilesh Salatry, Thane | 04 th February 2012 06:31


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