"Let Shripad come, I have no urge to become CM": Parrikar

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 30 January 2012 23:05 IST

“I want Shripad Naik in local politics. I have no urge to become the chief minister”, said opposition leader Manohar Parrikar.

The BJP claimant for the CM’s post spoke on the controversial issue after the central leadership put the issue of Shripad Naik to rest, by denying him permission to enter local politics.

Speaking on the Head On show of Prudent TV channel, Parrikar however did not fail to add that it does not mean that he did not want to become the chief minister.

He also claimed that he had spoken thrice to BJP national president Nitin Gadkari regarding giving ticket to Shripad in Porvorim.

“But it is their policy decision not to get MPs in local electoral politics. If they relax it in Goa, other states would also demand it”, he said.

Incidentally, Shripad had met central party leaders including Gadkari as well as L K Advani yesterday regarding his ticket.

He had also said that he would participate in the campaign only after seeking satisfactory reply from the central leaders about why he was denied the ticket.

Parrikar however refused to accept that Shripad had gone aggressive on the issue.

“He will never take any step that would damage the party”, said Parrikar.

On the contrary, the former CM blamed the media for blowing the issue out of proportion for their ‘vested interest’, without explaining what their vested interest is.

According to Parrikar, the BJP has chances of winning the election on its own if Shripad comes to local politics.

“I am not power hungry. In fact I would prefer spending next 10-15 years for myself”, he said, while speaking about alleged power politics in denying ticket to Shripad Naik.

Parrikar also denied the charge that the BJP, by denying ticket to Shripad, was sidelining the Bahujan Samaj while embracing the Christian community.

“In fact we have more number of Bahujan Samaj candidates than the Congress”, he said.

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The BJP top leadership would do good if they openly come out as to why Shripad Naik is being retained at the Centre and not given green signal to enter the Goan Politics....Transparency is the essence to dispel any misgivings....If clear cut explanations are not coming out from the party---it will lead to lot many unnecessary misconceptions...? And each one will draw his own conclusions....

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 31 st January 2012 19:49


Manohar is such a darling. Alas! only if he had expressed his urge not to become CM before he got the party to deny ticket to Shripad through backdoor.

This is what happens when kids dont listen to elders. The elders used to always say if you happen to walk on the street and you see a snake and a bamon, kill the bamon first snake is harmless.

Love all

- bahujan samaj, goa | 31 st January 2012 17:12


Cong MP Shantaram Naik should think about if he is going to get elected as the next election due in July cong and thier partners want have enough seats for him to get elected. Being MP what has he done for goa only took salary and allowance and election time he is come to make empty promises. Its shame that we as goan send this type of members to delhi. I hope this election will teach lesson to the present cong govt .

dear vijay compare good and bad things during the bjp few year rule to congress many years what developement goa have seen and how much they have robbed and feed high comand coffers..

- domnic, bahrain | 31 st January 2012 14:21


Congress cant claim moral high ground....in 2007 when Ravi Naik was set to be the CM.. didnt they make Digambar Kamat the CM...what was MR.Shantaram Naik doing then??? atleast BJP is going into the elctions by projecting the truth..not backstabbing as the congress..subsequently in 2008 congress govt dropped Narvekar and Madkaikar ( of OBC and ST caste)..and replaced them by Babush and Sudin Dhavlikar..no one from the congress protested then.. why now??

- goagone, panaji | 31 st January 2012 12:50


Parrikar sir should not speak on any issues regarding the Bahujan Samaj, because BJP only cares for upper caste which they have shown while they were in power. If he n his party really were concern about Bahujan Samaj then when there was last municiple council elections in 2010 why he did not riased any question or tried his best to reserve the wards for Bahujan Samaj. I am not criticising on any party but i feel they all are the same fooling people around them n whole Goans. I will appeal to the people of goa to carefull n keep ur eyes open while u vote, dont be fool once again.

- vijay sonulekar, vasco | 31 st January 2012 09:38


Can't understand Mr. Shantaram Naik's statement about BJP's internal problems.

Shantarambaab should take innetiative to get back grip on Congress parrty, so that original workers are put on right place, And BJP has given Shripad naik three times opportunity to contest fom north Goa for Lok Sabha and made him central minister also: on the otherside Mr. Shantaram Naik was never given a chance to become a minister by Congress party, SO BETTER MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, SHRIPAD & PARRIKAR ARE CAPABLE OF TAKING CARE OF BJP IN GOA

- VIVEK K. NAIK, MARGAO | 30 th January 2012 23:39


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