Only 5 out of 10 to Digambar Govt: Dhawalikar

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 23 January 2012 21:33 IST

After retracting on his own statement that Digambar Kamat’s Congress government was the most corrupt one, MGP president and MLA Deepak Dhawalikar has now given only five out of ten points to the Kamat government, which the MGP is still part of.

In a ‘Head On’ programme on Prudent TV channel, Dhawalikar also accused the Congress for keeping a hanging sword of disqualification petitions on their heads.

“We would have thought otherwise if this hanging sword was not there”, said Dhawalikar while talking to Pramod Acharya, news editor of Prudent.

After spending the full term in the Kamat-led Congress government as the coalition partners, the MGP now says Kamat was the most indecisive chief minister and the administration was badly handled.

According to Dhawalikar, the BJP won’t get even 10 seats in the forthcoming election if the saffron party does not align with the MGP.

“The decision on alliance would come in a couple of days”, he said.

Sudin Dhawalikar, his elder brother and MGP legislature leader, is still the minister in the Kamat government.

Few days ago, he had said the Congress-led coalition government was the most corrupt one.

However, when the statement boomeranged since the MGP is also part of the same coalition government, Dhawalikar accused the media for misquoting him. 

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