Cong to ban agro land for non-Goans & non-farmers

PTI, PANAJI | 23 January 2012 21:09 IST

Congress in Goa on Monday said that the party manifesto for the forthcoming polls would include a demand for a complete ban on the non-Goans and non-farmers from buying agriculture land in the state.

Goa Congress spokesperson Ramakant Khalap told this to reporters today. 

He said that this point has been included in the party manifesto for bringing about a solution to land scarcity, faced by the tiny state. 

Ahead of the March 3 assembly polls, the Congress is giving final touches to its election manifesto, which is likely to be made public in the next two weeks. A special committee, headed by the former Union Minister of State for External Affairs Eduardo Faleiro has been formed for this. 

Khalap, who is the convenor of the Faleiro Committee, said that the intention behind the move is to ensure that the land is being saved and preserved for future generations. 

"Drying land resources due to real estate has been a major concern for the state," Khalap said. 

Congress has promised to enact a law, once elected to power that would make it compulsory for an individual to reside in the state for 25 years, to claim himself to be a Goan, which would entitle him to buy an agriculture property if he is a farmer. 

"Even a farmer from other states won't be allowed to buy a property in Goa," he said. 

The party also intends to penalise the local farmers who keep their lands fallow. 

"The farmers would be encouraged to cultivate the land," he said. 

"All the Goans, who are committed towards 'Goa for Goans', should not sell the agriculture properties," Khalap said. 

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As per progress of Previous and current congress government strategies, by the time the law comes into actions, entire Goan agricultural land would be the property of builders and Posh Migrants.

If Congress really cared, they would have not allowed the illegal mining, further which would have saved some resources to the upcoming generations. Now the picture is that most parts of the Goa, has been already used for mining purpose and the people will feel scarcity of livelihood in the coming future.

- Raul Prashant, Birla - Zuarinagar | 24 th January 2012 19:22


From what is printed here, it appears a draconian law to penalize the farmers who are already committing suicides.

What happened to the Law Commission's public outcry against the British legacy--the outdated Land Acquisition Act 1894?

Why is he closing his eyes to the day light exploitation of the land and it's natural resources,by Mining mafia? Has he ever bothered to think as to where the thousands of crores of cream goes? Is he aware as to how much excess revenue flows to the Centre from this exploited State? What about the growing debt burden because of indiscriminate borrowing by the State creating a debt burden on every new born baby?

Imposing any artificial restrictions only on one community whose life has been made miserable, ---is totally unjustified.

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 24 th January 2012 18:13


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