Willy's 5th experiment, now Trinamul, to fight poll


Dr Wilfred de Souza has finally taken over as the state president of Trinamul Congress, headed by West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee.

He has also announced that TMC would contest all the 40 seats in the Assembly election scheduled for 3 March.

For strange reasons, Dr de Souza had kept the decision to join the TMC on hold since last week.

There was a rumor that Dr Willy was actually negotiating for a Saligao ticket for his son-in-law Tulio D’Souza.

“We are open for alliance, but only with those who field clean candidates”, said Dr Willy today.

It however appears that most of the Congress rebels would find a place now in the TMC, instead of contesting as independents.

This is the fifth party Dr Willy is joining after beginning his career from the United Goans Party by losing his first election in 1972 in Siolim to MGP’s Chandrakant Chodankar.

He entered the Assembly only after shifting to the Congress (Urs) in 1980 election, from Calangute.

The Congress (U), with Dr Willy as the state president, swept this poll with 19 seats in the 30-member House while ending 17-year uninterrupted rule of the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party.  

With Indira Gandhi sweeping national election, the whole Congress (U) overnight joined the Congress (I), thus also beginning the era of national politics in Goa.

But due to Willy-Babu Naik tussle, MGP-imported Pratapsing Rane became the chief minister. Dr Willy was the PWD minister in the first Congress government.

Dr Willy revolted during his first tenure and formed the Goa Congress, while quitting the Rane cabinet, to face 1984 election.

Luizinho Faleiro was the sole Goa Congress MLA elected from Navelim while Dr Willy lost Calangute to MGP’s Shrikant Malik in 1984 poll.

Subsequent was the Official Language agitation where Dr Willy played his communal card to pose himself as the leader of Christian minority. He also merged his Goa Congress into the Congress.

With the number of constituencies rising to 40, Dr Willy chose to get elected from newly formed Saligao constituency in 1989 election and served as the minister once again in the Rane government.

This tenure however witnessed series of defections and topplings with seven chief ministers in five years.

Rane’s government was toppled within 75 days with a group of seven Congressmen revolting and joining hands with the MGP to form the Progressive Democratic Front government.

Ravi Naik from the MGP however once again toppled the PDF government to join the Congress.

Dr Willy, the mastermind of this toppling, became the deputy chief minister in his government.

Within four months, Dr Willy succeeded in snatching the chief minister’s chair from Ravi, claiming it to be an agreement with late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.

He led the Congress party to 1994 election and won 19 seats in the 40-member House, but lost chief minister’s post once again to Pratapsing Rane.

Within three and a half years, Dr Willy once again revolted against the Congress in July 1998 to lead a coalition government under Goa Rajiv Congress, supported from outside by four MLAs of the Bharatiya Janata Party, who had made debut in the Goa Assembly in 1994.

However, his government was toppled within four months with his one-time disciple Luizinho Faleiro heading the Congress government.

Since then, Dr Willy could never become the chief minister again, though he won two more subsequent elections in 1999 as the GRC president and then in 2002 as the Goa president of Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party.

He lost the 2007 election in Saligao to BJP’s Dilip Parulekar and had to subsequently also leave the NCP.

This is now Dr Willy’s yet another attempt of Trinamul Congress to checkmate the Congress party, which he always claimed he is ‘loyal’ to.

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Goan Political leaders has started bringing regional partys of different states to Goa ,

"Its Great shame on Goan people" Why you Leader cannot create own regional party if you people

have ground/root level support in ur region, then do it ......why you need support from other state?

Its clear for shake of President-ship of party you giving Place our own ground to them,

Let them Rule Goa we will be only followers.

Its my Request to All Goan youth to show them their Place put them at corner.

Its PoliticalLeaders who allow them to enter in Goa and Goan have to suffer....

1)Why MGP cannot get offer in West bangel and Bihar?

Its True...........Beacuse Bengal and Bihari doesnt allow any one to rule their own state.

Is that any Regional party in Goa got offer from Any other state.

2)Why it is necessary to bring Didi from West bengal?

Because Goan people dont have Daugthers, they dont have sisters,mothers,Grandys......

is this a Answere....

3)Why Paswan entering in Goan Politics?

Because Biharis are giving striaght forward slap to him.Its True and you people giving your own ground to him...

This is not Fair.....We are educated, we are 2nd largest literacy state in India, These cannot be tolerated...

Goa Back Didi ....

If these goes then after 15 years you will find Paswan and didi will rule Goa.

40% of Goan People and 60% of Bengali and Bihari.

If these continues i will be first person to take place of Raj Thackeray in Goa...

Goa Navnirman Shena...

Stop Bringing Regional partys from different States,We are enough to Rule our own state and we have enough leaders and Regional Partys.

- Gurudev Naik, Goa | 10 th January 2012 18:04


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