Churchill threatens high command over Valanka's ticket

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 19 November 2011 19:45 IST

GPCC chief Subhash Shirodkar garlanding Valanka

With Assembly election round the corner, PWD minister Churchill Alemao is up to his blackmailing tactics once again, this time for the ticket of his daughter Valanka.

“Don’t commit the mistake once again by denying ticket to my daughter Valanka”, he warned, while reminding his party leadership denying him party ticket in the last Assembly poll.

He gave a public threat, in the presence of GPCC chief Subhash Shirodkar, at the Swarn Jayanti Samrudhi Yatra in Benaulim yesterday.

Churchill had formed Save Goa Party in the last election after he was denied ticket from Navelim against sitting MLA Luizinho Faleiro.

While defeating Faleiro, his party colleague Alex Reginald Lawrenco had also defeated now South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha in Curtorim.

Later, both of them joined the ruling Congress while he even managed to get lucrative PWD portfolio.

Churchill now wants Congress ticket in Benaulim, his erstwhile constituency, for his daughter.

 “If I was given Navelim ticket in 2007, Congress would have won 27 seats”, he claimed.

The threat appears to have come with an indication that Valanka may not get Congress ticket.

Highly placed sources in the Congress disclose that Churchill was summoned to Delhi by the high command this week to tell that either he or Valanka would get the ticket; not both of them.

On the other hand, his brother and urban development minister Joaquim Alemao (Cuncolim MLA) also wants Sanguem ticket for his son Yury Alemao.   

Earlier, Goa desk in-charge Jagmeet Singh Brar had announced that more than one ticket would be allotted in a family if they have winnable candidates.

Valanka feels that she should be judged from the work she has done and not as Churchill’s daughter.

But tables have turned against Alemao family after the Congress leadership has vested all the powers of ticket allotment in the hands of senior Congress leader Oscar Fernandes.

Fernandes now heads a screening committee for election tickets, which would ultimately recommend names to the Gandhis – Sonia and Rahul.

Besides Brar, the screening committee consists of the chief minister, the GPCC chief and Shivajirao Gaikawad.

Fernandes is believed to be close to Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.

Since then, Churchill has now once again gone into threatening mode.

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Churchill Alemao is as deluded as Muammar Ghadaffi. Many Dictators around the World rant like raving Looneys (madmen). Churchill is no different. However time keeps moving on, but Churchill is stuck in the past. He is no modern day thinker. Einstein he is definitely not. There is nothing wrong with Children of Politicians contesting elections. There is no Law either that prevents this. However Churchill fails to understand, that the Majority of Goans, from all over the world or the rest of Goa , not just Little Benaulim or Little Navelim or little Varca ,view him, as a highly corrupt person. Add to that pot-puri, his lack of vision and a good education. Further add to that his well-known use of thugs & goondas or henchmen to do some serious bidding for him and to do violent damage to his opponents & detractors. Like other Dictators and madmen all over the world, Churchill loves to see images of himself and his family plastered all over Goa. The Alemao family are only liked locally, and ,by only a few, mostly “uneducated”, the pitiful poor, or those seeking "Grace & favour" from him. Churchill & his family, going by forums from the Goan Diaspora all around the world & India too, are seen as, one of the most hated families. Perhaps like other Dictators & their families or even the most recent Ghadaffi, Churchill & the rest of the greedy Alemaos will surely at some time, soon see a very sudden change of fortunes. The Goan people can only take, digest and bear so much. Their patience is not infinite. Their moods are not infinite either. Perhaps Churchill & the rest of his family, seeking political fame & a take- over of Goa , through fake social work, will never see or fully understand their delusions. But life & people will rectify this in due course and at the most appropriate moment. One must remember, going uphill or up a hill is a struggle…but going downhill is very rapid & in political terms can be sudden. It seems like out of loyalty to his family, Churchill will once again be dis-loyal to the Congress party or any other for that matter, and in turn, to Goans. May be Churchill will form a new Political party….SAVE THE ALEMAOS PARTY. In will include,The whole delusional “social working”, lot of them.

- N.Fernandes, London | 26 th November 2011 05:44


The old faces should gracefully retire and make way for the younger generation.....If they do not retire gracefully than the option could be be to force their retirement and give them opportunity to spend the remaining years to go in quest of unfulfilled passions...or spirituality....

Dynasty rule is not desirable as there are many capable people in this small state and few families should not be burdened with the task of serving the common man all the time.....

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 19 th November 2011 20:52


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