Blackmail fails, Alemaos return empty handed

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 25 July 2011 23:59 IST

The blackmail did not work. Alemao brothers are now returning from Delhi, after losing a battle and withdrawing their decision of quitting the cabinet as well as the Congress party.

PWD minister Churchill Alemao and urban development minister Joaquim Alemao had threatened to resign if disqualification of Churchill’s daughter Valanka from contesting Goa Youth Congress president’s post was not revoked.

“We are rethinking of our decision to quit as the high command has advised us not to take hasty decision”, Churchill told media persons from Delhi, after having a meeting with Congress political advisor Ahmed Patel.

Both the brothers were summoned to Delhi on Sunday evening while chief minister Digambar Kamat has rushed to meet the high command in the morning.

The CM had a meeting only with Goa desk in-charge M S Brar and returned today morning without waiting for a meeting with Patel.

Alemao brothers however stayed back in an attempt to get the election postponed, as a face-saving devise.

The high command however learnt to have flatly refused either to revoke Valanka’s disqualification or to postpone the election.

The election, as scheduled, would now be held tomorrow, 26 July.

Valanka was charged with violation of code of conduct and taking support of her father as well as chief minister and GPCC president.

Based on a complaint, the Indian Youth Congress election commissioner had disqualified her from contesting.

In retaliation, both Alemao brothers had submitted their resignation letters to the chief minister. But the CM, instead of accepting it, had rushed to Delhi to seek the help of high command.

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Previous Comments

Why would Churchill wants her daughter to contest the election..may be want to make more money and loot Goa, I cant believe there nobody in Goa who is better then Valanka.....people who support her is just for the sake of making some money and see that Churchill sells Goa to Raheja just like he was trying in Carmona.

- Aggie, USA | 02 nd August 2011 20:43


It was rather amusing to watch and read about 2 grown up man, not very educated either,but smart enough to loot and plunder,known as the Alemaos behave like little boys throwing a tantrum over the disqualification of their baby daughter / neice, Valanka.

It is also very amusing to see Valanka, who has been branded as "dynamic",by her father / Uncle,being unable to deal with disqualification issues all on her own.

I guess in due course,and if she is ever elected to a Political Post, she will also require the assistance,blackmail and mob rule of her father / Uncle.

The whole family will be strolling & strutting down the road, to see the erstwhile Chief Minister.

If she cannot defend herself,how is she ever going to defend Goa`s destiny or direction.

Anyway it was good to see that the 2 grown up men, with tendencies of a child, or tantrums of a cry baby, being offered sweeties and flattery, in a form of words or "wordy assets" by Jagmeet Brar and being sent back to Goa .

When has ever Churchill been an asset to the Congress Party?

Was he not the prime traitor of several Political Party`s and a person who has never kept any of his promises?

Perhaps a "Mental " health check of these 2 grown-up men,behaving like chldren and spolied brats,would be welcomed by one and all.

As for Valanka,perhaps there will come a day, if she has not yet realised this, that she will have to stop riding "Piggy Back".

Even Pigs, do have to grow up someday & become independent and stop squealing .

There is also an option for Valanka to become a "WATCHWOMAN", in Carmona,if all her political ambitions fail.

- N.Fernandes, London | 27 th July 2011 16:57


Relinquishing the throne is not easy--once accustomed of enjoying it. The seats of power afford so many opportunities not only to serve others but also to serve oneself. It is a pity for the democratic system to be manipulated to its present form which has become almost like a monarchy..

During the foreign colonial regime--it was a handful of people coming all the way from Europe- that could rule this vast country . Now it a a handful of people coming from a few families that rule it. Is it a disgrace...? A shame ...? Or the Monarchy being brought in from back door...?

- vishwas prabhudesai, Loliem | 27 th July 2011 10:16


there is absolutely no democracy in the congress is like salazar .

- n.fernandes, goa | 26 th July 2011 09:12


Now that the BLACKMAIL did not work, we have to patiently wait for a new excuses, excuses, more excuses and lies.

As soon as the shame kicks in to this shameful duo of brothers,the health excuses will commence.

As for Valanka,she may wish to consider a change of profession....but not Politics.

- N.Fernandes, London | 26 th July 2011 02:12


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