CM rushes to meet Ahmed Patel, Alemao bros meet Guv

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 24 July 2011 15:18 IST

Political advisor Ahmed Patel with Sonia Gandhi

Chief minister Digambar Kamat rushed to Delhi today morning to resolve the resignation drama of Alemao brothers.

He is expected to have a meeting with Congress political advisor Ahmed Patel and Goa desk in-charge M S Brar.

Meanwhile, PWD minister Churchill Alemao and urban development minister Joaquim Alemao, both brothers, called on Governor S S Siddhu.

Churchill’s daughter Valanka, who has been disqualified from contesting Goa Youth Congress presidential election, is already in Delhi since yesterday.

Alemao brothers said they are still firm on their decision to resign if Valanka’s disqualification is not revoked.

“We conveyed our feelings to the Governor”, said Alemao brothers.

Sources said both the brothers have even surrendered their official vehicles, in protest.

However, they are awaiting the outcome of the meeting in Delhi today evening.

Though the chief minister claims he has not received resignation letters from them, Alemao brothers claim they have already handed over the letter to him yesterday.

It appears that Kamat is holding back their letters while rushing to Delhi to try and get the issues resolved.

However, general secretary in-charge of Indian Youth Congress is reportedly firm on disqualifying Valanka as she took help of her minister father Churchill, chief minister Kamat and GPCC chief Subhash Shirodkar to canvass for her, in violation of the election code of conduct of IYC.

While Alemao brothers have as usual threatened to quit the party and pose a threat to the ruling Congress on the eve of Assembly elections, the high command is learnt to be adamant on the issue, even at the cost of losing power in Goa.

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It is said that one Prime Minister was keeping a Dossier of all the Politicians ready and up to date in PMO. If some Politicians would try to act too smart--it is said that the Politician used to be summoned to Delhi and the Dossier of the misdeeds or irregularities-- used to be shown to the gentleman. This was enough to make the politician silent and retract back in his shell....

Is it the right practise considering the type of politicians we have......?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 25 th July 2011 19:04


The Centre has to remain firm. There should not be any blackmail, or it will be another national shame, these two, holding the government to ransom.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 25 th July 2011 17:45


In 1989, this man was dreaming of being a chief minister sitting along with fellow ramponkars in one of those shanty shacks of colva. He did succeed coaxing his fellow party members using malicious touts to achieve his ambitious plan for his clan. His enthusiasm for sports he stole their sympathy to have him elected for a local MLA, CM to MP only to be laughed at between the lines.

Today the people of goa who once stood by them thinking they were heroes and a very self-confident breed now scoff- off at the very names as fools. Why not? I heard someone who once said “The key is to get to know people and trust them to be who they are. Instead, we trust people to be who we want them to be- and when they're not, we cry.”

Of course they came begging and pledging not for your interests! excuse me! but for their very own vested interest ,proof? Its rights there, right before our very own eyes, and for all their supporters, voters and worst to all goans disbelief. Blackmailing and deceit through resignation for the disqualification of his daughter? I very much respect the Centre for their decision. We created them heroes and its time we make them zeroes.

I challenge them to resign, they dare not for that instance! The first time, okay they got involved as sports heroes image and a public wave of sympathy as Catholics. The second time as for the MP elections? What a laugh Delhi had for the stock sent from the goan bag of ignoramus? The third time! Eloped to Navelim as he was advised what a shame it would be to lose against his new rival in fact, chor chill was despised in his own constituency as he was matchless against the New Money Man from the same coast .The force of the dollar might which was responsible to for the price of prawn Sensex to bow out. Unless Seldom have they forgotten that people vote for the party and not the candidate.

The Congress is an all India successful party which flows within the veins of 85%of Indians. So the two brothers had plans to introduce their children into their party and mock the solidarity of its supporters by blackmailing and toppling its government? Claiming their majority in the cabinet. These viruses should be eradicated which has been plaguing the congress party and the gorvenance of goa.

let them host their party we are fed up with them, let them go. ‘we made them we will break them’ ‘ no more chorchill and jokerzinc and never ever again their riff raff too’.WE WILL MAKE THESE CHANGES THIS TIME WE NEED NEW QUALIFIED AND MATURED FACES BUT NOT THE ALEMAO’S CLAN A MILLION% POSITIVE .Even sanguem have planned their strategies to teach them who is greater ‘marquise or the people’.

In Cuncolim, Navelim and Benaulim every child in every house hold want to be chorchill and jokerzinc as you’ll the sowed the seeds of gluttony into their minds.

Their campaigns were all self-center. Their boastfully campaign for Konkani, statehood and konkan railways were all to fill bags their bank accounts and to get publicity taking goans for a jolly good ride.

For Goans the CHORCHILL BROS fiasco on these issues plummeted with an increasing burden and unwanted misery with additional taxes, Konkani being raped by Marathi and dacoits looting goan houses making good their escape by the trains plying through goa by the so called ‘Konkan Railway Express’ Tourists murdered and drug abuse wasn’t that a perfect anecdote for all of us as goans!

I think the center should respect and accept their resignation as quickly as possible as they won’t have any reason to campaign in general besides their vested motive .It’s we who gave them their jobs and their power and we will see to its done right away no more churchill and his clan if congress wants to win the next elections. Cuncolim, Navelim and Benaulim are fedup of this buffoon’s family.

They can float their own party but this time no mosques and church disciples to campaign. no catholics,christians and muslims will support them.The catholic church mostly canvassed openly for their campaign on Sundays as thought they were the demi gods who were in charge of the Sundays as the day obligation to them.We will take every priest who takes their name at any sacred place. They have left no stone unturned to commit all the seven deadly sins of the Catholic Church, What goes around comes around. The grail is full to the brim. Next Elections would be fun without the chorchill bros around if congress wanna win the elections. The chorchills bros will need a great deed to have the catholic support, they would have post a campaign as well that says.

‘with Jesus Christ the last Crusade this time he’s bringing His Dad’.

- massimo, goa | 25 th July 2011 16:56


Its good that went out. Some dirt is out at least.

Goan citizen will see a better, corruption free development.

Please keep them out as they want to get another dirt in.

- Nitin Kenkre, Panaji | 25 th July 2011 15:20


It is very very important to have qualified people with good integrity and honesty to head the various portfolios in Goa

Many efficient and honest people do not enter politics just because it has virtually become a shit hole with dirty politics .

- Brian Dsouza, Dubai | 25 th July 2011 14:02


Just accept the Resignations and keeo quite, there is no threat to Govt., pull Madkaikar and Narvekar in the cabinate, that it

- Domnico, Ponda | 25 th July 2011 09:57


its interesting,now.we goans are waiting for wishes to valanka .we are with you.keep fighting.!

- cushta xirputi wellip, quempem | 25 th July 2011 08:46


It is time for the Alemao family political Bandwagon and alleged crimes of corruption are brought to a halt.

Goa may see then new developmens and better standards and quality of infrastructure.

Sub-standard projects are the price Goans pay fro having the Alemaos` in Charge.

- N.Fernandes, London | 25 th July 2011 00:10


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