Ravi's sons draw salaries as his PAs

PTI, PANAJI | 08 April 2011 13:29 IST

Roy & Ritesh Ravi Naik

Both the sons of Goa Home Minister Ravi Naik are being paid salaries from the state government coffers as they are shown to be his Personal Assistant and Private Secretary.

A written reply tabled on the floor of the House by the Home minister mentions that his son Roy Naik is drawing a salary as the Personal Assistant while his second son, Ritesh Naik is being paid as a Private Secretary.

While Roy draws salary of Rs 19,904 monthly, his second son, Ritesh earns Rs 29,441.

Their appointments are on a ad-hoc basis and have been cleared by the General Administration department. Both are shown as being attached to the office of the Minister for Home.

Interestingly, Roy came under scanner during the drug nexus investigation in Goa.

Swedish model Lucky Farmhouse, former girlfriend of drug lord Yaniv Benaim alias Atala had said that Roy was frequenting their place at Anjuna beach.

Also, the 30-year-old was in news again when he was provided special security cover by the department.

The security review meeting held last year had approved him a Personal Security Officer (PSO) after notorious gangster Micheal Fernandes confessed of receiving contract to harm Roy.

British teenager Scarlett Eden Keeling's mother Fiona Mackeown had also told the Goa Children's Court that Roy was involved in drug dealing after her bruised semi-nude corpse was found at Anjuna shore on February 18, 2008.

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it shame on the goa govt.educated people are searching for job.every times politician giving assurance on unemployment .and appointing their family members for selfishness & collecting of wealth.

- satish, PONDA | 28 th May 2011 19:25


Nothing new. Tom-Dick-& Harry knows about this.

But who is bothered about our comments. They are big shots.

- rosario, kallianpur | 28 th April 2011 07:44


why look far , all ministers depute their immediate family members to various institutes and organisations so that they can control key posts and amass wealth frm these ... Dayanand Mandrekar MLA has his guest house used exclusively to house visiting cricketing teams , even though the guest house is in PORVORIM and the NETS are in PNJ/DULER , his immediate family members are in the cricketing board concil... hence all is well as he has every angle in his mutti , look at other ministers in various lucrative posts all have immediate family members in crucial posts , why even the benign CM claims Ration rice for his staff and servants , claiming them to be dependents ....

- bravo , mapusa | 17 th April 2011 20:30


Mr. Sun took a lesion from Nabors book, Mr. Shiroda MLA was PA of Mr. Ex-MLA of Shiroda, what has happened now is , every body knows, therefore Mr. SUN doesn’t want to take risk so appointed own Suns, that Gr8.

- Balu, Shiroda | 11 th April 2011 16:36


I think he honest enough to tell to the citizens of the state about the matter. Now the ball is in the peoples court. If they accept then there is no issue.

- Purushottam, Ponda | 11 th April 2011 16:14


Such facts once again remind us of the level to which our so called vibrant democracy has reached....so quickly within just 50 years.....................

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 11 th April 2011 09:11


What a shamelss creature this RAVI NAIK is.

In the name of 'BAHUJAN SAMAJ' he has been systematically amassing wealth for his nex few generations for the last many years. I hope his ardent supporters in Ponda Taluka will realize his chameleon charcteristics and teach him and his 'wannabe MLA' sons a rsounding lesson in the upcoming elections.

- JIM, USA | 09 th April 2011 01:20


Is this a good precedent ? Usually, public figures distance themselves, saying "anything but this". A time will come when small sheikdoms-like securty will be appointed from family cadres, because of loyalty and trust, and then family, the in-laws, relatives all will join in. We already have two each, as MLA's from the same family. My God, Goa will not be enough, we will need some more territory, of course after enough has been taken for mining and de-forestation. Chunks from each neighbouring states, what was it called ? Vishal...something. I think Gomant..People have taken those kind of dreams to the netherworld with them.

Anna Hazare, as peerhaps the last Gandhian, please hang on, after the Jan Lok Pal Bill, we require you to do something here too, this is getting out of hand.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 08 th April 2011 16:22


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