House adjourned twice over Babush detention issue

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 05 April 2011 16:31 IST

BJP members shouting slogans in Assembly

Goa Assembly was adjourned twice today as the opposition did not allow any business to take place on Babush Monseratte detention issue.

The Bharatiya Janata Party moved an adjournment motion to debate the issue of detention of education minister Babush Monseratte by customs officials at Mumbai air port on Saturday morning.

Before the Question Hour could begin at 11.30 am, opposition leader Manohar Parrikar moved the adjournment motion. Speaker Pratapsing Rane however did not allow it.

As a result, after little debate, the opposition members moved to the well of the House. The session was then adjourned till 2.30 pm.

The opposition continued demanding debate on the issue by suspending the rules of the House, when the House reassembled after lunch.

As the speaker again did not allow it, the opposition members moved to the well of the House.

Speaker Rane then preferred to get the demands passed amidst the BJP members shouting slogans. He then adjourned the House for a day.

During the brief debate on the issue, chief minister Digambar Kamat said he is prepared to make a statement in the House. But the opposition wanted a debate.

Monseratte, at the moment, was sitting in the House, smiling at the opposition benches.

Later, Kamat said he could not do much as the law would take its own course. “I will table the copy of the panchanama conducted by the customs which Babush has given me”, he told the media.

Kamat however was totally silent on dropping Monseratte from the cabinet.

When asked how his minister could carry foreign currency in dollars and dinhars beyond permissible limit, the chief minister said his minister had already clarified that it was out of ignorance and he has all the papers to prove that it is legitimate money.

Opposition leader Parrikar however said carrying foreign currency in such a manner clearly amounts to smuggling and thus a smuggler should not hold education portfolio as well as any ministerial position.

“The Congress has to otherwise declare that they protect smugglers, rapists, goondas and those who attack police stations”, he said.

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it is just a mokery of the law enforcement agencies in this country.if this type of offence was done by a aam admi he would have been behind bars by now.hope so anna hazares fast give some fruit,so that all these crooks are behind bars.70 percent of our politicians are come from rags to riches by looting. all these dacoits have properties in dubai and abroad. why do you think all these politicians come to dubai,is the shaikh their cousin.what will be the state of our state when our ministers are uneducated and robbers.please my fellow goans next election topple these rascals and elect candidates like anna. and not who empty our land and accomodate the outsiders. we sacrifice our life working and all the outsiders are given the benefits from the taxpayers pockets.

- justin, dubai | 10 th April 2011 08:06


Our achievements in the last 50 years of liberation is to find the " lawbreakers" sitting comfortably in the seats of power as our " law makers" .......

The manipulation of the democratic system has made this possible.........

May be the framers of our Constitution never anticipated such a degeneration within such a short time....

Should we feel proud about all what is happening around us or put our head down in shame....???

- vishwas prabhudesai, lolirm | 06 th April 2011 09:21


To Lodovico: Who makes mockery of Democracy?

Citizens who criticize an offense to the Law of a country, that too by a Cabinet Minister?

Or; is it that 'good' sense prevails and all transgression be forgiven so that we all exhibit good example to our children???

- Goan Imp, Margao | 06 th April 2011 02:17


Babush did not know about the rules of customs and the cash to be taken, is he going abroad first time? On immigiration form back side it is clearly mentioned what is allowed and what is not, he is teaching us all this things. And tomorrow he will do something else and say he did not know? Our CM and government are three monkeys Hear no evil, talk no evil and see no evil.


- Ramponkar, Goa | 05 th April 2011 21:22


My appeal to all with good sense. Do not make a mockery of our democracy. All men are equal before the law and opportunity.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 05 th April 2011 16:26


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