Babush claims he can account for Rs 22 lakh he was carrying

PTI, PANAJI | 03 April 2011 21:47 IST

Education minister Babush Monseratte has clarified that he was carrying foreign currency worth only Rs 22 lakh and not in crores as predicted by the media.

He also claimed  he can account for the entire money which was found on him, when he was detained at Mumbai airport by Customs Officials.

Monserrate told PTI that he was carrying Rs 21 lakh in different currency and was on his way to Dubai along with his friend and son, when he was intercepted by Customs officials before boarding the flight on Saturday morning.

“I was having travelers cheque worth 25,000 US Dollars which I had procured last year when I was supposed to go to London for a business trip,” the minister said adding that the travelers cheques remained with him, which was carrying this time.

Monserratte said that he was also carrying additional 75,000 Dinar and Rs 63,00 in Indian currency.

“I was not informed that one cannot carry such amount of traveler’s cheque when you are on a tourist visa. It is allowed only on business Visa,” the minister said stating that he had procured the travelers cheques during his business visit to London where he planned to purchase the hotel.

He claimed that he has visited countries like Russia and Japan with those travelers cheqes which were left unspent. “I did not encash the travelers cheques in India because of the fluctuation of the currency,” the minister added.

Monserrate said that he can account for entire money and he has been summoned on April 8 in Mumbai with the accounts. “This is not unaccounted money. I can produce all the required documents,” the minister said.

The minister said that on Saturday he left for Mumbai by early morning 4.15 flight and was supposed to board flight to Dubai at 10.25 a.m. 

“On the way, I was supposed to pay Rs 1.51 lakh for the maintenance of my flat in Mumbai,” he said.

Monserrate added that he had paid Rs 1.51 lakh for the maintenance and was carrying additional Indian currency notes, which were left back with him.

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Previous Comments

Even after this episode, in next election WE the literate voters of Indian democracy will vote for BABUSH & get him elected! Long live Indian Democracy where such persons can stand for election ! ! !

- Shekhar, Panaji | 05 th April 2011 17:28


Well Said Aris baaab..... Cany you tell us .. Why at all you withdrew a Case in which you were asaulted... We need leader like you Who Can.. Topple the Corrupt and Bring Justice to the People... ....

Hope you Will Sit For the MLA Election fron St.Cruz Constituency , lets make St Cruz a Better place to live,

- Chetan, PANJIM | 05 th April 2011 00:35


Our ministers purchase hotels in London, yeah but you decide to open a chai-ki-tapari (Tea Stall) somewhere in the city and face the bureaucracy and corruption.

Our voters are retards.

- Akshar, Mumbai | 04 th April 2011 23:43


While our Mothers, went to try and feed us Goans and keep us fed,Monssearte and his son Rohit and a servant went to Feed their Bank Accounts in Dubai.

While we are are seeking food and means of an income...he is taking unearned income to Dubai.

I have no issues with earned income...but one that is stolen to feed Power is wrong.

Does Rohit have a conscience?Oh! no. His genes are aleady deetrmined by his Father and Mother.

- N.Fernandes, London | 04 th April 2011 23:30


Goans do not need to hear your accountability for the cash that was detected.

They need you to give account of your knowledge of the Laws of the land you are made a Cabinet Minister of. If you are so ignorant of the Rules and Regulation about Indian Currency and Foreign currency that can be carried on person or as your personal baggage, even after having traveled so often, you know where you stand!!

- Goan Imp, Margao | 04 th April 2011 22:38


Yes all the sad story and innocence of Ministerji is very true. Travellers cheques have a validity. We presume that the travellers cheques of Mr. Monserrate had a lifetime validity. very surely the Mumbai Customs will be made fools once again. After all his long lost friend Mr. Dias is in Mumbai greasing the high profiled hands.

Goans may not be aware that this man has made Dubai his second home and accumulated the unaccounted wealth in Dubai. He is seen every send week. What business does a minister have in Dubai when he has a duty to perform in his own state? These ministers should be restricted from travelling unless they have a valid reason for so doing.

Nothing wil happen Mr. Monserrate will be free....he will continue his exortion......... travel to Dubai upteem times with more unaccounted money as this incident will give him an oportunity to tie up with customs officers in Mumbai...... and still succeed to obtain the valuable money making ticket to be the minister once again.

- Raju, United arab Emirates | 04 th April 2011 19:21


Well! well! well!.....Lets start investigations in London.a letter to the Border Security force?.

Where was Monserattes son Rohit going with his suitcase.?

With all the loot from Goa, it surely must be easy taking your son to bypass Customs.|I am sure Monseratte has more tricks to fool us Goans.

However if one goes to one of Monserattes many houses / flats, one will find more suitcases.

There will be a lot of paper in these suitcases.All with a sign of currency.

- N.Fernandes, London | 04 th April 2011 19:14


The time is running out and the need of the hour is to kick out all the corrupt and criminals from the political scenario of the Country. Unfortunate to see the seats of power being grabbed by people with dubious antecedents and posing as servants of the masses. The society will never survive and will disintegrate if the strong feeling in the minds of the common man that all those who occupy the chairs -is not for serving them but to exploit them in some or other form.... Today if any news item of any politician getting involved in some corruption or criminal activity -- is heard---nobody feels surprised and this is the greatest tragedy in the 64 years of our Independence....

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 04 th April 2011 16:57


On 2nd April while India was gearing up for the Cricket World cup finals, Goa was in the news for its Education Minister Babush Monseratte being intercepted at the Bombay Airport on his way to Dubai with foreign currency beyond the permissible limits. Only Babush Monserrate and the Customs officer who initially intercepted him will know the exact quantum that was seized.

Education Minister Babush Monseratte now says that he was unaware he could not carry that amount. Very true. How can you expect a 7th std passed to know the law. And on September 7, 1978 when he dropped out of school while in Class 8 a student was not even expected to know the difference between a rupee, dirham, dollar and for that matter what a traveler cheque was.

Babush Monseratte cannot be entirely blamed. The onus is on Chief Minister Digambar Kamat for having opted for an Education Minister who lacks what he needs the most. If money was everything and education was not a prerequisite for every profession including politics all schools, colleges and universities would have been shut by now. What Goa desperately needs is a Lokayukta. If we had one in place most of the current Ministers and some MLA ‘s would have been cooling their heels in jail. What a respite it would have been for Goa and Goans.

- Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar | 04 th April 2011 14:32


Why is there no transparency and all crimes and corruption by politicians is hidden under the thick cover of secrecy...??

Is it to give opportunity for white washing and settling the price to get out of the humiliating situation of being caught red handed with pants down...?

Shame on the degenerated democratic system where almost every politician is being seen as corrupt and many are seen as corrupt and also criminals...

For how much more time will this practice of looting go on...??

- james silva, margao | 04 th April 2011 09:12


He was heading to DUbai to buy property there with all the ill-gotten money. Rat's all investments in foreign countries should be investigated. Oh I forget, he is the 'Hejucation minister' of Goa right? Jai Ho Kangress Sarkar.

- Jim, USA | 04 th April 2011 00:47


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