Babush detained at Mumbai air port with huge cash

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 02 April 2011 12:32 IST

Education minister Babush Monseratte has been detained at Mumbai air port by the central excise and customs authorities for carrying huge amount of foreign currency to Dubai.

He, along with two of his accomplices, has been handed over to the Mumbai police at Sahar police station.

According to information gathered, Babush was carrying Indian currency as well as currency in dollars beyond permissible limit.

The information also reveals that Nitin Naik, one of his aide, was with Babush while flying to Dubai. Name of the third person is still not known.

The allegedly unauthorised transportation of huge amount of money came to light since security has been tightened at the air port due to World Cup cricket final match scheduled for today.

Eye brows were raised also because the headquarters of the ICC is located to Dubai, where Babush was flying.

Normally, any citizen is allowed to carry maximum amount of $ 10,000 along with him or her. It is however still not known how much cash Babush and two others were carrying with them.

It is also not confirmed whether the cash was in only one bag and is being claimed by all three of them.

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Goan's must decide now, what they really want for

better future of their children. The next election every

Goan';s ignored the Congress and BJP. Elect NCP

give chance young generation to thick better fo them.

Congress is corrupt party, bribe, cheating, no one

clean hand. If you visit any government office corruption

bribe otherwise check sub-registrar office -margao etc.

If you pay sum bucks you can have birth/marriage

certificates on the spot but it not small bucks but huge

shame of Goa CM. Such offices must install camara

to catch red hand blindfold officers.If father is first thief

there nothing to surprise.

- Sanjay Kumar, Goa | 10 th April 2011 14:00


Its a disgrace to have such types of ministers. Shame on them. What one can expect from uneducated ministers. They are only to loot public funds and lands.

- helen, uae | 07 th April 2011 15:32


Corrupt to the core!!!

Pls get rid of all these corrupt people and save


- disgusted, goan | 05 th April 2011 14:52


Babush has survived the most stormy weathers with the blessing of his god fathers, foster fathers, etc and the best joke is HES IS STILL A MINISTER HOLDING THE EDUCATIONAL PORTFOLIO. He will survive. His Custom officer brothers are with him to pull strings. He will come out clean and dry and most of all Innocent accusing the Customs officials that that they have not done done their duty rightly.

And the Best Fun.............. He will continue being a Minister and Further More contest for election with the Congress Ticket. JAI Hind Goa!!!

- Raju, United Arab Emirates | 04 th April 2011 13:12


Hi Everyone writing in the sympathy of Goan cabinet and Babush in particular.

Goa is in the cloud of darkness regarding Babush.Babush has accumulated wealth in Dubai where is visits every fortnight. He is not so helpful to carry the ICC money and risk himself and his dignity for ICC. His money exortion bussiness in not a surprising business. Hear his people speaking about his innocence making a fool of everyone. The bunch of all goan politicians (ruling as well as the oppostion) should be eradicated.

Additionally Babush has been distributing pocket money every Tuesday to the migrant laborers and this is a known scenario every Tuesday at his house in Taleigao. Did any of the authorities question him why was this distributed only to the migrants and from where is this money coming?????? Dubai is a place where all these rats have made their homes in the palm island and the palatial development to run away from taxes and tranform their stolen money.

- raju, United Arab Emirates | 04 th April 2011 12:18


am a regular holiday visitor to goa,and love the people

and the climate,but could never understand why the

infrastucture was so poor in places like calangute and proper footpaths so having to risk life and

limb when forced to walk on roads.with the money that

hundreds of thousands of tourists have spent over the

years,it never made sense,but now it seems easier to

understand,your politicians have their greedy noses in

the trough,and are taking it all to dubai,tourists will only

tolerate things for so long,then they will find another

place that appreciates to get rid of your many

sleazy self seeking corrupt politicians.

- michael, england | 03 rd April 2011 23:21


Now we know where to find Goa`s stolen & looted money.

Here is a bit of Education in money laundering.

as Mickky Pacheco once stated...".it goes in and comes out dry."....Not sure what he meant considering his educational limitations.

- N,Fernandes-London, London | 03 rd April 2011 15:21


Now babush is caught red handed by the officials an enquiry have to be set up with good officials and the laws of the state should be applied for him. Where this money came from? Why he is taking to Dubai? What he wanted to do with the money, invest or put in the bank? What are his connection? Every one is talking lot of thigs on him so that must be true. Or the Babush will be left free? He has to answer to the Goans for this, or this loot is from illegal mining? Digu will protect him as he does everytime for his followers.

- Ramponkar, Goa | 03 rd April 2011 13:13


My kind request these type of Politicians shud be stoned. all their assets shud be freezed nd they shud be bought to trial before the nation. I praise the Mumbai Customs for their bravery. The frontliners of the nation shud not spare such politicians, we are dying years abroad to feed our belongings. Shud these dirty money minded and looters can be the nations trust worthy people? They talk good things before the people but their entire interior is stinking, God will not spare these people who rob their own people.

Good job Mumbai Customs, my only request no bail to be given for such politicians, squeeze their last drop of the blood to the complete truth.

- Jackson, Dubai | 03 rd April 2011 11:50


It is a shame that such people manipulate winning elections and shamelessly project themselves as the servants of the masses. In any developed country such people would have resigned voluntarily but here they would try every available trick to escape the consequences of the committed crimes. It is a shame that it was the NDA regime which passed a obnoxious legislation to require permission before nailing the corrupt and criminal public servants. Shame on the NDA who poses to be honest but actually made laws to protects the corrupts.....The IT raids, the red handed catching the criminals with pants down--but nothing happening--all show how degenerated the system has become....

- james silva, margao | 03 rd April 2011 09:08


this is what justice made by nature . babush joked with GOAN identity konkani. such people must be removed from M.L.A . post of goan assembly . "sarko nyay jalo".

- amol, goa | 02 nd April 2011 23:41


I think municipal election in dubai is close bye so that was the reason he was carring lot of cash to dubai.Basbush is floating his own panel in dubai.But is it UAE has a democratic system ?

- franky, Margao | 02 nd April 2011 19:48


lets see what the govt does nw when we come home i know how the police and custom officers handle us sorry they torture us . may be he taught only people coming into india ll be checked .

- ozzy , margao | 02 nd April 2011 16:47


Churchill Alemao and Mauvin Godinho are 2 other Goa Ministers that ae well known Money Laundering Mules.

Dubai is where they have lots of "Black" Goan Money investments.

- N.Fernandes, London | 02 nd April 2011 15:12


He was on the wrong jaunt at the wrong time. His calculations were misplaced. I hope there is some plausible answer, and as always he will come nout clean. Why is Goa's cabinet is in the limelight for wrong reasons? Can anyone talk good of anyone, who's done good work? certainly there must be lots of good work done. It sucks! We Goans, can't handle it, we can't call a spade, spade.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 02 nd April 2011 13:43


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