RSS in Goa wooing Muslims

PTI, PANAJI | 09 November 2010 18:05 IST

Subhash Velingkar

RSS is taking efforts here to bring Muslims in its process of nation building by inviting them into its programme, Goa RSS chief Subhash Velingkar said today.

"On Sunday there was a function hosted by RSS in Mapusa town, 9 km away from here, in which 200 members of Muslim community participated," Velingker said.

"All the terrorists belong to a particular community but that does not mean that all people belonging to that faith are terrorists," he said without naming a community.

"Terrorism has nothing to do with religion," he added.

RSS Goa chief was briefing media about their plans to hold a sit-in on November 9 near Kadamba bus stand in Panaji to protest against Congress' policies to defame RSS.

Velingkar said the efforts are on to polarise patriotic Muslims, who have contributed for the welfare of the nation.

He said RSS leaders had successfully implemented the mission of polarising patriotic Muslim population in Kashmir.

Back in Goa, he said that every year Muslim brethren celebrate "Raksha Bandan" and meetings are held with them, which are hosted by RSS workers.

RSS Goa chief said the the organisation never took to the streets in its history of 85 years.

"But with Sonia Gandhi-led UPA unleashing their anti-RSS agenda, it has been decided to hold nationwide dharnas," he added.

Velingkar termed UPA's stand against RSS as an international conspiracy and also an attempt to woo minority vote bank.

The leader narrated anecdotes after anecdotes of how Congress-led governments in the Centre sparred terrorists like Afzal Guru and showed patriots in bad light.

"We have filed 75 cases against NCERT for distorting the facts in the text books and we have won all the cases," he added.

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I can understand your anxiety Peter baab. But remember that no one gives a damn about their political aspirations of coming to the power by dividing Hindus.

Subverting the constitution is not easy. In India, only way to come to the power is through the ballot box and RSS have been living in fool's paradise for many years to dream that they will ever get the total control over the legislature.

And brother, it is not about you and me or your religion and my religion. I strongly believe that religion is strictly a personal matter and has no place in public life. It is one's personal spiritual intercourse with the supreme being. exhibiting it is the greatest insult to the love between the worshiper and the worshiped.

And let me tell you, narrow minded minds are in every religion, they are not restricted to Hindus.

We all have to unitedly address the issue with a right perspective.

- Gajendra Tari, Ponda Goa | 11 th April 2013 11:17


Bangaru Laxman, Pramod Mahajan, Yediyurappa, Col. Purohit, Sadhwi Pradnya, Nitin Gadkari and so many other most honest and selfless nationalists have been RSS cadres. The list is long. Of course, not as long as the the list of Congress wallas as the duration of being in power too was short comparatively. Being a RSS cadre doesn't insulate one from crimes like rape, sodomy and mass murders even if one gloats over the relief work carried out to help Hindus during disasters like floods and earthquakes.

The organization's ideology has two levels. The seen and the unseen and it is nowhere close to American Conservatism. The ideology is based on the supremacy of Brahmins, inspired by Parshurama's annihilation and depredation. Floating lies is an age old part of tactics right from its inception.

Economic policies are identical to those of Congress. At times, even more enthusiastic to push reforms that benefit the cronies feeding on privatization and consumerism.

The entire country saw how they kept 'India shining' during their tenure and how smart Hindus kept them away from the power despite several attempts.

These are the guys who have maligned the name of a beautiful, egalitarian and vibrant Hinduism with multiple shades for their narrow ends by creating a chauvinistic concept of Hindutva. They are the modern traders who survive on selling religion for their quest of power.

Fortunately Hindus are an enlightened lot unlike their several other Asian cousins who can be swayed by fanatical talibanized elements. Hindus will never fall prey to the war cry for a crusade against other religions by these cunning elements. The Hindutva espoused by them is not Hinduism that resides in the hearts of rational Hindus. Their Hindutva is merely Brahminism believes in supremacy of a particular class.

Real Hindu is can never hate other religions but a Hindutvavadi can. The term Hindu itself has a foreign origin and for centuries Hindus , those who lived beyond Hindukush mountains were respected as peace loving civilized people by the western world till the emergence of these hate mongers.

- Rupesh Jhalmi, Malbhat, Margao | 11 th April 2013 10:44


Mr. Tari though initially it was difficult for me to understand the difficult hindu words you have used i could understand the content of it since by grace of god i have lived long enough to see India in general and goa in particular reaching today's stage from independence of india. Actual history of your religion (and religion of my ancestors) has been the struggle between the conservatives and the liberals and nothing else, this you will agree with me. Trouble is the liberals after winning independence and crowning glory of their achievements, "Constitution of India" went to sleep handing over the country and the party of liberals, Congress, to rank opportunist.

On other hands your conservatives worked tirelessly for 65 years to prove what is wrong is right. hence we have reached the present sorry stage.

The "Conservatives" simply want the majority of your religion to be slaves of the conservative master race while you liberals want equality. now for this purpose the conservative want to turn India into Hindu Nation which means citizenship only limited to hindus and we non-hindus are no longer citizens of this country. And hindus too ruled under dictatorship of the Organisation under supreme leader/s or Oligarchs. Good for them.

We non hindus have only one complaint. In this ongoing civil war in your religion unluckily we are made targets. If some white protestant evangelist attempts conversion Indian Catholic and Orthodox churches are burnt and If some Pakistani agents blast bombs Indian Muslims are murdered. This happens because Hindu Liberals like you are not united and the most dishonest, selfish anti national elements dance around.

after all what are they against? Some simple Ideas on which constitution of India is based. Social Justice, Govt separate from religion, democracy, freedom, equality and brotherhood. And all you hindu liberals dont unite for independence of your own religion. If they brainwash your youth why dont you all True Nationalist Hindu Liberals unitedly strive for self respect of your religion? Till that time we will have to continue to suffer!

- Peter, Margao | 10 th April 2013 22:43


RSS cadres are arguably the most honest and selfless nationalist compared to any other political or non-political outfits in India. Their ideology is the closest we can get to American conservative nationalism which helped America and its allies to reign over world politics and economies for over a century. This is unlike Congress version of secularism and pluralism which still sees country sharply divided in caste and religion after 65 years of birth. Congress’ socialist policies brought country close to bankruptcy in early 1980s and 1990s until by compulsion the country moved away to more libertarian policies.

- Nationalist Goenkar, Goa | 10 th April 2013 16:47


Arre patrao Peter, can't you understand Farrel's desperation? With her bosses in Congress almost dead, she is trying to resurrect with the help of RSS. Once you taste power, you can't resist it and politicos like Farrel will sell their so called ideologies to make a comeback.

Now let me tell you about this great chief liberator of Hindus:

The RSS chief in Gos is a spineless puppet in the hands of Nagpur coterie. He is one leader RSS always wanted to portray as their poster boy in Goa as he hails from a community that was a creation of centuries old continuous sexual exploitation and escapades by upper caste rich Hindus.

Within the Hindu way of life, he has been 'His Master's Voice' , rather than being a progressive thinker unlike many in his community such as Narayan Karwarkar, Rajaram Poinginkar and most importantly the first CM of Goa, Dayanand Bandodkar who toiled to raise the spirit of their community by snapping ties with unwanted and forgettable past. There are several other towering personalities in almost every field that belong this community who professed modern thinking. RSS needs some trophy to display but unfortunately none of the greats chose to adhere to its cunning ideology.

And people at large by now know all these Hindutvavist intellectuals skillfully sculpted in 'prabhodhini' culture with steady doses of 'chintan' and ' bouddhik' ( sic).

The greatest contrast is he claims to strive for inspiring ' swabhimaan'- the self respect among the Hindus by implementing the agenda of Hindu Rashtra, based upon sanatani , Manu inspired laws.

If you want more clarification on this please feel free to ask.

- Gajendra Tari, Ponda Goa | 10 th April 2013 10:37


even here he says "All the terrorist belong to a particular community but that does not mean that all the people belonging to that faith are terrorist" so all the LTTE members belong to that community? all the members of Khalistan Commando force and Babbar Khalsa belong tothat faith? the people who bombed in margao belong to which community? malegao, parbhani, jalna, mecca masjid, samjhauta express, ajmer all these bomb blasts were by same community? were RSS members caught in these blast belong to same community? Pune and Thane blast were done by the same faith? all the members of Communist Party of India Maoist belong to same community? all north eastern terrorist group belong to same community? Babri Masjid was destroyed and riots, rapes,murders done in UP and bombay were done by the people of same faith? Gandhi was murdered by people of same community? Graham Stains murder was done by same faith? nuns raped in gujrat and churches burned in Manglore were by same religious community?

Above all the FIR in babri masjid demolition says the leader of the group who demolished masjid was giving a slogan to incite the mob "JAB KATVE KATE JAYANGE RAM RAM CHILLAYENGE, RAM LALLA HUM AYE HAI MANDIR WAHIN BANAYENGE, EK DHAKKA AUR DO BABRI MASJID TOD DO" i am sure they were of the same terrorist community which he is referring to, isnt it? Then how come in the same mob he himself was present alongwith stalwarts like the Hon'ble CM of Goa and his close friends?

- Peter, Margao | 09 th April 2013 22:44


FARREL first you meet him at RSS bootcamp and attend his lecture on how St Xavier's basilica is a shiva temple destroyed to built a church and to be liberated and converted back to temple just like ram temple at ayodhya. Then you talk about the rich and open mind.

- Peter, margao | 09 th April 2013 22:22


I met the RSS chief recently and saw the rich and open mind of Shri. Subash velinger who not only has a strong hindu ideology but also respects other religions. He is man who wants to keep the culture and harmony of India intact.

- FARREL FURTADO E GRACIAS, NAVELIM | 06 th April 2013 21:54


The efforts are on to polarise patriotic Muslims, who have contributed for the welfare of the nation it is quoted but what about the fundamentalists ?

- PVC Blinds, Goa | 03 rd May 2011 14:49


I think people from Goa should look back in the history Muslims were part of our country untill the partition in which British Policy Succeeded in soaing the seeds of hatrism among Hindus & muslim in Akand Bharat.

Showing the World that They gave independence from a image that every body knows that they have looted the treasures of the Country.

The then Congress followed it & the whole region is suffring for it.

- Chetan Kamat, RIBANDER | 30 th January 2011 11:45


We need to welcome this move by RSS so that they are encouraged to work with all religions.

- Melvyn Ferrao, Agacaim | 15 th November 2010 08:35


Do justice to what you are trying to profess. It is said of justice that "not only justice has to be done, but it should be seen to be done"

- Ludovico, Old Goa | 12 th November 2010 17:19


GOLD glitters more after evry firetest, so aslso RSS. Subhashbabgo ahead. Mass will follow you. All the best.

- Shekhar, Panaji | 11 th November 2010 10:45


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