Mickky-Jose clash 'physically' in Vasco civic polls

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 27 October 2010 23:10 IST

A municipal-poll related clash between two NCP leaders – minister Jose Philip D'Souza and former minister Mickky Pacheco – is getting murkier.

Both have blamed each other while the local organisational leaders have requested the high command to settle the battle.

The issue cropped up on Tuesday night when D'Souza, along with hundreds of his supporters, went to a hotel in Vasco where Mickky was sitting with few people and pushed him out.

D'Souza alleged that Mickky had come to Vasco to distribute money to his opponent candidates.

Mickky flatly denied it, claiming he had come to dine with his friends at Hotel Maharaja while D'Souza suddenly came in with his supporters and started accusing him.

Mickky also accused his party colleague D'Souza of assaulting him. D'Souza however claimed he pushed Mickky aside in order to save him from getting assaulted at the hands of his enraged supporters.

Supporters of both the leaders later filed police complaint each others.

The police have accordingly filed an FIR D'Souza and 87 others for rioting and causing hurt. Similarly, non-cognisabale offence has been registered against Mickky.

Following this, the NCP today called a meeting, presided over by senior leader Prafull Hede, to sort out the issue amicably. But Mickky arrived at the meeting only after D'Souza left.

After the fiasco of the NCP meeting, Mickky told the media that he would not spare 'anybody' who tried to assault him in public, including D'Souza.

The revenue minister and local NCP president D'Souza, on the other hand, said Mickky is becoming a nuisance for the party.

It has to be seen how the NCP high command resolves this 'dirty battle' between the two party bigwigs.

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Yes I agree with some commentators and fans here.Mickky Pacheco is definetely No1 for .. alleged....Money Laundering,illegal immigration,Abetting suicide,burning shacks, thuggery against journalists,photographers/ Traffic officials,burning shacks,faking illnesses/crying like a baby,pleading starvation,purchasing electoral votes destroying marriages,corrupting and de-flowering young girls, forging and fraud of land documents,displaying the ability to purchase every human being on earth,blackmail, being over pompous.

what a speices of a human being.

- N.Fernandes , London | 13 th November 2010 21:01


as for me mickky is a great person.i respect him.he is a NO # 1 politican.my full support for mickky.

- francisco xavier ataide, loutulim | 12 th November 2010 23:48


Mickky was recently granted ;eave by the Court to travel to Dubai to bea chief Guest at a Tiatr.

However he did not attend this Tiatr as he was informend by many Goans that his presence was not welcome and there was trouble ahead by activists called Niz-Goenkars.

Many Gulf Goans are ashamed to be associated with him Miccky) .Churchill received a similar protest from the Niz-Goenkar activists.

It seems like Valanka Churchill ,who is to attend a St Francis Xavier function, is the next target, and a protest awaits her too.

Goans around the world are fed up of these Politicians.

They have nothing to offer Goans.

- N.Fernandes , London | 12 th November 2010 21:13


Are such incidents an indication that the politics has become a cesspool and for grabbing the chair anything is permissible?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 29 th October 2010 17:38


Good Luck Mr.Mickky Pacheco you are the action hero in goan politices. you are No 1

- melwyn, U.k Dubai, Goa | 28 th October 2010 17:24


What goes around comes around!

He assaulted government officers and others without and any remorse.This was perfect action against Mickky by the electorate.

He should be finished politically. Hope his constituents electorate give him a slap on his face.He is disgrace to peace loving Goa.

I give kudos to Vasco People for their action. In future other politician should think before they get involved in other peoples constituencies with their money power no matter how big they are

Utt Goenkara and save Goa from the hand of People like Mickky Pacheco.

Jai Hind

- Jason, u.k | 28 th October 2010 16:18


Clash of the titans, my foot. These are streetfighters by any account, and people love them, not all, but some, because they do their dirty work, I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 28 th October 2010 15:19


In konkani we say "'Loz Naslolom Hari tench kam kori"

Mr. Mickky bab you have no shame, check your profile

and your past records indicates very bad. While you on

criminal chargeheet you were crying in front of public

feel like inocent. Atlest now you have to wash your face

and stay aways from politics and goondasim

activities. You create nuisance and trouble to the


- Brijesh Kanujia, Margao | 28 th October 2010 14:22


Mikky you simply fail to realise that your political career is over, your are finished, you need serious help.

what keeps you floating is just your fraud wealth and not your character,you don't seem to get it, do you! you can't sport an angel face to get away from the rest.

- nassimo, emqon | 28 th October 2010 10:05


Now which party is behind this attack ? As always there was a blame game know on which party they are goining to blame.This public figure's should be ashamed of them self and should reign as minister and MLA or any post they are holding cause they have no place in society.They have to live to be example to others and not other's should be example of them.

- rocky rodrigues, margao | 28 th October 2010 00:59


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