"Modify CRZ to suit Maharashtra tourism"

PTI, PANAJI | 15 October 2010 19:02 IST

The Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) 2010 draft should be adapted to meet the requirements of promoting coastal tourism in western states, a top MTDC official said here today.

"While Kerala and Goa are given few relaxations, the states which did not give thought of developing the coastal tourism destinations are caught in the CRZ regulations," said Kiran Kurundkar, Managing Director, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC).

Western states like Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra and Karnataka should lobby to ask the Centre to reconsider CRZ draft from tourism point of view, he said at the knowledge session of ''West Coast Tourism Synergy between states''.

Kurundkar said it will be difficult to get private players invest in beach tourism, if they face CRZ hurdles.

"We should not transfer our problems to them," he added.

The Union Environment and Forest Ministry has released the draft CRZ notification giving special exemption to Goa, Kerala and Navi Mumbai.

Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation, Managing Director, Vinay Luthra said that abiding rules and regulations of CRZ has become a mere "ritual".

"CRZ has been a problem for tourism industry. The regulations are primarily aimed to conserve the environment.

But all these rules and regulations have become a ritual rather than following the actual spirit behind them," he claimed.

Gujarat government representative said the state has decided to give 14 beaches to private parties for upgrading it as tourist destinations while the state government will act like a facilitator.

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I think everyone in Goa will indentify with this story.It exists in all the villages.

Many of the so called "BOYS" that get used by these Political Thugs & Corrupts are usually uneducated or just unabititious.They think by associating with Politicians they somehow possess extra & suprenatural powers.

During one of my visits to Goa , I was pointed & told by a friend about these "boys."

In the UK we usually associate "RENT BOYS" as very young boys that provide sexual services to "GAY or "HOMOSEXUAL" men.They are paid to satisfy a "LUST".

Similarly these "RENT BOYS" of Goa, provide services to satisfy the lust of the Politicians.

I was told,while I was in Goa ,that if there is a dispute...people approach these "RENT BOYS" to help.The only reason they are approched is people beileve these "Boys" have influence with the Politicians and so can resolve disputes or ensure it goes infavour of them.

I am also sure if one questions these "RENT BOYS", about the Politician they are working for ,they will have a simplistic answer..."I am just a supporter".If probed further if it is ideological or finiancial pleasure they get out of it...again the answer is usually finiancial and also the patronage & power of the Politician that accompanies it.

- N.Fernandes, London | 17 th October 2010 16:09


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