Karnataka rebels fly to Chennai, courtesy "JDS flight"

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 09 October 2010 21:56 IST

Anand Asnotikar

The BJP has finally failed to woo its rebel MLAs of Karnataka. The rebels, who were camping in Goa for the last two days, have flown to Chennai tonight by a special flight arranged by the opposition Janata Dal Secular.

A real high political drama took place at Taj Exotica today evening. While local BJP MP Shripad Naik had claimed that they have arrived at amicable settlement over the political instability, around 10 JDS supported appeared on the scene and took away the rebel legislators.

Goa’s opposition leader and BJP MLA Manohar Parrikar later alleged that goons of JDS, in association with the local ruling Congress government, had kidnapped ‘their’ MLAs.

However, former minister Anand Asnotikar, one of the leading BJP rebels, came out of Dabolim air port to deny the kidnapping charges.

“We are not kids to get kidnapped by anybody. We are fed up of corrupt practices of Yedyurappa government and it is our conscious decision to withdraw our support”, he said.

Revenue Minister Renukacharya, who originally led the dissidents and now back in Chief Minister B S Yedyurappa camp, also admitted that "they (the dissidents) have struck a secret understanding with the JD(S)".

Another Karnataka BJP leader Ramesh Kotti alleged that the Congress-JDS leadership has offered Rs 25 crore each to the rebels to topple government.

Goa’s Congress chief minister Digambar Kamat however denied that they had any hand in striking any kind of deal with the rebel BJP MLAs. 

"We will win as we have the required number”, JD(S) leader and Lok Sabha MP N
Cheluvarayaswamy told the media at Dabolim airport.

He met the media while his party leader Zameer Ahmed and BJP dissident MLA H S Shankaralinge Gowda were present with him.

They also said that they would demand President’s rule if the BJP-led Yedyurappa government tried to get them disqualify, before the trust vote is taken on Monday.

Parrikar on the other hand alleged that the JDS is planning to keep them away from voting on Monday in order to avoid the rebels ultimately voting in favour of the BJP-led government. 

As claims and counter-claims continued the whole day at Taj Exotica as well as at the air port from both the camps, the established fact was that the BJP finally did not succeed in persuading the rebels while the JDS camp remained strong enough to weaken Yedyurappa.

In spite of this, none of the rebels however was prepared to commit that they would vote against the government on Monday. It appears the picture would be clear only tomorrow in Chennai.

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Previous Comments

Yesterday I had been at my friend's house.He was watching a news channel. The news was about the Karnataka crisis!

As soon as the spokesman of a National party opened his mouth to justify the shameful fighting, attack on Police Commissioner etc, my friend shouted a curse (which I can not quote here), and abruptly put off the TV.

I think this is a typical reaction of the common man to the degeneration in the politics in the country!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 12 th October 2010 09:12


Do we feel ashamed to call all this as part of a vibrant democracy?

The horse-trading and shameless bargain for power and money happening in all the states at almost regular intervals makes one think very seriously whether all this is an integral part of the democratic system we opted for!

The corruption demanded in almost every deal- is a black dot - for our reputation in International platforms!

The corrupt and criminals grabbing the power through the present democratic system makes it clear that the present system has been manipulated and degenerated enough so as to exploit it in all possible manner! When we see at such corrupt faces , do we still feel ashamed or have gone beyond this feeling?

Does all this mean that we have lost our character? That we have no regards for the values and ideologies?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 11 th October 2010 09:25


Someone of high stature in India's leadership had described India a something like "poor rich country".

25 cr. of people's money is not theiors to give and ultimately poor taxpayer will end up paying. If these elected representatives do monkeying from tree to tree perpetually to cling to the lucrative seats then where is the time to govern. Even a dictatorship or communism is better, because results are better and looting is done by a privileged few. Here everyone is privileged down to the peon or a sweeper in an office. And speaking of China they are irretrievably far ahead of us. America is afraid of China's growing power globally and we are bragging about a close to double digit growth in our economy. Hail to Indian democracy. During the 30's and 40's the Actors' Guild headed by Ronald Reagan,would have hounded me out of this country (only of this country was America ) for speaking for Communism.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 10 th October 2010 12:41


This is a good example of the level of degeneration in the present day politics! It appears none is ashamed while bargaining for underhand money to topple Governments!

These politicians while in power swindle public funds and indulge in all types of criminal activities and irregularities. The laws which apply to the common man dont apply to those rogues!

It is well known that one of these dissidents and Ex Minister has a multistory Luxury Resort built near the Kali river bridge at Kodibag Karwar flouting all the CRZ rules and regulations as this luxury resort is on the beach and by the side of the Kali river!

Are the CRZ not applicable to the corrupt politicians? Why is the investigation not carried out to find the truth and the culprit punished?

- james silva, margao | 10 th October 2010 09:19


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