Election conference to deliberate on unaccounted exp & paid news

PTI, PANAJI | 30 August 2010 10:14 IST

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is wary of blatant practices by some candidates who clandestinely break the upper spending ceiling during polls, a senior election officer said today.

"The election commission is concerned over unaccountable expenditure (by candidates)," ECI's Director General Akshay Rauth told reporters at a press conference here. 

He said the zonal conference of chief electoral officers of eleven states and Union territories scheduled on August 31 in Panaji will review the situation related to election expenditure. 

"The deliberations will also be made on how candidates should not be allowed to break the election expenditure (ceiling) clandestinely," he added. 

Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quereshi and Election Commissioner V S Sampat will be present at the conference that is also likely to discuss the phenomenon of paid news. 

"Media and political parties play significant role in the fair election practices. On June 8, chief electoral officers have been issued a set of guidelines. They have to do their best to deal with the problem," Rauth said. 

The efforts are on to ensure that everyone above 18 years be on the voters' list and participate in the voting, he said. 

"ECI is committed to have perfect electoral rolls," he said. The Election commission of India team which is in Goa will also host a diamond jubilee photo exhibition on Monday

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The Election Commission gets its teeth which are potent indeed, only briefly during electioneering Code of Conduct. So also an honest Indian who has been abroad and is back, is haunted by our Direct tax laws. These are like dogs on leash waiting for masters' bidding. Someone who has amassed wealth but belongs to the right group or a party is well protected. The moment he is seen as playing around a plethora of cases keep cropping up tomkeep him in place. Common people can see themeteoric rise in wealth and properties amassed by those people. Unless something tangible and shell-shocking is done what currently is being done could only be nibbling at the problem.

- ludovico, old-goa | 03 rd September 2010 12:37


The common man expects some concrete action from the Election Commission to restore some credibility in the system!

It is quite logical that the expenses incurred by the so called supporters/ friends of the candidates should be clubbed in the expenses of the candidates!

It is also logical that the multiplication of the Assets of the candidates while just few years in power too need to be investigated by an independent autonomous agency to dispel doubts about the methods employed by the representatives of the people to multiply their wealth while short time in power!

- Vishwas Prabhudesai, loliem | 01 st September 2010 11:08


The suggestion no. (2) can be turned into a very telling question. Why does not income department take cognizive action against these elected representatives when it can do so with a gadewala who used to sell pav bhaji near Don Bosco school a few years back? The poor guy was an honest man, happened to be from working class and had accumulated his savings with honesty, for which at least once I happened to be witness. If the obvious answer is true then nothing can be done with overspending in elections.

- Kalidas Sawkar, Panaji Goa | 31 st August 2010 18:10


I share the same view with vish and they even blackmail multinationals besides other corporates.

churchill and family have been generation funds from trawler owners, ramponkar and people operating do number danda.And also include minimum education atleast higher secondary rather than we watching the fools dance in the assembly.

- massimo, emqon | 31 st August 2010 18:05


There are two things which the election commission is expected to do bring some respectability to the democratic set-up!

1..Club all the money spent by the friends and well wishers of the candidate of the election expenses of the candidate as this money belongs to the candidate but spent in the name of the supporters!

2. Send a report to the CBI to investigate the exponential rise in the assets/wealth of the candidates while in power in a short time!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem-goa | 30 th August 2010 12:46


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