BJP to lure Christians in Goa

PTI, PANAJI | 22 August 2010 22:12 IST

BJP in Goa has decided to strike a chord with Christian religious leaders by having a direct interaction with them.

BJP's national secretary Arati Mehra, who is down in Goa, will meet priests at Fr Agnelo Ashram near here tomorrow, as an exercise to `wipe out misconceptions about the party amongst the minority community'.

"I will interact with Fr Joseph from Fr Agnelo Ashram. We will meet more Catholic leaders in the state in the days to come," Mehra told a news conference in Panaji.

She said if required BJP's national leader Nitin Gadkari may be invited to have a dialogue with the Christian community leaders.

"We can even interact with Archbishop, if we get his appointment," Mehra added.

"They (priests) have reacted positively and want to invite us in their assembly and interact with us," Mehra, former mayor of Delhi, said.

Goa will face Legislative Assembly elections in 2012.

Mehra said the party will gain majority seats in the state and provide good governance here after 2012 elections.

"People are fed up of the rampant corruption in the state. We want to provide them solace," she said.

After interaction with state BJP leaders, she said the voting from the catholic community needs to be increased by at least five to seven per cent in the state.

She said Congress has spread large-scale misconception about the party amongst minority community.

"We want to pass on the message that we are political party with ideology and nationalistic views. We are not anti minority," Mehra said.

The BJP leader said Modi government rule in Gujarat is a unique example how BJP is not indifferent towards minority.

"Narendra Modi has got elected from Muslim dominated constituencies often and even in his rule Muslims are part ofthe development," she added.

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Dont want your Gujarat example and its better to keep Narendra Modi out of your speeches in Goa, whole world know who is he and how he get elected.

- Lucas, bahrain | 24 th September 2010 14:47


@Nanvnam you will know how wrong you are just go through all the articles on the link


Also, remember the very true statement "religion is an opiate for the masses". This is especially true with the Abrahamic religions

You should read Richard Dawkins' book "Good delusion" also if you really want to get to the bottom of it watch the movie "Religulous"

- GoanInUS, USA | 02 nd September 2010 19:31


In my opinion:

1. Christianity has always upheld the supreme law of liberty. Its leaders know to honour political justice and liberty endowed by constitution of India to the community it leads.

2. Church in general Fr. Agnel Ashram particular has strived through education to enable people in Goa irrespective of its creed to understand their rights and not to be blindly led - may it be by its own religious leaders.

3. Church leaders, following Christ will know to honor and welcome all people irrespective of the party he/she belong.

- Nanvnam, Earth | 02 nd September 2010 10:01


@T Shirodkar

1) I think the larger context of my post is beyond your comprehension. So i will let it be.

2) I definitely do not remember nun rapes in gujarat, i do remember incidents in Orissa and Madhya Pradesh. In Orissa finally the case was hushed up because they could never prove that the nun was raped. In madhya pradesh after blaming "fanatic Hindus" it was realized that the christian tribals had indeed raped the nun and it was hushed up too.

3) I do not need a certificate from you to be a Goan also i never said i was speaking for all Goans. I am voicing my opinions. I have never personally attacked any of the posts ( until this post), i am just voicing my opinion. I have realized that everything related to BJP is given a baseless communal touch.

- GoanInUS, USA | 02 nd September 2010 09:42


@GoaninUS, I think you have lost your memory. There were four nuns raped in Gujarat by barging into the room. Just try to dig it out. It was before Narendra Modi. It looks like you were all the time near the their priests (our catholic brothers). Don't talk scrap without proof. The four nuns raped in Gujarat came on the news papers. You are not a Goan. Just talking in the name of Goans.

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 02 nd September 2010 00:03


@ Joe Rebello, The VHP and RSS have existed before BJP. So clear your misconception. Secondly, There were no nuns raped in Gujarat, just because it is ruled by BJP doesn't mean there were nuns raped there, this allegation is baseless

@ Marcel so you judge political parties based on how they allocate holiday? BJPs idea was great have staggered holiday, if you are a hindu then you dont need to take christmas off, or christians dont need to take ganapati time off.

Is the vatican ever going to apologise for atrocities committed by the Portuguese on people in colonies like Goa during the dark days of the Inquisition, and also for carrying out forcible conversions?? these nuns and evangelicals are carrying out the same mission this time they are just using the power of money to lure the extremely poor of india.

Also, doesn't the vatican need to get its house in order before they try and convert others to their faith, what is catholicism about today?? Child molesting priests and the pope trying to hide the fact, also if you want to read more about the priests in india read this

- GoanInUS, USA | 01 st September 2010 19:34


We have seen BJP last time where they try to cancel our festival holiday, who can trust them! We do not want BJP & Congress we will elect Independant or Regional parties candidate

- Marcel , Goa | 23 rd August 2010 23:52


keep religion out of politics if not, you'll BJP will face situations with dire consequences.

and christianity? they were responsible for wiping out the hindus from this territory. so stay put from christian religion and their preachers.

- namdev, goa | 23 rd August 2010 14:30


Arati Mehra - BJP

Good move to clear misconception of Goans and christians. about BJP party. BJP must see prior to select good candiadate for his party in Goa.

- Domnick, Goa | 23 rd August 2010 14:20


Keep away these BJP goons from the Christians communities / leaders, keep in mind the Orissa Massacre and the Mangalore killings. These BJP leaders and their fundamental associates are responsible for these gory crimes against christians!!!! We do not want the same to be repeated in GOA.

- Roger, Curtorium | 23 rd August 2010 11:42


It is not a miconception of BJP but a fact. Who gave rise to the VHP? Who gave rise to RSS?

None other than BJP. These two organisations are nothing but criminal organisations and above all communal discriminators. Who has been trying to destroying Christianity? Who killed the Nuns and priests? Who raped the Nuns in Gujarat and Orissa and at whose instance? It is none other than the VHP and RSS with a good support of BJP. Hope our sensible Church leaders drive away Arati Mehra.

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 23 rd August 2010 11:03


If any party desires to win majority in Goan politics, it has to take all people with it irrespective of their religion , cast or creed!

- vishwas Prabhudesai, loliem | 23 rd August 2010 09:54


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