Don't fall for women's reservation: Digambar

GOANEWS & PTI, PANAJI | 23 May 2010 12:56 IST

Chief minister Digamber Kamat yesterday appealed to women to stay away from politics and not to fall prey for 33 per cent reservation and enter into active politics.

"If womenfolk start chasing politics, then it will have negative impact on the society," Kamat told hundreds of women who had gathered a one-day women's conference organised by Institute Menezes Braganza.

The Congress chief minister's statement came as a surprise and contrary to United Progressive Alliance (UPA) policy of encouraging women in politics by offering them 33 per cent reservations in Lok Sabha and Assembly seats.

"Don't fall for 33 per cent reservation. Politics makes you mad. Women play important role in transforming the society. We should look after our next generation," Kamat said.

Noted film actor Varsha Usgaonkar was also present on the dais along with chief minister for the women's convention organized by Institute Menezes Braganza. 

The chief minister recently found himself amidst controversy after he refused to meet a women's delegation, which had sparked violent protest near secretariat.

Addressing a press conference, women had claimed that the chief minister had told them that he is not dependent on their votes. The villagers' group had then announced not to vote for the Congress in the next elections.

Contrary to CM's appeal, the debate held later on strongly appealed to the womenfolk to enter into active politics by taking fullest advantage of 33 per cent reservation and finish the hegemony of menfolk. 



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Mr. Viswhas my friend, I don’t think that day will ever come again in Goa and in the lives of Goans. Goans have already become just like these dirt bags - the politicians. They have learnt to take a meager amount to cast their votes to the one who pays them. These dirt bags have created dirt sacks of our Goans. They have taught the people (Voters) to be corrupt. Hence this cycle will never end and our Goans will never unite to kick these dirt bags out. – Menino (Valpoi/UK)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 25 th May 2010 21:19


Baba Peter! I am not a personal friend of Victoria Mami and I never supported her cause. All I said and want to say is…….In Goa with Congress in power, Goan women do not have right place in assembly. They been given leftovers and clear example was and is….of Victoria Fernandes. You think the sons and daughters of some present ruling ministers brought big name to Goa? Aren’t their Sons involved in major crimes in Goa? Are they not congress men in ruling government selected by same CM as good people? Please do not try to bottle-feed us now with your sober tales. Its not about Rudolf ruling but it about the heavy weight get the ministerial berth. And hey I am not writing this to you to ague but, let's talk reality.

- Savio dias, Goa | 25 th May 2010 20:27


Everybody knows that some votes are always purchased by distributing money/liquor/gifts etc at the time of elections! Some are purchased by awarding contracts for works and the beneficiaries are allowed to loot money from the public exchequer! Some are purchased by communal propaganda and appealing to religious sentiments, some votes are purchased by giving out lucrative posts to undeserving chamchas who are seen behaving like faithful dogs of the political masters. When will the day come when the voters will exercise their votes based on pure merit and capability of the candidates?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 25 th May 2010 08:59


Nilesh has made a very good point..

As for savio . One side you say men and woman are equal and on the other side you want Mami to be made minister just because she is a woman .. If Mami wants to be minister to develop her constituency then she can do it even as an mla. I guess everyone knows why Mami wants to be minister.. So that her son Rudolph can rule..I don't say other ministers are good but just wanted to make a point as to why Mami was hell bent on becoming a minister that she went on fast and even joined hands with her once arch rival babush ..

- Peter dsousa, Margao | 24 th May 2010 21:09


Goan women are first shameless to invite, Goa’s CM Digamber kamat for their function as the lone women Ms Victoria Fernandes alias Mami, never got ministerial berth even after she sat for four-day hunger strike. All men and women from all over Goa always pledged to fight the injustice meted out to women by the congress but last minute the same politicians are elected by the same people who out on street after election to fight for justice of their own. As of Peter d Souza, Your CM is always right that is why there are agitations all over Goa, while guys like you are busy prasing him. But do join us once u get a kick.

- Savio dias, Goa | 24 th May 2010 20:32


Is there a need of Women's Reservation Bill ?

In my opinion there is no need of it because in this modern world any woman who is capable to do so will do at any cost . They can walk with men shoulder to shoulder in any field may it be politics or business.

If this resevation comes to existance then may be it will be misuse by some so called men and the women will remain the only rubber stamp.

- Nilesh Shetgaonkar, Morjim | 24 th May 2010 11:19


My wife and daughter were present at this event and they say that Kamat has been misquoted by pti.

The reporters have just taken parts of the quote. They should either print the entire speech or get clarification from Kamat before arriving at conclusions themselves.. This is some systematic tactic to malign kamat's image . Also Kamat has strongly denied that he said that he does not need votes to the women activists.. These village groups should respond to that . Also the officers and other people present in secretariat say that Kamat never said such things.. Then why did these so called activists twist it all .. This is not good for the future of goa.. If NGOs and activists themselves start lieing then we are going in an wrong direction ..reporter folks please get your article data clarified before printing it .. As it might just malign the image of one of the very few good people we have left in goan politics..

- Peter dsousa, Margao | 23 rd May 2010 22:47


Hope CM has sought Soniaji's permission before saying this.

- Anand Pandit, Pednem | 23 rd May 2010 19:01


It is a general feeling that with more women entering politics, may be the corruption level could decrease? In general the women are more affectionate, they are more considerate, they are more loving., they are more compassionate and may be they have greater dignity which could make them less corrupt? The need of the hour is to put a full stop to growing corruption at every level which could ultimately result into collapse of the whole system?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 23 rd May 2010 17:44


Mr. Digambara, are you SANE or INSANE. Please clarify us first or are you the rubber stamp of CONGRESS PARTY. Do you have any advisers? if not HIRE US. Your are like 33/11 KVA Transformer without frequency and how can you power to impress the 33 women reservations? Women are equal in all rights and they deserve 100% backing from us and we will give it to them. You remain isolated nor do the Goan needs your presence. Please GIVE UP or RETIRE without pension and we will have no tension. Are you a part of Taliban fundamentalist regime?

- Emediavoices, Goa | 23 rd May 2010 15:57


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