Baba Ramdev wants death penalty for corruption

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 30 April 2010 21:53 IST

Baba Ramdev

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has demanded that corrupt people should be dealt with nothing less than death penalty.

To minimise corruption, he has also demanded that currency notes of Rs 500 and above be withdrawn.

Baba Ramdev plans to launch Bharat Swabhiman - a new political party - from Goa.

During his five-day visit to Goa, Baba plans to float his party by holding a four-day Yoga Shibir, beginning from tomorrow at Farmagudi in Ponda.

"Corruption is the biggest problem of this nation and it should be dealt with strictest measures," he said while addressing a press conference in Panaji today evening.

Baba once again clarified that his party has no intention of contesting Assembly elections, but only Lok Sabha elections.

"I do not have any ambition to be the Prime Minister or the President of India. I will never actively participate in politics", he claimed.

Explaining his motive behing floating a political party, he said: "millions of people have posed faith in me. It is my duty to give right direction to their aspirations. That's what I am doing."

Baba will visit some villages in Goa and will make efforts to make them ideal villages in the country.

Thousands of people across Goa are expected to particiapate in the yoga camp. Arrangements have been made to get people even from even remote places like Canacona. The bus from Canacona will leave at 3 am to attend the 5 am 'shibir'.

Baba even advised pot bellied jounalists to attend his camp to attain shape.

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Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Thank you for supplying this info.

- Carlo, DYOL | 19 th August 2014 21:13


The answer to all these problems about regionalism is very straight and simple.

People relocating from the other states to, for example, Goa need to follow the real Goan (NOT portugese) lifestyle.

People relocating from other states need to be responsible, friendly, well mannered, peace loving, intelligent and social.

Everyone staying in the region should have a priority of preserving nature.

People with illegal intentions should be reported to the hands of law.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: To solve this problem the solution is "Intelligence & education", One who has it would never shout about it.

People please respect the region and the regional virtues.

GOA is beautiful, enjoy your share of it & let others enjoy their share!

- Adwait, Goa | 01 st September 2010 16:24


The fact that this discussion is taking place in English (Renuka & Jamshed) is funny. Is it the Aryan language that you write in or Dravidian ??? ... I am an Indian Goan and am proud of being both. I was born and brought up in Bombay - not Mumbai and am proud of that as well. If each state lost a little bit of it's culture from the past eg. Delhi it's Mughal influence, Hyderabad it's 'Nawabness' and so many others , how then could we enjoy this beautiful diverse country. Even you have to admit that a fabric woven with different coloured threads is more beautiful and a meal made up of different dishes is tastier. Goans do not want to be isolated from India - we just want to hold on to what makes us Goan. Just like the Maharashtrian, Gujrati, Sindhi, Parsi or other. The country belongs to us - we are India not the soil or property.

- Indian Born, India | 04 th July 2010 06:02


I've been reading various notings by various bloggers and although I'm Goan Catholic myself, I feel, the ganging up against Gogate, Renuka and others by some bloggers, is grossly incorrect. In fact, I don't see anything wrong with their stand of calling ourselves Indians first and then Goan. Though Goa was a Portuguese colony, there's no dispute that it forms a part of mainland India and had a rich culture even before the advent of the Portuguese. So, it rankles me that most Goans here abhor calling themselves Indian. Me being a Goan Catholic doesn't stop me from getting misty eyed when our national anthem is being played at public fora; I'm shocked how others from my own community don't feel this way.

Regarding non-Goans coming into our state, I feel that just as we Goans can go anywhere across the country, take up jobs, build houses, buy properties, don't other countrymen have the liberty of doing the same in Goa? If we live with such a closetted mentality, I'm sorry, we can never progress.

- Alistair Pinto, Porvorim | 03 rd July 2010 11:26


Menino calls Baba Ramdev a "dhongi" baba - what is that supposed to mean? Without understanding a thing of what he teaches, without attending any of his sessions, how did Menino deduce that Baba Ramdev is an imposter or a "dhongi".

Krishnan, I attribute your non-comprehension of Menino's statement to your feeble knowledge of Hindi perhaps.

@Neutral Indian: Leave the "Indians" in peace you write but that's precisely the point - who's Indian here? People like Menino, D'Sa, Rebello, Reuben, Gracias, etc. abhor clubbing themselves with "Indians", so which Indians are you referring to Neutral?

PS: Regarding quitting this blog, I've already made my stand clear, so all you guys who wish me out of here, can go for a walk.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 03 rd July 2010 01:10


Jamshed, read those comments well and see what it means. It means that once Ramdev forms a political party will he not be a politician? His character after that will change and he too will be corrupt and that is when he forms the party and joins politics. You are not sensible to understand anything.

- R. Krishnan, Ernakulam | 02 nd July 2010 22:18


Even his own parsi community is against this Jamshed and don't like his behaviour and comments. So Jamshed why don't you just quit and leave the rest of the Indians in peace.

- Neutral Indian, New Delhi | 02 nd July 2010 22:11


Joe, when you can criticize Baba Ramdev, why can't the Pope be discussed? And by conveniently saying he can't be discussed, you can't sweep the issue of sodomy in the Vatican, under the carpet. However, I find it shocking that none of you has the courage to admit that yes, the Pope should have condemned the sodomy episode.

Here's what Menino's written about Baba Ramdev,

"What a deception in the name of doing away with corruption! I fully agree with Mr. Kalidas & Mr. Chris. All that we need now is a godman to start more rubbish. Goans do not get deceived by sis hypocrisy. He is trying to make hay while the sun shines. Has anybody ever heard that corruption was done away by forming another political party? It is this so called guru's trick to start another new revolution of corruption and that too by using God. Poor God! Even God must be sick of such guys. GOANS, BE CAREFUL FROM SUCH DHONGI BABAS AND GURUS".

If this is not speaking about Baba Ramdev in a derogatory manner, what is? Is this sensible writing according to Rebello? Does he know what services Baba Ramdev renders to the community? And he's not like selfish people who serves humanity in a bid to increase numbers and convert to his faith.

Rollington, since when did you come to represent the entire Parsi community? Instead I feel ashamed of Parsis like you who openly side with those who chest-thump themselves as anti-Indian. Personally, I care two hoots about people like you.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 02 nd July 2010 21:07


Jamshed you are a shame to our Parsi community. You are not worth calling Indian. We the parsi community are feeling embarrassed of you. Learn to quit when you are wrong. Don’t disgrace our community further.

- Ratan Rollington, Mumbai | 02 nd July 2010 15:04


Jamshed the Pope is not for you to discuss. Instead let us start by checking on ZOARESTER. You think everybody is after you and your gang. Now you are trying to drag Menino also into this again. He is writing sensibly and only when necessary.

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 02 nd July 2010 14:59


Who are you to "force" me to quit the blog? You aren't the administrator of this blog so keep your advice to yourself. As far as Menino is concerned, he seems to have a problem with everyone. First he got along infamously with Parag, then Renuka, then Amardeep and it seems I'm in his cross hairs.

All these who first ridiculed Baba Ramdev and then Parag, Renuka, Amardeep, etc. have no guts to respond to the question put by some of the bloggers against Pope Ratzinger and his stand on sodomy. These people have conveniently bypassed that question and made us targets.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 02 nd July 2010 13:36


All Goans, who've vowed not to sell an inch of their land to outsiders, can eat their hearts out. As I write this, there are 4 mega projects coming up in Goa:

1) Akar Habitat, Aquem, Margao

2) Akar Gardens, Aquem, Margao

3) Akar Harmony, Shirvodem-Navelim

4) Akar Heights, Sancoale

So, Rajesh Desai, Joe Rebello, Reuben & Co, who were willing to take on anyone and prevent any non-Goan from landing on Goan soil, why don't you do something about it than just roaring on this blog like paper tigers?

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 02 nd July 2010 09:07


No Gogate I said KASHMIR and meant Kashmir. I think I have not committed any spelling mistakes that you are trying to change my word from Kashmir to Mumbai. I have written very neatly and clearly. We are not going to let our Goa be like Mumbai. We would rather turn it into a present Kashmir or live in peace. Depending on................

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 02 nd July 2010 02:34


Hi folks! Please stop and ignore this man Jamshed. Leave him to himself. My email ID for clean conversions : [email protected] I have my blogger site at the following IP address This is a temporary one. Still I’ll be on this blog of Goa News but only for those guys who have understanding, are sensible, polite and civilized speakers. Thanks – Menino

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 01 st July 2010 23:42


Jamshed will you stop it? When somebody is forced by so many people that person should know to quit. As for me I would have quit in shame. I feel ashamed of such insults to quit the blog. What are you made of? You don't seem to use or have little bit of sense in you. You are saying that your tail is red. When so many people say you are wrong why do you insist on sticking to this blog? There is a saying in our Konkani language **Munxeak Utor Gorvak Daiem** which means for a human being a word is enough but for a bull only the yoke. I feel sorry for you at times. You must be sweating fighting with all these people from far and wide.

- Lily Gracias, Panjim | 01 st July 2010 23:34


How can the smallest state of India, Goa be compared to the rest of the states? The GDP is not a measure of the prosperity/standard of living of the state. The cost of living, the literacy rates, the average rates of income and the amount of population living below the poverty line is a better measure of a state's ranking in terms of the nation.

All its towns and villages are fully electrified with proper road access. Goa is India's richest state with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country as a whole. It was ranked the best placed state by the Eleventh Finance Commission for its infrastructure and ranked on top for the best quality of life in India by the National Commission on Population based on the 12 Indicators.

Chandigarh tops the list having per capita income of Rs 1,10676 closely followed by Goa at Rs 1,05,582. The literacy rate of Goa is over 82%. While 26% of all Indians live in a life poverty, the figure for Goa is less than 10%. This number was less then 4% fifteen years ago but its increase has been attributed to immigration of a predominantly migrant workforce to work on its booming construction industry. ->all this info from "" i sincerely don't know what Renuka was quoting, i'll bet that she is gonna say that this info is doctored.. :D

In the last ten years, affluent Indians and foreigners have started buying “second homes” in the state, fueling a real estate boom. Flat prices rose from Rs. 800 per sq. ft. to over Rs. 8,000 even in far-off places within just five years. The result? While initially the locals prospered by selling their lands, the ill-effects followed soon.

Goa has become a hotbed of conflict with about 40 of the 189 villages always on the boil at any point of time due to various issues including new construction encroaching on forest or agriculture land and swimming pools of the rich outsiders consuming water meant for locals.

Worse, basic amenities like hygiene, shelter and water is going out of reach for the locals and diverted towards real estate projects. Now over 40% of the population are not native to the state, the highest ratio in India. There is brewing resentment against these 'outsiders' which can erupt into violence at any given time. -> this from Forbes India magazine of Mar 2010

Why is there a talk of turning Goa into a Mumbai? If your hometown is blessed with natural beauty, would you allow someone to bulldoze a part of it to setup a housing colony/hotel?

- Shankar Swamichandran, Hyderabad | 01 st July 2010 21:53


Which Finance Minister, which chief minister, which newspapers and when? All these questions will remain unanswered and conveniently without any reference. And to your contention, Ahmed Bashir has already given the example of Mumbai, whose contribution is thousands of times of that of Goa and percentage returns much lower than its respective input. He's also given examples of other states, so what is Silva cribbing about?

Shyam, facts are given with solid references. General utterances generated by an angered mind have no basis. But if only you could understand.

Krishnan, if you had "owned" this blog, probably I would have vanished from the scene. But thankfully, I live in a democratic country not ruled by one-track minded people like you, so you can't wish me away.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 01 st July 2010 20:27


Shirodkar - you are the only voice of reason but the only change in your statement is that Goa will become another Mumbai and not Kashmir. All this is a part of evolution - whether one likes it or not, change and modernity are inevitable. We live in an age of laptops, mobiles and robots and try as hard as we can, we can never get back into the age of telex and typewriters. Goans shouldn't live in a time warp and accept change with open arms. Its strange that Raj Thackeray's stance is gaining acceptibility from Goans. When he did that initially, he was hounded and lambasted by one and all; one UP-ite even came to Mumbai with the intention of getting rid of him. Indeed, strange is public opinion.

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 01 st July 2010 18:26


What is this stubborn and adamant fellow jemshed doing on this blog still? He is only distorting the facts.

- R. Krishnan, Ernakulam | 01 st July 2010 17:45


Jamshed you know to twist topics to your convienence

When will you learn to accept facts?

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 01 st July 2010 17:39


Mr. Jamshed Nariman, you are ignorant of the facts as to how much Goa gives to Center and what center gives to Goa in return.Goa receives back from Center, less than one sixth part of the revenue it gives to the Center.This was pointed out to the then Finance Minister, he told the Chief Minister that the father has to take care of his poor kids by taking out resources from the rich.This public utterance of the Finance Minister was flashed in all the newspapers and other media then! So please dont distort the facts and figures and make wrong and false statements to mislead others!

- james silva, margao | 01 st July 2010 16:24


Agnelo talks about we commenting on Pakistan but forgets that this is and this blog is Goa centric. Secondly, J&K has been accorded special status which Goa has not, so where's the comparison? Due to this special status, my friend, no one can buy property in J&K, which again is not the case with Goa.

You talk of Goan revenue as if it forms a huge chunk of the national exchequer. Either you are misinformed or being plain funny. As Renuka rightly pointed out in one of her earlier notes that Goa languishes at 24th position in GDP. Had it generated the kind of revenue that M/s. Fernandes & Silva proclaim it does, why should it have been at that slot? Why doesn't Fernandes answer Bashir - when Mumbai's IT accounts to almost 65% of the national collection and Mumbaikars are not complaining, why should the Goans react claiming Goa is being looted, etc when its revenues are hardly a drop in the ocean?

Why should the Govt. of India sever diplomatic ties with UK and Portugal? India even has diplomatic ties with Pakistan, which is the foremost perpetrator of terrorism in India, then why not with Portugal and UK? Fernandes should understand that you can't hang Paul for the crimes committed by Peter.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 01 st July 2010 15:53


Ahmed Bashir, when that day comes according to your below comments looks like Goa is going to turn into another Kashmir. And believe me from the looks of it that day is not very far. Raj Thakerey is doing the right thing in Mumbai.

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 01 st July 2010 15:26


Goa has been looted systematically James. This Bhaskar and Ahmed Bashir talk like our state is borrowing from other states when in fact all the Income like you said has been looted from Goa. Secondly more than half the KASHMIR is captured by Pakistan. The remaining part of KASHIMIR is fighting for independence from India. Why doesn’t Renuka, gogate and basher ahmed do something about it. Renuka and Namita talks about India being super power. Crores and crores of rupees are spent on the fighting in Kashmir. Is not part of that money from the Goan revenue? These anti Goans are trying to bully Goans whereas they have no guts to go to Kashmir where they will be slaughtered at the slightest wrong word.

Remember that every Goan has the right to think the way he or she wants and if the majority of the Goans are pro – Portuguese then I don’t think that Renuka and others can do anything about it physically other than use impolite and uncivilized words against the Goans asking them to go to Portugual or UK etc. Even the Indian government has established diplomatic and good relations with Portugal, Great Britain etc. So I think that Renuka should ask the Indian Government to cut off the diplomatic relations with these countries and then draw a map plan to evict those Goans who are pro Portuguese. Namita can buy lots of properties in Kashmir and she’ll get cheap also there.

- Agnelo Fernandes, Assnora | 01 st July 2010 13:16


Why It is not that the central Govt is giving subsidy to Goa. Infact the central Govt is earning more than ten thousands of crores every year through various taxes like, excise, customs, income tax, sales tax, and it is earning more than this amount foreign exchange through export of minerals, more than three thousand crores by way of foreign remittances by NRIs and Goans working abroad, and also foreign exchange by way of the tourists that come here every year.

And what does the central Govt. give Goa back? It is less than two thousand crores of subsidy! Is this not looting the resources from Goa and Goans?

- James Silva, Margao | 01 st July 2010 10:21


What Bashir has written is absolutely correct. He has summed up the whole argument by exhorting us Goans to be more magnanimous and accommodating. If Goa has reaped benefits from money emanating from other states, what moral right do we Goans have to prevent or resent countrymen from other states to come to Goa? A narrow mindset shall only do us more harm in the long run.

- Bhasker Salgaocar, Mapusa | 01 st July 2010 02:27


My dear Goans and other sensible persons on this blog, please keep silent and do not reply to Renuka, Gogate, Ahmed Bashir and their likes. Because these people will not see sense as they are out to destroy the harmony and peace of us all. IGNORE THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL. Don't pay any attention to them. You right Goa is not the same Goa that I had seen twenty five years back. It is FROM GOOD TO BAD TO WORSE" and I think the worst is yet to come. Take my advice and pay no heed to the heretics as the saying goes.

- Neutral Indian, New Delhi | 30 th June 2010 22:52


Full marks to Bashir for such a lucid explanation. Indeed, Goans should rise above mediocrity and be all-encompassing.

- Sanjiv Bansal, Noida | 30 th June 2010 22:49


Maharashtra is dominated by Gujarati, Marwadi, Sindhi, Parsi and Punjabi business communities. Bihar's natural wealth is being used by non-Bihari business magnates, ditto for Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Chattisgarh. All the wealth generated from these states is used for the benefit of all Indians. 65% of India's income tax comes from Mumbai and this is being channelised for national welfare schemes including those in Goa. Should then the Mumbaikars say that don't spend our money for welfare schemes in Goa? This is a very narrow mindset - Goans should realise that they are Indians first and then Goans.

- Ahmed Bashir, Tirupur, TN | 30 th June 2010 20:58


If Goans have so much antipathy towards non Goans, why don't they ask the numerous Goans settled in Mumbai and all across India to leave those places and return back to Goa?

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 30 th June 2010 19:55


When the constitution of my country gives me the right to settle anywhere, who are the likes of Rameshwari and others to tutor us what we need to do? Those non-Goans living in Goa ARE NOT obliged to follow their way of time - they can follow their own customs.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 30 th June 2010 19:48


Dear Renuka, for your kind information I am not here to make oman my place. One I shall come back to my country and to my STATE and not go to some other state.

- Rameshwari Chatala, Sultanate of Oman | 30 th June 2010 18:47


Rajesh, I'm impressed with your bravado. Where was it when non-Goans bought humongous tracts of land in Goa? Already, my friend, the damage has been done and even now new hotels and resorts (belonging to non-Goans) are coming up and regretably, none of you can do anything about it. I really appreciate your love for your land; if your ancestors had the same centuries ago, Goa wouldn't have been ruled by foreigners.

PS: Rameshwari, I love your "leave Goa to the Goans" slogan. Wish you inculcate the same sensibility and leave Oman for the Omanis.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 30 th June 2010 13:37


Renuka Sahay, Namita Dhillon, Jamshed Nariman, Parag Gogate (the main perpetrator) should be unheard of. These are the characters who spoil the name of India and disrupt the unity of its citizens. The Goans are very right. See the state of Goa. It was called “ROME OF THE EAST” in the ancient times and today it is not worth calling even a “CITY OF THE CIVILIZATION” the beggars, robbers, etc are all non Goans. I have been there and twice my things were stolen but not by the local Goans. Leave the Goans alone and their Goa for them. If they love the Portuguese then there must be a reason. Don’t rely totally on the Freedom fighters of Goa.

- Rameshwari Chatala, Sultanate of Oman | 30 th June 2010 04:00


Namita your try your websites and come to Goa to buy land. Mind your words “You and your friends can sleep through your Utopia till people like us just run rampant and firmly plant our standards on Goan soil.” I assure you that you will never go back from Goa. I am here to take care of you. You and jamshed and renuka do not know us CUNCOLIENCARS very well. I am fed up of hearing all your rubbish talk. Try to buy land here and I shall see how your are going to challenge us the Goans on that. I’ll take care of you. I CHALLENGE YOU IF YOU HAVE GUTS COME TO GOA AND SHOW THAT IT IS YOU NAMITA HAS BOUGHT A PROPERTY IN GOA.

- Rajesh Desai, Cuncolim | 30 th June 2010 03:44


Frankly Swamichandran, at the end of the day, whether you like it or not, Goa is bound to go under the hammer much like Mumbai because economics far outweighs silly sentiments. You may wish all the evil you can, but no one can stop us from coming to Goa - its as much India as Delhi.

Prasad, you say you wouldn't have tolerated such people coming into your state - pray tell me what would you have done and what can you possibly do? The law of the land permits me to go anywhere within the Union of India, reside there or buy property, work, run a business, etc. So, smell the coffee guys - like it or not Goa is going to go the Mumbai way - your jejune hopes notwithstanding.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 29 th June 2010 20:07


Dear Mr. Shankar Swamichandran, what you have written is right. Usually my nature is not like this. I was provoked right in the beginning by one Gogate by calling lier etc. Then Renuka and the others started all this calling names and calling Goans anti-Indian etc. But they failed to understand that it was they who were inciting and provoking in us saying so. It seems to me you are a respectful person and as such I agree with your talk. This is the way the comments have to be discussed. I only cut out the corrupt and wrong politicians and the likes of them.Thank you – Menino (Valpoi

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 29 th June 2010 20:05


A friend of mine referred me to this interesting discussion and going through it from bottom upwards i can see that there are some people who are deliberately distorting facts to suit their purposes. I suggest that they first go to the toilet and clean their mouths with soap for all the lies that they have been telling about India. Jamshed Nariman, Parag Gogate, Namita Dhillon and the very irritating Renuka Sahay are not doing it in a very decent manner. Most of the ill will in this commentary is directed sorely towards them and they are deliberately extrapolating it to include their religions and the entire country. They are being anti-Indian by creating a communal divide. The others like Menino G. P. T. Fernandes, Alok, Joe Rebello, Jane De Sa, Reuben, Amarjeet Singh Babbar, Shyam Sawant etc. should learn the meaning of discretion. I agree i'm not exactly being discreet here and I usually don't respond to blogs but I felt like I had to have a say here.

- Shankar Swamichandran, Hyderabad | 29 th June 2010 18:13


Its incredible how idiotic renuka,jamshed and namita are! They are obviously trying to incite hatred and prove they are oversmart. But they don't know the reality in Goa. Our family regularly goes to Goa on holidays and I can vouch for the fact that its has changed for the worse..all garbage and beggars and power cuts and burglary and ugly buildings...because foreigners and indians are immigrating there like its the last place on the planet. There are a lot of indians who have migrated there and they are very rude to to tourists. The real Goans are very hospitable and kind but the others who the natives call "ghantis" are the total opposite. I could never have tolerated someone coming and ruining my state like that. I've read that blog entry from reuben and most of it is true. It seems to have been written on personal experience and can be considered more factual unlike wikipedia which can be edited by anyone anytime and is totally unreliable. I believe that our country has unity in our diversity. Our states are having such different people and different culture but we are still joined as one country. We should learn to live within ourselves and learn to give the personal space to others. It will be sad if Goa becomes like another Mumbai with its concrete buildings and open hatred for immigrants.

- K. Prasad , Udaipur | 29 th June 2010 17:33


What an utter disgust. This Jamshed does not seem to give in. Talking all wrong things on this blog does not make you a righteous. You please stop your out of way talk. You are wrong. The editor should stop publishing the comments of Jamshed, Renuka and also Namita. These people are only going round the round-a-bout and never coming to a right point.

- Kadar Muhammed, Navi Mumbai | 29 th June 2010 16:22


Shyam, your reaction as well as those of other anti-Indian Goans are those bordering on the desperate. If properties weren't available through the websites, wouldn't they have closed down? Besides these websites, there are hundreds of real estate brokers too who are more than willing to help. You and your friends can sleep through your Utopia till people like us just run rampant and firmly plant our standards on Goan soil. This would be a colonisation of a different kind and since you and your ilk are so faithful to your colonial masters, I'm sure we would receive a similar treatment from you.

- Namita Dhillon, New Delhi | 29 th June 2010 15:54


Like Joe Rebello said, Namita should stop day dreaming and sit with those websites at home. We the Goans have now already put in our minds not to sell our properties to outsiders. You can try to buy through the websites and let us see who sells you our properties. This is for Namita and Renuka. We have realised that the outsiders are trying to take over our land and our properties but this time NO! chance for you. Try your luck in Other states of India and you will just disappear. You can only bully Goans and Goa.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 29 th June 2010 14:50


Ok Krishnan, we are spoiling the unity of the country, are we and not those who don't wish to call themselves Indians and resist any influx of their countrymen in Goa? Agarwal, hospitality and loyalty don't go hand in hand. Just because you find some hospitable doesn't mean they are loyal to their motherland and the comments of many a "hospitable" Goan is here on the blog for everyone to see.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 29 th June 2010 13:32


Dear friends,

There has been war of words going back and forth and it is increasing and getting nasty.

My only wish for you all is be happy with who you are and what you are and love your country as your own.

India has being recognised as a superpower world wide is because all of you have contributed to it glory from all states..

Lets us all of all creeds , caste continue to make this country a success.

To those who pick on other community , I suggest please stop as this will not solve or go anywhere but will get worse.

To the outside world we all look the same and they will call us Indian. So please all of you embrace each other and respect one another and be just friends.

- ALOK, Pune | 29 th June 2010 01:32


From What I have observed in this blog is that there are two disgusting persons Renuka and jemshed. Spoiling the unity of the country both of you.

- R. Krishnan, Ernakulam | 29 th June 2010 01:14


Let me tell you very clearly. The Native Goans are really nice and lovely people. Very Hospitable and kind. They don’t abuse you when you are in their midst. It is the people like Renuka and Jamshed who provoke them all the time. Twisting and turning the subjects when they are trapped and cause all the Goans on the blog to be Anti-Indian. These people do not even know the history of India or of Goa and are simply wagging their tails. Shame on both of you for causing disharmony. So many people gave you proper and sensible answers yet you twist every answer and question praising your own selves. You two are not worth calling Indians.

- Shirish Agarwal, Safdarjung - Delhi | 29 th June 2010 01:11


Joe Rebello, this is for you only. Please check the following websites:

1) goa .com

2) sale in Goa through leading estate agents. www.finda property .com/searchresults.aspx?... sale rent=0

3) www.


5) www.hotpropertiesgoa .com

There are hundred of other websites like these which include sale of heritage Portuguese properties. So obviously, its a game of "paisa feko tamasha dekho". Your patriotic call to prevent sale of Goan properties is nothing but childish.

- Namita Dhillon, New Delhi | 29 th June 2010 00:47


Sorry to bust your reverie Reuben but I'm sorry there's precious little you can do constitutionally to prevent other Indians to live and buy property in Goa. This can only happen if Goans decide not to sell off their properties but that's not going to be the case as their debauched lifestyle will need money for upkeep and considering their lazy attitude, the best way for them to do so would be to dispose off their properties.

State with a high standard of living you mentioned - another hearty joke. Goa ranks 24th in GDP in Indian states, with Maharashtra topping the list. Refer to and wake up from your dream. Your reference link is useless and baseless because its just a blog like this one and only based on personal opinions; its not a database like Wikipedia which could be relied upon.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 29 th June 2010 00:32


Oh yes we do have a right to protect our own cultural heritage by putting a cap on immigration. Presently the migrant population is about 40% of the total people of Goa and steadily rising. No other state in the country has faced this overwhelming immigration and suppression of its population.

Goa joined the union territory of India in 1961; more than 10 years after the formulation of the Constitution and missed two five-year economic development plans. They had no say in providing clauses for the protection of the cultural and historical rights of its indigenous population. The Constitution of India under Part XXI provides for temporary, transitional and special provisions to be made by Parliament with respect to certain states. Within this Part a provision under Article 371 has states like Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland etc issue statutes for regulating/restricting ownership and transfer of land with respect to sale of land to non-residents/foreigners. There are similar provisions that empower states to protect their identities under Article 19-D of the Constitution. Why should Goa not enforce such laws as our ancestral homes are being demolished to create multi-stories monstrosities to house non-Goan families? Non-Goans now have a firm grip on the burgeoning real estate market. It’s a sad day when the son’s of the soil have to pay outsiders for a share of their motherland.

You have not experienced the true culture of Goa. All you have seen is a media fueled distortion of facts and patented Bollywood stereotypes that are an insult to our culture. So I do not expect you to understand sitting all the way there in your stuffy apartments crawling the web for information about Goa to suit your petty mindsets. I mean judging from your states of origin I can understand why you are having "pipe-dreams" about settling in Goa. Looking forlornly towards a state with a higher standard of living than yours is only going to help satisfy your cravings for a moment but working hard there and offering a better future for your people is what is going to keep you happier in the longer run.

While i'm at that topic, you might as well check the following link:-

For the record let it be known that i'm a resident Goan in my early twenties and am working with an NGO trying to reform our corrupt political system. I'm signing off now and leaving you to your petty squabbles. Coz when everything is done and dusted, y'all have a lot of soul-searching to do..

- Reuben, Goa | 28 th June 2010 18:44


Thanks Renuka for putting things in perspective - only a conscience-driven fellow Indian would understand another and not ungrateful people who are only driven by ingratitude and material benefits.

John, this is your reply: UK, Portugal and France have long looted our treasures and stripped us to the bone. Besides, our rishis and sadhus and given "zero" and numerolgy (called Hindu Arabic numbers) to the rest of the world without which so much progress couldn't have been made (especially the computer industry in which the binary language is so vital). So, I guess, this aid is a kind of atonement of their sins perpetrated on us, the loot that they committed and royalty for having used our technology to progress. Nothing wrong with that, isn't it? At least they are being aware of what they've done in the past, instead of some of my fellow Indians who can only criticize the motherland.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 28 th June 2010 16:34


Not only are you ungrateful Jane, you also don't know your history. Hinduism is a confluence of both Aryan and Dravidian influences and going by that, even if Dravidians were the original inhabitants of India, it means Hindus were. The Dravidians who you see now (omitting those who switched their faiths either by coercion or inducements) all follow Hindu rites, so your silly question gets answered automatically.

Yes, Jamshed's ancestors were driven out from Iran but at least he's loyal to the country of his birth, not like those ungrateful wretches who were born here but have nothing but hatred for India and her citizens and praise for those who committed atrocities on their forefathers.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 28 th June 2010 16:24


Namita Dhillon - This is for you only: We the Goans have now started united irrespective of the faith and have decided hence forth not to sell any property to non Goans. So get it as long as we do not sell anything to you, you can buy no property in Goa. Dear Goans open up your eyes and see people like Namita Dhillon are out to buy Goa, they have taken the advantage that we are selling them the properties and have really taken us for granted. So Dear Goans based on Namita's Comment and her ideas it is best to stop even giving our houses and rooms on rent for the likes of Namita Dhillon.

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 28 th June 2010 15:53


ya i just said that . all the fruits r brought by the portuguese mangoes too and jackfruits too . ok its not the question im making that the portuguese brought the fruits or they thought us to distill the feni . my point is since they taught us goa is the only place in the world that feni is distilled .... and we are continuing to do so .. thats why we r relaxed and self contain people and we dont need to go to some other state to drink where its cheap ... we can drink and so we relax in our our state GOA

- son of goa , goa | 28 th June 2010 11:02



- John F. De Sousa, Lisbon/Mapuca | 28 th June 2010 03:02


Looks like Bhaskar has bought Goa and has thrown out the Goan Catholics. He forgets that we need not stake a claim. Goa is ours alongside with Goan Hindus & Muslims.

- Jose Noronha, Mapuca | 28 th June 2010 01:25


It has been observed that people like Renuka and Jamshed term us Goan catholics as outsiders. Manguesh Kalangutkar, Nariman is not an original Indian like you and me. These were the people driven out of their own country by the present Iranians and came down and settled down in India. And Renuka what you are blabbering every now and then that Goans have descended from the Hindus, get it in your head that we the catholics have forgotten that and left that life long long back and there is no going back. Even hindus are not the originals of India. Dravidians are the originals India and we have descended from the Dravidians. The North was invaded by the Aryans from Caucasus who were hindus. Inspite of all your gibberish we are the original Indians and you are from the Invaders (Aryans)

- Jane De Sa, Margao | 27 th June 2010 23:57


Son of India, Shyam Sawant, Neutral Indian, Reuben.....despite belonging to Delhi, I say Goa belongs to me as much as it does to you people. If I plan to come down and settle there, take up a job or buy property, none of you has any right or authority to stop me. So, just cut this crap about non-Goans coming into Goa - you guys are powerless and can do nothing. No point wasting efforts in something which is just like a pipe dream.

- Namita Dhillon, New Delhi | 27 th June 2010 23:50


Son of India, sample this: "Feni-brewing skills have been honed by Goa's former Portuguese rulers. Strange but true: the cashew was brought in by the Portuguese themselves, and with it distillation methods to make the Feni".

So, Son of India's lies stands nailed - don't shoot from your hip SoI, talk sense and talk the truth and when someone gives you just that, try to aceept it like a bitter pill instead of accusing them as twisters of truth.

For a reference on this, please visit,

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 27 th June 2010 23:14


If there is one thing that I can conclude from this discussion it is that some people's mindset are so conformed to their conservative societal upbringing, they resist nay oppose any other way of life. Any kind of rational discussion is lost to their closed minds brought up on a 'healthy' diet of suppression, oppression and fear.

Even your feeble minds should comprehend that it is the local people of the community, village and finally the state who should have a right for dictating their current affairs and future endeavors. When a outsider sits comfortably in their stuffy apartments ranting and raving over the internet about how we should live our life and what is the proper culture we should we have to listen to them? The answer is an empathetic NO!!

So good riddance to you and your colleagues..if you do now wish to open your eyes to the open atrocities that are being committed in my motherland Goa then I suggest that you divert your energies towards improving the conditions in your own home states and stop dreaming about settling in my Goa. Coz frankly i'm tired of you, my sweet dastardly countrymen...

- Reuben, Goa | 27 th June 2010 23:08


Feni - world famous? You must be joking; if exporting a couple of thousand cases annually is world famous, then this must be the joke of the millenium! For a liquor which leaves a sickening stench is all human secretions, at best, the only adjective which comes to mind is infamous or notorious and because its such a cheap arrack, its sold at the price of peanuts. And by the way, different names of Feni as ‘Fenny’, ‘Fenim’ or ‘Fenni’ are all of Portuguese origin and it was the Portuguese who introduced Goans to Feni (who else???). So, its quite clear that it was the Portuguese who brought a debauched culture to India.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 27 th June 2010 23:04


Of course you'll need to prove your point by giving authentic references, Neutral Indian. You're not God that I or anyone else for that matter will believe in whatever you say. Given the mischievous acumen of many of your fellow-Goans here, I won't be surprised if whatever you've said turns out to be a figment of your imagination! And you have the audacity of accusing me of twisting facts - at least I give facts, not fairy tales as people like you.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 27 th June 2010 22:48


Mr. Sawant, I'm sorry you don't understand what I'm saying. There are some people here who say "we don't want Indians to come to Goa" or "we don't like to be clubbed as Indians" - who are these people? Aren't these Goan Catholics, who don't consider themselves Indian? I'm Goan as much as anyone of you but I consider myself Indian first. And for your information, Goan Catholicism was introduced by the Portuguese only - Christianity on the other hand, came much earlier in the form of Protestantism, introduced by St. Thomas but not Catholicism. So, Catholics and Portuguese are 2 sides of the same coin. I agree when you terms other countrymen as "non-Goan" - perfectly alright but I see a majority describing them as "Indians" or "outsiders" - I seriously wonder how you can side with such people who are driving lines of separation in India like "they" and "us"?

- Bhasker Salgaocar, Mapusa | 27 th June 2010 22:39


Son of Goa, you know nothing about Daman & Diu. I'm from Gujarat and closest to these places and I know much more about these places than Son of Goa who's only trying to draw wrong comparison to justify his stand. Everyone in Daman and Diu speak Gujarati and have adopted the Gujarati lifestyle - the only remnants of the Portugal rule are the streets and building structures. Ditto for Pondicherry, who are more Tamil than anything else. Its only the Goans who feel that they are the authorised community for representing the long dismantled Portuguese rule. Such Goans are living in a time warp and as I mentioned earlier, why mention the Portuguese here? They are not the original inhabitants of Goa but just colonists - their culture IS NOT THE ORIGINAL CULTURE OF GOA, so who are the Goan Catholics to prevent the "Indian influx" into Goa? GOA IS AS MUCH INDIA AS ARE THE REST OF THE STATES - make no mistake about it.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 27 th June 2010 22:28


Why Bhaskar Salgaoncar, Goa belongs only to us the Hindus? who told you that the catholics cannot stake a claim? Saying Portuguese cannot stake their claim is Ok but if you say the catholics cannot, you are wrong. It shows that you hate the Goan catholics. Because no outside Catholics have claimed Goa to be theirs. The way that you are siding the outsiders open your eyes and see How many Goans are getting the Jobs since the liberation only the non Goans have filled up Goas working sector. This is the reason why lots and lots of Goan catholics and hindus as well have opted for Portuguese nationality and passport. Open your eyes and see the situation around.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 27 th June 2010 22:23


If not all I have studied some history Goa. At the time of Goa’s liberation United Nations had passed a resolution to get the voting from the people of Goa if they wanted to join the Indian republic or no and unfortunately it never went through.

I have also come across lot of people talking as well as some records where it shows that the present Goans who get the FREEDOM FIGHTERS PENSION are in fact not all of them are the real freedom fighters. Majority of them were arrested and jailed for offences like thefts and other petty crimes. Luckily for these guys Goa was liberated and the records were destroyed by the local Goans itself to the extent even the birth registers were destroyed. So these jailed inmates declared themselves as freedom fighters. Rest is history…….Now I know very well that Renuka will ask me for proofs and will start twisting as is her habit.

- Neutral Indian, New Delhi | 27 th June 2010 22:17


why r ul just picking on Goa go to damam and diu they say we follow the culture of the Portuguese and so Pondicherry they too say we follow the culture of the french and till date they speak french .. all this people should visit this places and than think for them self than sitting in their chair and writting comments . since goa was ruled by the protuguese we too follow some of their cultures and customes and all the above places i have mentioned on not at all different for goa u get booze there the hospitality of the people is almost similar to goa . ple go to this places and check it for ur self goa is not the only place in india who says that we follow the Portuguese cultures viva goa

- son of goa , goa | 27 th June 2010 14:53


to clarify Jamshed Nariman statement on liquor and sex is a portuguese gift .. we have our own liquor which is call the feni which is famous all over the world . and we dont need any liquor fromthe portuguese to get us relaxed .. and sex ya if u think that sex is not a way to relax and restress ur self than i think u r not normal.

- son of goa , goa | 27 th June 2010 14:30


Yes, Nariman has hit the nail on the head. Its the Gomantak culture which is the original culture of Goa. The laidback lifestyle involving debauchery, liquor and ungratefulness to motherland is a Portuguese inheritance.

- Manguesh Kalgutkar, Goa | 27 th June 2010 11:27


Ms. Sahay is absolutely right. Goa, most certainly is our land and Catholics and Portuguese cannot stake claim on it. What business does a 2nd hand culture (Portuguese) have to be Goa's cultural mainstay?

- Bhasker Salgaocar, Mapusa | 27 th June 2010 01:43


What do you mean by "proper weapon to the Indians", Menino? To simplify things, let me tell all these anti-India Goans that their culture is a second-hand culture and not Goa's original. Goan Catholics are descendants of Hindu converts and its the Hindu culture (Gomantak as Jamshed Nariman correctly stated) which is GOA'S ORIGINAL CULTURE. Therefore Goa's culture blends perfectly with India's which is also predominantly Hindu, so there's absolutely no "clash of civilisations" as anti-India Goans may suggest. Its the Catholic/Portuguese culture which is an alien culture and heaped upon Goa which needs to be booted out.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 27 th June 2010 00:24


Reuben, if you are so agitated by Goa's depleting landscape, who stopped you from contesting the election (that's before your exodus to Portugal) and setting things straight? Its so cowardly, sitting in a foreign land and spitting venom against people who were once your own. Instead of running away to Portugal, you should have opted for the democratic route and ended the exploitation of your land. If everyone takes steps like Menino and you, how will things improve and having taken up a different nationality, I'm afraid there no moral ground for people like you to point fingers at others.

Despite burying the hatchet, Menino, your provocative statement about resisting non-Goans from coming to Goa prompts me to say that neither you or any of your fellow Goans have the authority or right to do that as the law of the land permits us to make any place in India home.

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 26 th June 2010 23:01


What does that Jamshut think when he says, "Who on earth do you think you are - original Portuguese or something? Make no mistake, Goans who think they are more Portuguese than Indian are just an ugly and illegitimate remnant of the legacy of the Portuguese rule. And what's this way of life you are talking about, Reuben? This relaxed way which means liquor and sex is also a Portuguese "gift". Original Goan culture is the culture of Gomantak - of Manguesh, Shanta Durga and Mhalsa - not of an imported, debauched ethos."

I have never expounded the cause of the Portuguese but accepted them as a legitimate part of our history, as you have accepted the British. I am a part of India but I do not accept anyone dictating terms on the acceptable modes of behavior to suit their mindset. The original culture you speak of is a part of Goa but followed predominantly in the interiors of the state. The Portuguese-influence culture is just in the minority old conquest areas. Goans are hardworking but we know how to relax and take some time off. I do not expect you to understand our way of life nor am I asking you to accept it.

Firstly read the link posted in my comment. Then let me know if the constitutional right you are talking about is legitimate in the case of Goa. Nextly you have never lived in my Goa to comment on our lifestyle. Your narrow viewpoints based on mainstream media depictions of our state are not enough to justify your biased attitude. Why do you want to impose your ideas and viewpoints on us?

Yes Goa has problems but God has blessed us enough to take care of ourselves and prosper. We do not need our countrymen flocking here in droves and imposing their viewpoints on us. Please leave us alone as we have left you alone...

- Reuben, Goa | 26 th June 2010 22:40


What does Rueben mean when he says, "its our countrymen that we despise, especially those who choose to move and settle in our beautiful state. Their culture and behavioural attitude completely contravenes our way of life. We are being gradually pushed out of our own homes and forced to seek better avenues outside." The constitution permits any Indian to reside anywhere in India, so who's Reuben to despise that? And what's, "we don't like being clubbed in that category"? Who on earth do you think you are - original Portuguese or something? Make no mistake, Goans who think they are more Portuguese than Indian are just an ugly and illegitimate remnant of the legacy of the Portuguese rule. And what's this way of life you are talking about, Reuben? This relaxed way which means liquor and sex is also a Portuguese "gift". Original Goan culture is the culture of Gomantak - of Manguesh, Shanta Durga and Mhalsa - not of an imported, debauched ethos.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 26 th June 2010 15:06


Dear Reuben – Well said and beautifully said. Actually this article of yours needs to be on the front page of GOANEWS or HERALD. What you have written is the proper weapon to the Indians and an eye opener for the Goans to snap out of their SUSEGADponn and take up arms (not weapons but brains) to stop the influx of outsiders (non Goans).

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 26 th June 2010 14:48


I knew it Renuka that you would be twisting the topic and coming up with more rubbish. There were no attrocities committed by the Portuguese in Goa. This is the invention of the self proclaimed freedom fighters, who could not get their way to the wrongs and then turned freedom fighters? Who told you that the Goans were burnt. This is the History of Goa that has been manipulated you the likes of you and put up on the wilkipedia. Go to the link given by Reuben and read that and open your eyes. In fact the Indians have started looting Goans ever since their invasion which you call liberation. We call it an invasion. The Indians are trying hard to erase the Goans from Goa and grab their lands. Inspite of Jawaharlal Nehru talking about the special status to Goa and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi talking on behalf of Goans, the Indians never stopped of spoiling our state. I say as a Goan VIVA GOA and as a Portuguese Citizen VIVA PORTUGAL. Now I know very well you will come up with something more stupidier .. You don't know to accept truth and will not stop rubbish and I really don't know how Menino has fallen in LOVE with you.

- John F. De Sousa, Lisbon/Mapuca | 26 th June 2010 14:43


I dunno why everyone is harping about the past .What has happened is already done with. The Portuguese are gone and its India in charge now. We have to make changes to safeguard our future.

Our Goa is not the same anymore. Our hills have been bulldozed to make way for mega housing projects. Our fields are now filled to create playgrounds for the rich. There are no water bodies, and the forests have been razed.

There are rules and laws, but who cares? Everyone turns a blind eye to this destruction in the name of housing. Demand for housing from Indias means that Goans are not able to afford any more land. What legacy are we leaving for our children? What culture will they have to grow up to?

- Reuben, Goa | 26 th June 2010 13:55


Well done Renuka. I loved the way you described the Goan Inquisition and the monstrous cruelties heaped by the Portuguese invaders on the hapless Indian natives. People with slavish mentalities will still find good in the immense wickedness committed by the Portuguese settlers.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 26 th June 2010 13:20


To cut a long story short, all Indians (including those Goans who consider them Indians), say with me in unison:




Those who say the above 3 sentences, even in their minds, will be true Indians. Those who hesitate to say them.....well, what more can I say?

- Ratanlal Kriplani, Hyderabad | 26 th June 2010 13:09


Mr. D'sousa seems to be living in his own reverie thinking that Portugal is Utopia. Below are excerpts of people who have accepted Portuguese nationality and are facing racism there and the response of the local Portuguese:

Tony 06 Mar 2008: Racism in Portugal Yes! There is tremendous racism in Portugal because the country's demographics are changing. Portugal is becoming a black nation. Half the population of Lisbon is black...Gone is the "glorious" colonial past. Now, the colonized are colonizing the colonizers. The Portuguese natives cannot accept this change. As an African American in Portugal, I experienced racism. The fact that I spoke fluent Portuguese did not mean anything. In fact, the Portuguese discriminated against me even more because I spoke Brazilian Portuguese, or as they say in Portugal "fala de crianca".

Jorge 02 Apr 2008: Tony why do you live ear? If the Portuguese are so bad why don't you go way..... Go to your country,because we don't need you in Portugal,and like beto said. go check your head man.....

Pedro 02 Apr 2008: To you all, im Portuguese and its better if you understand 1 detail,YOU ARE in PORTUGAL,our country so if you don't like the Portuguese or the country please leave,go home we don't ask you to come live here.....

Milton 08 Apr 2008: Just to state here, Portuguese are racist and ignorant, never seen a more retarded ppl in the world as Portuguese, as per the above query, i wouldn't go work in Portugal as it's a poor country, one of the poorest in EU so it doesn't offer many opportunities and the ppl aren't nice, there are so many medieval looking places, believe me i have lived there in the past and i hated it, now i am in Australia and i am citizen of the wealthy country....Portuguese out of Portugal don't bark as they are not considered whites...which by looking at them they are not compared to ozzies, British...Portugal the worst country in the world to live in...

Floyd Menezes: Racism Portugal is so rampant and the country so behind other rich nations that not in even 100 years they will catch up. I have achieved things in Australia that many ppl wouldn't in a life time in Portugal. Local Portuguese think that foreigners should do menial jobs like construction, they will die in misery as they are lazy and dumb ass ppl, immigration is the only way out to Portuguese, but be careful as EU might drop Portugal and then u Portuguese cant travel to another country in EU or outside Europe freely...just compare Portugal with uk or Netherlands..Portugal is a 3 rd world folks believe me. i lived there, and lived in London and now Australia and when i see the wealth and nice ppl in Australia u would rate Portugal as a wretched place to live in...not even for holiday, it is strange when i lived in London which is only 2 hours flight from Portugal u wouldn't hear any Britisher talking about Portugal not even on the news, here in Australia ppl are wealthy n the holiday in many different countries but Portugal, the life standard is really bad, no security as the police are corrupt, bad public word to describe it. ppl that say Portuguese are nice it's because they never lived there, and the country won't benefit from tourism or foreign investor as the ppl are holed up...........

So, what do you guys have to say now, especially, when the last guy in the conversation appears to be Goan.

- Amarjeet Singh Babbar, Ludhiana | 26 th June 2010 12:21


$52 Billion US Dollars of money is in INDIA as savings accounts in names of Indians .. mostly NRIs or short term visitors abroad (migrant workers)

This money was wired transfered in a SINGLE Year in 2009 ... its expected to increase.

So Indians who are abroad are surely making an impact to the economy by moving the money back.

I think irrational prejudice should not rule out this contribution towards the Indian State.

- Amit, Goa | 26 th June 2010 06:37


The real problem is that the native Goans cannot shake the feeling of being overwhelmed by the rest of the country. Make no mistake we love our country and we are proud of it. But its our countrymen that we despise, especially those who choose to move and settle in our beautiful state. Their culture and behavioral attitude completely contravenes our way of life. We are being gradually pushed out of our own homes and forced to seek better avenues outside. We were never traditionally a part of the mainstream Indian cultural ethos and don't like to be clubbed into that category. We love the way we live life- to the hilt and with no regrets. Unfortunately to the rest of the country we are seen as the area to settle down...after retirement as those infuriating insurance show. But I must warn you my fellow countrymen the present tensions will soon erupt into some cataclysmic act of violence against non-Goans usurping land and jobs in 'our' motherland. Please read this for more details.

- Reuben, Goa | 26 th June 2010 02:50


John De Sousa....just one talk about the kindness of the Portuguese - where was their kindness when they colonised Goa and subjected the natives to untold atrocities? The Goan Inquisition, a black chapter in Goan history, is replete with examples of people being executed and even burnt alive during the Inquisition. And I'm not quoting from any religious or biased website - you may get all relevant information from That a Portuguese family lent a part of the house to a Goan family is a virtue which cannot be extrapolated to accommodate the entire Portuguese race but just an exception and since exceptions prove the rule, my point is more or less substantiated. Kind people exist in all communities, may be even in cannibals, but using a one-off instance to wax eloquent on an entire community is foolhardy. Another shining example of slave mentality that is reflective of the Goan mindset.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 25 th June 2010 19:52


The prices of petroleum products have been increased which will have cascading effect. Already there is more than 26 rupees of taxes like excise, sales, vat customs etc on a litre of petrol, why was this not reduced? With lots of corruption , nepotism, political interference in oil companies and no bench mark for their operation, it is a foolish move and anti people move by the concerned Ministers to time and again resort to hike in petroleum prices and make the life of farmers and common man miserable! Everybody would have appreciated if some austerity measure were taken and the extravaganza by the ministers an babus would have been controlled!

In a way the people deserve all this as they continue to elect the same corrupt people again and again setting dynasty rule in this country!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 25 th June 2010 16:52


So all the Sikhs and other Indians who have acquired British or US or anyother nationality according to you are ungrateful and disloyal to their motherland.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 25 th June 2010 16:47


Mr. Alok You are always welcome amidst us. Because you harbour harmony and your broadminded thinker unlike those who take some words just literally.

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 25 th June 2010 16:45


Looks like Mr. Ramdev is going to run away seeing all the talk gong on below!

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 25 th June 2010 14:26


Amarjeet let me answer your PS: You really like to know how Portuguese treat the Goans after aquiring their citizenship? Well we are treated in par with their originals. They are so Good people compared to any other europeans. There are hundreds of Goans married to the Portuguese Girls. They love all the Goans whether he/she is a Catholic/Hindu or a Muslim. They are so helpful to the Goans here unlike back at home in our ex-Country where you have to bribe your way through for the smallest of the things. We are treated as one of their own. I remember that one Portuguese family gave a part of their house to a Goan family who had none when they entered Portugal and did not even know them. We get all the benefits that the original citizens get here. Anything else you would like to know?

Now that you have got this answer just try to change your language and twist this as if you did not ask this question and go beating around the bush as is your habit. I know that no answer can satisfy you and there is one more there Renuka. Now just try to twist your question and this answer and put up something else. Just incase you forget here is what you asked: ***PS: After being accorded citizenship, I would really like to know if the Portuguese indeed treat the noveau-citizens as one of their own, allow marriages between their descendants or treat such Goans as scum of the earth, much in the manner their colonist ancestors did. ****

Sorry to say but it is the Indians that are treated like scums everywhere not the Goans.

- John F. De Sousa, Lisbon/Mapusa | 25 th June 2010 14:21


Who's interested in knowing whether Portugal is giving citizenship to Goans or not? We are discussing about being loyal to one's country and bidding adieu permenetly to the country of your birth in order to seek greener pastures elsewhere reeks of ungratefulness and disloyalty towards the motherland. If D'sa and "most Goans" are proud of this, it is highly regrettable, nay, shameful.

PS: After being accorded citizenship, I would really like to know if the Portuguese indeed treat the noveau-citizens as one of their own, allow marriages between their descendants or treat such Goans as scum of the earth, much in the manner their colonist ancestors did.

- Amarjeet Singh Babbar, Ludhiana | 25 th June 2010 11:21


What's westernised - free sex, rapes, drugs, booze, sodomy? If Ms. D'Sa feels proud of this culture, one can only pity her thoughts.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 25 th June 2010 01:14


If "jealous of Goa and Goans" is some kind of joke by M/s Rebello & Sawant company, its pretty funny. Thanks for the hearty laugh we've had at your expense. Meanwhile, you guys continue to live in your "fool's paradise" that is now more in news for rape of foreign tourists, drugs, booze, etc.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 25 th June 2010 00:15


Those of the guys below like Amarjeet, Renuka who spit venom at the Goans are nothing but a bunch of jealous people. totally of the Advantages of the Goans. JEALOUS OF GOA AND THE GOANS and as such they try to twist the matter.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 24 th June 2010 22:46


Well said SON OF GOA.. Exactly these people are so jealous of Goa and the Goans that they don't know how to attack us the Goans. They do not have the same life that we have here and Goa is much more westernised and gengle compared to any other state in India. Secondly I would like to tell Amarjeet that Portugal is giving its citizenship to all the Goans irrespective of education, caste or creed. It shows how naive you are in just thinking that they give it to the educated ones only or the people they need. Go to Goa and check it our. Don't sit there and talk. Like wise they are giving it to the people of Daman, Diu and Nagar Haveli. The only people who they do not give are the Indians who forge documents and come there to get the Portuguese Nationality. These are the people who are shown the door. If you check out at the Portuguese Consulate then you will find out how many non Goans were caught with forged documents and shown the door. If non Goans do not want their nationality then why do they forge the documents and come there? one more time i'll tell you with full confidence and surety that PORTUGAL IS GIVING ITS NATIONALITY TO ALL THE GOANS (ORIGINAL ROOTS) IRRESPECTIVE OF EDUCATION, CASTE & CREED.

- Jane De Sa, Margao | 24 th June 2010 22:44


Rebello talks about "most Goans who differentiate themselves from Indians" but frankly, who cares? Why talk about people who are ungrateful and not proud of their nation? Does Rebello expect that such Goans should get medals for their treachery?

- Ahmed Bashir, Tirupur, TN | 24 th June 2010 22:29


Shirodkar, time you used your grey matter. My focus is not on living abroad - by all means do that, but don't use that as an option because Indian conditions are deemed as inhospitable. Rebello is saying just that and pray, what does he mean by "most of the Goans" - doesn't it means the majority of Goans think that way? Ratanlal Kriplani has rightly written that its not correct to crave for someone else's parents simply because they are well-off and his own are not. One has to have a sense of pride of his country, which a majority of Goans, as per Mr. Rebello, don't have. And Son of Goa, you need to re-christian yourself as child of Goa because if you think we are jealous of Goa, your reasoning is silly. True Goa is a beautiful place but there are so many other beautiful places in India and some much more breathtaking, so why should one be jealous? Remember one this - Goa is because of India and not the other way around.

PS: While people have jumped to condemn Baba Ramdev, I've yet to see anyone comment on Pope Ratzinger and the church's involvement in sodomy. Convenient silence, I guess.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 24 th June 2010 20:50


Well said T. Shirodkar.

Unfortunately Jamshed / Amarjeet do not get it. So dont waste your time explaining it to them. All they want to do is create disharmony .

Goans are warm and welcoming people and do not create disharmony. I have been on holidays to Goa many times and have enjoyed the good nature of Goans be it muslims, hindus, christians etc.

- Alok, Pune | 24 th June 2010 20:32


we goans are proud of our beautiful little state goa it dosent mattter its bad or good we enjoy ourselves the most be the any other state in india i would like to tell the below people who try to defame our state for the only reason that they are Jealous of our beloved Goa and the way we live and enjoy ourselves once again its a clear message to all the people who hate goa that we are proud of our state we will always be VIVA GOA

- Son of Goa , GOA | 24 th June 2010 17:32


Jamshed all those people you talk are not sleeping but they do not want to reply to the rubbish you have written. Rebello never spoke of himself but he said "so many Goans" and you could not even understand it. Dont try to invent stories read properly first. Amarjeet, there are lot of Indians Sikhs, Goans, Delhites etc who have opted for British and US nationality out of their own free will and yet they still come to India and live as long as they like so why don't you start driving them out of India. They too must be talking highly of their acquired country. My dear respect everyone's feelings.

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 24 th June 2010 17:17


By justifying the posture of "some Goans", Rebello is showing his soft corner for such people. I'm sorry, Portugal or any other country is not going doling out nationalities to any outsiders. Western countries will only invite Indians who are of use to them like IT engineers, doctors, etc; they won't certainly put up their nationalities on sale. That Rebello pays water tax, income tax, etc is not something he should be commended for; we do the same but don't criticize our motherland while doing so.

- Amarjeet Singh Babbar, Ludhiana | 24 th June 2010 17:00


Amarjeet I thought that the air any human breathes is of God I did not know it belongs to India. You say rebello drinks indian water, uses Indian currency. does Our country provide water free to drink? doesn't rebello pay for the water? is currency distrubuted freely. doesn't he work for that currency? for your kind information may be you and me did not go for foreign nationality, but Portugal is definitely giving their nationality to the Goans you can verify the fact by coming down to Goa. Nothing comes free in this world. No country gives anything free from basics to luxury you have to pay from your own pocket. I am sure Rebello also pays income tax. What is funny is that he has said "so many Goans" but he never said that it is "he himself"

- Lily Gracias, Panjim | 24 th June 2010 15:59


Renuka, Amarjeet & Jamshed have you read properly what I have written in my comment? I am not talking about me. I have said so many Goans and not me. In Indian Constitution each one has a freedom of speech. This is what I have said and as a well known fact Renuka you specially have the tendency to twist the matter. I have referred to your comment and told you "so many Goans" and not me. Now can you come down and drive these Goans out of Goa since they are non patriotic. There are lot of Goans and much more other Indians who have given up their Indian nationalities and are holding foreign nationalities. Goans have taken Portuguese nationality and the other Indians have acquired British and US citizenships. And they number in lakhs....So read what I have written properly.

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 24 th June 2010 13:49


Why blame terrorists when there are people like Rebello who, despite living in India, dislike being called one? The only difference between terrorists and people who have no respect for their homeland, is that the former category indulges in spilling blood, while the latter in demeaning their motherland. The name motherland suggests that our country is like our mother - would Rebello harbour similar feelings? And where are all you champions of unity? When such venom is being spread on the blog, a person insulting our motherland, where are the likes of Menino, Alok, Shirodkar, Iqbal, Janet and Neutral Indian? Why are you quite?

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 23 rd June 2010 22:13


Its shocking that not one blogger who believes Gogate and I am inciting people, thinks Rebello should be castigated for his anti-India approach. These self-styled bloggers of Indian unity and secularism, who leave no stone unturned to lampoon Gogate or me, seem to be bitten by a serpent when it comes to commenting on rabidly anti-national comments from Rebello. Rebello has once again proved, as is evident from the insurgency in the N-E that converting to Christianity breeds separatism.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 23 rd June 2010 22:02


If people like Rebello don't like being called Indian, they should try to find domicile in countries they look up to (read Portugal). Its a different thing however that despite their Portuguese surnames, chances are, they shall be shown the door. Its like this - having a Portuguese surname doesn't make one Portuguese, just as painting a raven white doesn't make it a dove. If they have self-respect, people who don't love India should leave the country. They breathe Indian air, drink Indian water, use Indian currency and have the audacity of saying they don't like being called Indian. Such people are bereft of shame and are spineless. People like Rebello are a classic example of a Hindi proverb which ends in, "Na ghar ka na ghaat ka".

- Amarjeet Singh Babbar, Ludhiana | 23 rd June 2010 21:37


Dear Mr. Menino I have a humble request to you, because I respect you and am reading your comments since long back. please do not respond to the guys who are trying to provoke you. I know that you won't reply to Renuka Sahay because you have already declared your LOVE her irrespective of her status, age etc. Those who provoke here in the name of creed, caste etc are insane. Thumbs up to Alok!

- T. Shirodkar, Sanquem | 23 rd June 2010 20:30


Guys! be careful there are still two or three persons on this blog still who are trying to provoke and incite in the name of religion, community etc.. Just ignore them and do not reply to their comments.

- Neutral Indian, New Delhi | 23 rd June 2010 20:25


Renuka there are so many Goans who differentiate themselves from Indians, and you should guess the reason why. If you are an intellegent lady the reason is right in front of you..........At the same time who said that if any Goan differentiate himself from the rest of the Indians he or she should not live in Goa? it is each one's freedom of speech and right of thinking his or her way. No need to sprawl on that.....

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 23 rd June 2010 20:23


Alok seems to be an agent of the majority bloggers here. The way he's trying to eke out an answer from Jamshed despite knowing it himself and provoking him by calling him sly, speaks of his mischievous and malicious intention.

- Namita Dhillon, New Delhi | 23 rd June 2010 19:18


Alok, if you knew who I was referring to, why ask me? This shows your level of intellect or the lack of it. Grow up.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 23 rd June 2010 19:09


Jamshed Nariman,

it you who has no IQ. You are too immature to admit your mistake. I know exactly who you were referring too. You are sly

- Alok, Pune | 23 rd June 2010 18:00


I agree with GoaninUS - why do some Goans differentiate themselves from Indians? If that's the case, they have no right to live in the sovereign Republic of India.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 23 rd June 2010 16:30


Alok, if you don't understand the gist of the topic, why tax yourself? If you don't understand who I am referring to considering the context of this debate, I am afraid your IQ level is too low.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 23 rd June 2010 16:28


Jamshed I think Alok is 100% right. Can you answer his question please?

- Jane De Sa, Margao | 23 rd June 2010 16:24


Jamshed Nariman, whos ignorant as they come. Please specify. Whos this THEY. I am sure its not your community. it has to be someone. Here are your words" I'm terribly saddened at people whose community hasn't played an iota of a part in the struggle but are hell bent to convince people that indeed they have done so"""answer this please.

Dont twist words. Be specific. I know parsis are minorities.

- Alok, Pune | 23 rd June 2010 07:54


Since, no one is answering my question regarding the pope and the sexual abuse of deaf boys. I am taking it that people don't want to answer the question. Personally, I hope Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hutchens manage to get him arrested when he visits UK.

Menino, what you exactly mean by If your Country is so self sufficient then why do they accept the EDUCATION AID from Britain? . Isn't India your country?? If you are not an Indian then you cannot be a Goan.

- gaoninUS, us | 23 rd June 2010 01:51


Alok, you're as ignorant as they come. My community's contribution to nation-building has nothing to do with my age. And what do you mean by "targetting minorities" - don't you know Parsis are minorities themselves?

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 22 nd June 2010 23:23


Jamshed Nariman,

I am assuming you were not born during the freedom struggle or unless you are centuries old.

All faiths have contributed to the freedom struggle. Centuries have passed and you people have just woken up to target minorities.

You are a utter disgust to India.

- Alok, Pune | 22 nd June 2010 22:35


Just because I was opposed to your stand doesn't mean I disliked you, Mr. Menino. In fact, even to those who condemned me in the strongest possible terms, I don't hold any grudge. If one likes to be appreciated, he should also take the clobber. I reciprocate your gesture of burying the hatchet, Mr. Menino and although we would stick to our respective stands, I'm sure there's no animus. Good luck and long live India.

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 22 nd June 2010 22:24


Dear Mr Alok, Mr. Vishwas & Mr Neutral Indian, with high respect for you all three I would like to say thank you and say that whatever way Gogate or Renuka try to provoke me or call names I shall not respond to them anymore. This I am going to do due to respect to all three of you, who are thorough gentlemen. I respect you all three. But there is only one last thing I would like to tell Renuka. Renuka I think I have fallen in love with you inspite of your criticism, though I have not seen you and neither do I know you, I don’t even know how old are you or if you are married. But I definitely think I have fallen in love with you. Now don’t start calling me names and all sorts of words as this is a message of love - Thank you Menino (Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 22 nd June 2010 21:52


We Parsis have played our role in the freedom struggle - Dadabhai Nawroji and Phirozeshah Mehta being at the forefront. Even when it came to nation building, we Parsis were second to none and did so without any malafide intention to convert people to our faith or any other. So, I'm terribly saddened at people whose community hasn't played an iota of a part in the struggle but are hell bent to convince people that indeed they have done so. This is a great insult on the freedom fighters who have spilt blood for the independence of our country.

- Jamshed Nariman, Navsari, Gujarat | 22 nd June 2010 21:28


Neutral Indian, aren't you supposed to be neutral, ie, not take sides? I respect that both Mr. Vishwas and you are entitled to your opinions but somehow I feel they reflect your bias and will let them pass. And what's this fight I started that your are referring to Neutral Indian? I just put things in perspective and denounced the unnecessary credit hogged by a particular community for something it has never done. Where's the question of starting a fight? By offering convoluted answers in their feeble defence, some illustrious bloggers have unnecessarily prolonged this debate. If I was wrong, would I have Renuka, Amarjeet, Hemant and Basheer speaking in my favour?

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 22 nd June 2010 20:46


I agree that Renuka and Gogate are provoking others and causing disharmony.

They have no respect for any of the freedom fighters be it Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. Shame on you both. Renuka you are like a sidekick of Gogate you repeat whatever he says.

Rest of you please join me to at least respect and honour our freedom fighters of all faiths.

God Bless India and all Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Hindus.

- Alok, Pune | 22 nd June 2010 20:35


Mr. Gogate, I admire you for your ability to provoke others and to digest aggressive reactions! Do you really enjoy such reactions?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 22 nd June 2010 15:58


Menino, there you go again! When its been established that Dave's "list" is off a Catholic website, there's no question of giving it any credibility. I am sure none of you have any references from an unbiased website. Dr. Besant and Dr. AO Hume! Come on, give me a break, Menino! These were NOT Indians: the debate is about INDIAN CHRISTIANS. So, you've once again proven that when you have no answer, you twist facts. Attaboy!

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 22 nd June 2010 15:41


Sitting here and going through all these comments I do not know whether to laugh or cry. I summarise it as a childish play. Mr. Gogate I think it is you who is prolonging this discussion. You stop and see everybody will stop. I have observed that there are ups and downs in everybody's comments including yours. But the whole fight started with you. I am sorry to say that and it is upto you to stop it and not continue it.

- Neutral Indian, New Delhi | 22 nd June 2010 15:27


Joe, the question is not whether the assassination was of an Indian or a foreigner. Its of a mindset of a closed group of people and NOT the entire community. My example of Kennedy was to highlight that for the action of one group of people, the entire community should not be labelled. Going by your logic, should we label all Christians as looters or colonists, simply because the British and the Portuguese were also Christian?

- Amarjeet Singh Babbar, Ludhiana | 22 nd June 2010 15:20


Gogate, why do you drag me as a leader in the comments. Each one is an independent person who writes the comments. Except one person Iqbal, I do not even know the others. I write what comes to my mind, whether you like it or no. I don't go out te tell these people what to write and to support me. It they support me then it is in their right to do so. Why do you drag me into every comment of yours? You are a fellow who wants to say his tail is straight when it is crooked. Write your comments sensibly and drag me only when I comment something. This clearly shows that you don't want to stop at anything and go on creating the rift and division among people. All this hate and love campaign here started because of one person and that is YOU Gogate. I never go irritated with you writing against me anything because I believe in freedom of speech and even agreed by the Supreme Court of India. But looks like you don't like others using their rights of freedom of speech. Try to show that you are an educated man by using proper words that gentleman uses. Do you think we cannot use all sorts of names and wrong words? How far do you think you are going to drag this everytime twisting and curving the topics. You are the only one who incites everybody on the blog and creates enemity among people. If you are really an educated gentleman then involve only the people who are concerned with a certain comment. Now don't take this as my weakness. Gogate Let me ask you one last thing. If your Country is so self sufficient then why do they accept the EDUCATION AID from Britain? Any self sufficient country does not need it. Now just because I asked this go on calling names and other things to me. Be a sensible man.

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 22 nd June 2010 15:19


GoaninUS, you're on the money. For some silly reason, Goans (especially on this blog) feel that they are superior to us native Indians. May be they're carrying forward the legacy of white supremacy of their erstwhile colonial masters, whose surnames and family names they sport so proudly. Menino and his bunch of supporters will never answer why Pope Ratzinger should not be punished - they'll either remain mute on that or keep repeating something incoherent that has no connection with the topic and then claim they've already answered you.

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 22 nd June 2010 12:08


A few observation i have made in this thread. I am a goan have been born and brought up in Goa

1) People who agree with you are intellactual and people who dont are idiots.

2) Some people ( Goans) think they are better than the rest of Indians for some unknown reason.

3) Everyone criticizing Baba Ramdev does so without any basis and have no idea what his philosophy is or what he preaches.

3) No body answered what people should be done about Pope Ratzinger and him not stopping the sexual abuse of 200 deaf boys.

4) Also it would help if goanews had put a better picture of baba ramdev.

- goaninUS, US | 22 nd June 2010 09:24


This is not about who started it or who will finish it but guys .. Indian Army would be ashamed if they have to see this entire post. In our Army there are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs every religion is there.

If some people chose to pray in the name of God as Jesus/ Allah / Krishna/ Shiva .. how does it matter.

As for Goan freedom struggle is concerned I had read something back in school which is also on Wiki

So does that make proof to stop throwing muck on each other.

First we were ruled for no unity between our Kings .. for reasons at that time.

Then we fought for independence unitedly to make a country with differences on which religion and community is great.

This makes only one thing clear .. that INDIANS to be united is a very tough job for US as Citizens of this country.

I have observed this rift in India within the Corporate world and abroad between different cultures.

I think we have a long way to become Socially United

- Amit, Goa | 22 nd June 2010 00:27


Noronha and Shirodkar are ungrateful. By praising the Portuguese and the British, they are insulting the supreme sacrifices made by Indian freedom fighters. Had these gentlemen lost their own flesh and blood during the Jalianwalla Bagh massacre, they wouldn't have said this. Shame on both of you.

- Amarjeet Singh Babbar, Ludhiana | 21 st June 2010 21:45


Noronha is off his rocker! As far as India is concerned, yes it was the British who introduced the railways, P&T and other services but be under no false impression - all these services were introduced for the convenience and smooth service of the British government, movement of troops and government machinery. They did not introduce them as some kind of public service for the native Indians. Secondly, is Norhona indicating that had the British not introduced these services, Indians would never avail of them ever and even in the year 2010, we would be hitching a hike on a bullock cart? Sati was banned through the tireless efforts of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, who brought the burning issue in front of the government. The British did not take the initiative till they were approached by Roy, so there's no need to credit the British for these.

And Shirodkar, the lesser said about your sense of reasoning, the better. You talk about Indians going abroad for higher education - doesn't the world outsource IT services from India and that includes global superpowers like USA, UK, Japan, etc? Don't rich Arabs come to India to avail of the superior healthcare here? There's nothing wrong in approaching someone and availing of his services if he's superior in that respect. Besides, Indians are one of the most economically sound people in the world & that's the reason why educational institutions around the world are publishing adverts in Indian newspapers. Do you think UK/Australian/Canadian or US colleges will ever invite students from famine-hit Somalia or impoverished Rwanda?

Both Noronha and Shirodkar have a subservient mindset. They feel that the 10% "deemed" good perpetrated by the colonial masters far transcends the 90% atrocity and heinous crimes committed by them. Both these - one a Portugal loyalist and other a British - should try to seek citizenship of these respective countries, provided of course they aren't shown the door. After all, who needs treacherous wretches here?

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 21 st June 2010 21:35


STOP! STOP! STOP! Stop all this interfighting. All of you are acting like little kids. The main topic is on Baba Ramdev but you people have started getting personall. This is the exact reason the foreigners ruled over us. If anybody wants to be voted the winner in the inter fight here tell me and I shall declare him or her to be the winner. Each and everyone here is acting childish all of you, and I mean all. Fighting for nothing. In the olden times the princes fought among themselves and the British took advantage.

- Concerned Indian, Lucknow | 21 st June 2010 20:45


Amarjeet, we are talking about India and not foreigners. And Kennedy was killed because he wanted peace and the killers did not. Was Mrs Gandhi killed because she wanted peace? That means Sikhs did not want peace.Just because Americans killed Kennedy it is no reason to kill Mrs. Gandhi.

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 21 st June 2010 20:40


Renuka - If you are talking about the overall Christians in India I think Dave has given a list of that below. I only know two people Annie Besant and Hume. Just read the list of Dave because I did not know about these many christians participating in it. I am not in a tight corner. It is you who don't know how to ask me the question. I am from Goa and as such I know that lots and lots of Goan Christians participated in the liberation of Goa.

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 21 st June 2010 20:18


Those who perpetrate injustice should realise it and those who endure must forgive and forget. That's how a community, state or nation can succeed. If we talk about the Babri Masjid, Hindus can talk about their thousands of temples that were destroyed in the name of Islam - the arguement would be endless. I'm sorry, I'm not with you on this, Shaikh Iqbal.

- Ahmed Bashir, Tirupur, TN | 21 st June 2010 19:53


I have come accros a letter written by one Cedrick Fernandes of Margao titled "Rebellion Day" This letter I am copyng and pasting here so that those against the ex rulers can do something about what he has mentioned therein "===Rebellion Day

Cedrick Fernandes, Margao

Our freedom fighters need to inform us about who created the infrastructure of a radio station, airport, railways, roads, port, healthcare and education and, more important, law and order and human values? Was it not Portugal?

Our government is not decisive on ‘gotra marriages’ and ‘honour killings’. Who banned ‘Sati’? Was it not the colonial rulers?

Today, we have highly qualified people in and out of politics. Who imparted modern education and healthcare to their forebears? Freedom fighters were saying: Be Indian, buy Indian. Many of their children are studying and working outside India; why?

Not everything about colonial rule was bad. They should not look at things purely in black and white.===="

If I am not mistaken most of Mahatma Gandhi's family lives in South Africa, why don't they come back to an Independent India and live a free life. Any explanation to this...........

- Joseph Noronha, Mapuca | 21 st June 2010 19:51


Many of the pro Gogate cronies have been talking against the British, Portuguese etc. If they do not like anything of these colonialists then lte me ask you all WHY IS INDIA TAKING AND ACCEPTING EDUCATION AID FROM BRITAIN? Ask the Independent Indian Govt. to stop accepting the aid because that is also like licking the feet of the colonialists! Every railway station, every building built by these foreign rulers should be demolished and new indian buildings and stations be constructed.

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 21 st June 2010 19:47


Gogate is right when he mentioned that when one is bereft of logical answers, be blabbers the same thing again and again. The moot question is of the overall debate is "Christian contribution" (AND NOT GOAN ALONE) and to substantiate this claim, you first gave the flimsy example of WC Bannerjee, who ultimately, as was found, was a Hindu. Then, finding yourself in a tight corner, you twisted the debate and added a "Goan" colour to it and mentioned the inability of poor Goans to participate in the freedom struggle being under the yoke of a different colonial ruler. But those who wish to do can and those who cower in fear will always find excuses. Chandrashekar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Ramprasad Bismil - all marked men under the British rule, used cover of darkness or disguises to move around the country and spread the message of revolt. They did not give lame excuses. If any Goan worth his salt wanted to participate in the Indian freedom struggle, he/she could have adopted similar tactics.

Hope this stirs up your grey matter, Mr. Menino but perhaps, I'm expecting too much of you.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 21 st June 2010 19:22


The same reason why Lee Harvey Oswald assasinated President Kennedy or the Ku Klux Klan (White Catholics) slayed scores of blacks. If you are going to generalize one man's or one group's actions as that of an entire community, you are a sorry case Mr. Rebello.

- Amarjeet Singh Babbar, Ludhiana | 21 st June 2010 19:08


Jane, you trying to drill sense in me is akin to a donkey leading a man - I'm sorry but no other analogy comes close. Christians never fought for a separate homeland is what you're saying! You need to take a walk so that the oxygen will rejeuvinate your senses. Ever been to the N-E: Nagaland, Mizoram and other states? Mizos are fighting for a separate homeland as are the Nagas and all these are natives converted to Christianity by missionaries. So, I guess, that puts paid to your silly arguement.

Your sense of logic seems abysmal Jane. Gogate mentioned that Dave has cut paste information from a "Catholic website" and as such its contents cannot be deemed as neutral and impartial. Wikipedia on the other hand is not a website run by any religious body and is the internet equivalent of the encyclopedia. There's no comparison between the contents present on these two websites but your limited common sense will prevent you from understanding it.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 21 st June 2010 19:00


Mr Amarjeet can you please tell me what happened to the Great Prime Minister of ours Mrs. Indira Gandhi? Who killed her? and why?

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 21 st June 2010 18:07


Ahmed Bashir I think you and me have to take a look at what happened to Barbri Masjid before supporting Gogate. I am not trying to spread communalism but the way you commented and the way Gogate whose wants for answers are unsatiable is talking, He will never be satisfied with answers as he feels that he himself is the PESHWA of Pune.

- Shaikh Iqbal, Valpoi | 21 st June 2010 18:05


Mr. Gogate is right. The only thing the Christians in India have followed religiously is increasing their numbers by converting the gullible. The entire North West has been converted to Christianity and in the process spawned insurgency.

- Ahmed Bashir, Tirupur, TN | 21 st June 2010 16:47


Ms. D'Sa, didn't I read somewhere that you thought I didn't deserve to be debated with? Well, you seem to have a feeble memory in as much you've started the tirade again. I've already replied to Dave and his machinations of replicating the contents off a Catholic website. If cut and paste were the answer, Dave would be Hawking and you Einstein. So, just chill - no one has answered me yet and probably never will, simply because there isn't any you have. After all, how long and how much can one arm twist the truth? Have a couple of cubes of ice with the proverbial chill pill.

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 21 st June 2010 16:03


Renuka you say "you mention that since Goa was under Portuguese rule, there was no possibility of having Goan Catholic freedom fighters. If this is not hypocrisy, what is?" You tell me how could they leave Goa and come there to fight for independence? It was not possible for people to leave Goa with a different ruler over them. You call this explanation HYPOCRICY? Do you know the meaning of hypocricy? If you want more healthy information my email id is in one of the blogs you are welcome to carry on the conversation through emails.

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 21 st June 2010 15:49


Mr. Shirodkar, as is your propensity, you have again veered from the topic and displayed your ignorance. Khalistan was the brain child of some disgruntled Sikhs and over the period of time, died a natural death. Who can challenge the patriotism of the Sikhs towards India? If I rattle off a list of Sikh and Punjabi freedom fighters and those who laid down their lives in the service of the nation, this blog will run out of space in no time.

- Amarjeet Singh Babbar, Ludhiana | 21 st June 2010 15:45


Renuka you don't seem to see and have any sense. So it is useless to explain anything to you when you don't use a broader mind. You are praising Mr. Amarjeet. ask him who gunned down Mrs. Indira Gandhi a good administrator and a good legislature. Is this not treachery and betrayal by her sikh bodyguards? Christians never fought for a separate homeland but sikhs did and lot of blood was shed? Can Renuka highlight this? Surprising when Dave uses internet for information Gogate accuses him of copying and pasting and when he uses the information from wilkipedia what should be said of that? I only feel that Mr. Ratanlal Kriplani has written a comment that matches his gentleness and good manners. Renuka it is hard to make you understand things because when explanations are given to you by somebody you still call people names which only shows your up-bringing manners.

- Jane De Sa, Margao | 21 st June 2010 15:43


Gogte for your kind information I am an Indian and a Goan. When I meant "your" it is not meant literally. It is a way of putting up a sentence sometimes one uses in phrases. Don't be so ignorant. It is evident that no explanation can satisfy to dolts like you and Renuka. Dave gave you the explanation and you say that it is from the internet or a website, and here you are using information from the wilkipedia which is also on the net. How do you justify that?

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 21 st June 2010 15:35


My Dear Renuka, I really do not understand where is hypocricy when I have very clearly told you that I have studied in the school and it was found on the history book itself. Where is the hypocricy in this? I do not know how to make you understand the fact that this is what we found in the history books supplied to us by MSB during our school days. Based on that I have said that WCB is a christian. My dear you are carrying on the conversation just attacking me in a very silly way when I have already given you an explanation on that issue.

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 21 st June 2010 15:32


I fully agree with what Mr. Gogate and Mr. Vishwas are saying. We do have problems in our country and the need of the hour is to weed them out using the democratic process and not by praising Western countries, who have once ruled over us and looted our treasures. Its like a child saying that his friend's parents are better because they are moneyed and his, poor and unable to provide him with better facilities. Our motherland should be closest to our hearts, howsoever she may be. Its really shameful that people criticize India and praise other countries and then have the audacity of calling themselves Indian.

- Ratanlal Kriplani, Hyderabad | 21 st June 2010 13:04


Good show Dave - great effort in cutting & pasting unedited contents from http://www. pno=1&secid=238. The bad news is that Don Bosco, as everyone knows, is a Catholic-based, inspired and run institution, so its not surprising that they would create non-existent entities that would glorify Christian influence on the freedom struggle. Dr. Kuruvachira, the author of the treatise from which Dave has conveniently lifted contents verbatim and pasted on this blog, is a well-known preacher in the Kottayam area of Kerala and what else would you expect from a preacher with a single-point agenda of spreading his faith? If one googles the names of the "illustrious gentlemen and ladies" that Dave mentions, you would find no neutral and unbiased source extolling their contributions, only Christian websites. If I were to give an excerpt from one of the RSS websites, it would be shot down by bloggers saying that all contents are doctored to suit RSS' agenda...ditto in this case.

Great attempt Dave but I'm afraid, doesn't make the grade.

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 21 st June 2010 12:03


The accusation that Christians did not participate in the freedom struggle is a very serious one against the Indian Christian community, and is a gross distortion of facts.

But the distortion cannot be dismissed as mere ignorance, but deliberate and ideologically motivated. Considering the numerical insignificance of the Christians in India compared to the Hindus who form the majority population, the Christian contribution in freedom struggle is indeed commendable. Thus patriotism is indeed a Christian virtue.

In addition, we need to remember that the vast majority of the Christians of India belong to the lower casts during the independence movement they were still struggling to emancipate themselves from the clutches of the upper castes of Hinduism. Again, Christianity moulded the minds of men, women, children and youth through their educational institutions so that they began to long for freedom from every form of oppression, including the colonial rule. This was also a form of participation of the Christians in the freedom struggle.

There were Christian missionaries who gave full support to the nationalist cause to the embarrassment and indignation of the British colonial government. Among these missionaries the more well known names are: Stanley Jones, C.F.Andrews, J.C.Winslow, Varrier Elwin, Ralph Richard Keithahn and Ernest Forrester-Paton. George Thomas, a well known Church historian maintains that, the Indian Christian Community played an influential role, especially in the early phase of the Indian National Congress – founded in 1885.

in the third annual session of the Congress in 1887, out of 607 participants in the session, 15 were Indian Christians, and among those who addressed the assembly was Madhu Sudhan Das (1848-1934, popularly known as ‘Utkal Gourab’), a well-known leader from the Christian community in Orissa. The number and influence of Indian Christians continued to be impressive in the subsequent sessions of the Congress. Kali Charan Banerjee (1847-1907), a Bengali Christian and a fine orator, regularly addressed the annual sessions of the Congress in moulding the policy of National Movement. In the Congress session of 1889, among the ten women delegates, three were Christians: Pandita Ramabai Saraswati (1858-1922), Mrs. Triumbuck, Mrs. Nikambe.

There are records of active Christian participation in the Swaraj Movement (1905), the Non Co-operation Movement (1920), the Civil Disobedience Movement (1930) and the ‘Quit India’ Movement (1942). Since the 1920s, many Christian institutions and organisations like, the All India Conference of Indian Christians, the National Christian Council of India, Christian leaders and student groups related to United Theological College (Bangalore), Serampore Collge (Bengal), St. Paul’s College, Calcutta (Bengal), Malabr Christian College, Calicut (Kerala), the Youth Christian Council of Action (Kerala), the Student Christian Movement of India, the Indian Christian Association of Bengal, a conference of Christians in Bombay, a meeting of Christians in Palayamcotta and Tinnavelly, and the like, passed resolutions expressing complete solidarity with the freedom movement. Some of them even took part in massive manifestations against the British colonial government.

Paul Ramasamy (b.1906) was another important Christian who took part in the freedom struggle. In 1930 he joined the freedom movement during the Salt satyagraha days. He picketed the Bishop Herber College, Thiruchirappalli. He was arrested and sentenced to six months of imprisonment and was kept at Thiruchirapalli and Alipuram jails.

Venkal Chakkarai (b.1880) participated in the Civil Disobedience Movement.

Arthur Jayakumar says that when the Non-Co-operation Movement was started in 1920, there were Indian Christians in the whole of India who took part in it.

N.H.Tubbs, the principal of the Bishop College, Calcutta, wrote a confidential letter to his Mission dated 23 February 1921 stating “a very significant feature of the last months have been the deep interest of Christian students in the national non-co-operation movement.

Geoerge Thomas notes that Barhmabandhab Upadhyaya (1861-1907) a ‘Hindu Catholic’ sadhu and theologian, played a leading role in the Swadeshi Movement.

In the freedom and pro-democracy movement in Travancore in the 1930s and 1940s, prominent Christian leaders like T.M. Varghese, A.J. John, Anne Mascarenes and Akkamma Cherian were pioneering forces. Philoppose Elanjikkal John (1903-1955) was another prominent member of the Travencore State Congress.

Joachim Alva (1907-1979) was another outstanding personality in the history of the freedom struggle. He was profoundly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals. As a student leader, he was the pioneer of youth movement in India. He gave whole-hearted devotion to the national movement and gave up his lucrative job in order to dedicate himself for the freedom struggle.

Mrs.Violet Alva (1908-1969) was another personality with abiding nationalist interest.

George Joseph (1887-1938) was another outstanding Christian who engaged in the freedom struggle. He was one of the three members of the Home Rule deputation sent to England in 1918 to present the Indian case before British public.

C.Samuel Aaron was another noteworthy Christian who participated in the national movement. He was a great industrialist of North Malabar.

Among the leading Christian women leaders who took part in the freedom struggle mention may be made of Mrs. George Joseph, Mrs. Gracy Aaron, Mrs Margaret Pavamani, Miss Mary Thomas and Miss Matilda Kalten.

I Hope this clarifies to all that yes christian did play an important role .


- Dave, UK | 21 st June 2010 09:47


Mr Gogate, you are right, theoretically the corrupt politicians can be voted out in Indian democracy but the reality is that the same corrupt people come to power again and again by manipulating the system and we see the rule of dynasty in this country. A section of the voters is lured by the corrupt to come to power and the values, morals, are only for teaching in schools and colleges.

The second point you brought out is about the judicial system in this country. Do you really feel that the system is delivering justice to a common man? With crores of cases pending in various courts for decades and the criminals and corrupt all the time escaping punishment- does this speak well of the system? Such delayed justice is no justice at all!

All the time blaming the foreign countries doesnot solve our problems, After independence, it was expected that the country would grow into a sovereign nation where, honesty, truthfulness, hard work, values and ethical behaviour would be rewarded! But instead what do you see all around?- The corrupt manipulating the system-the criminals and rapists grabbing the seats of power- the judicial sytem unable to deliver justice to a common man- the maoists and naxals ruthlessly killing innocent people-the terrorists committing acts of terror at their will without any fear making the life of a common man insecure- the corrupt politicians destroying the environments by unscrupulous mining- the kith and kin of the ministers involved in drug trafficking spoiling the younger generation- the deliberate attempt by the people in power to keep the cast system alive and perpetuating hatred amongst various communities!

Why dont we realize all this and work together to improve the degenerated system instead of breaking our head over petty insignificant issues?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 21 st June 2010 08:19


What Amarjeet mentions is absolutely correct. Those whose community has played absolutely no part in the independence of India have no moral right of speaking ill about it. The fact that they praise the environment in foreign countries (incidentally those who were our colonial masters) and criticize Indian conditions should feel ashamed and if they feel that way, should abdicate their Indian nationality and passport. A person who has no love for his country is a traitor and deserves no place here.

- Namita Dhillon, New Delhi | 21 st June 2010 07:59


Does Shirodkar think he owns Goa? The fact is we Goans need tourists, both domestic and international, much more than they need us. Why am I getting this feeling that Goans on this blog are not considering themselves as Indian - shame on such people. Mr. Shyam Sawant, are you listening?

- Mangesh Kalgutkar, Calangute, Goa | 21 st June 2010 07:40


Mr. Shirodkar, I think you need to behave or at least appear to behave sanely. Whether we come to Goa or not is your business; the Constitution of my country grants me the liberty of going anywhere throughout the nation. Its not due to the so-called benevolence of self-styled Goa loyalists like Shirodkar that we get a "chance" of visiting Goa. And anyway, what is Goa perceived as these days - a haven for booze, drugs, sex, rapes and hippie culture. So, if Shirodkar's mighty proud of this culture, it reflects his mindset and good luck to him.

Mr. Menino, your hypocrisy has already been highlighted by Mr. Gogate. First you talk about WC Bannerjee, pose him as a Christian (despite Parag proving conclusively and also posting the Wiki link) and extol his efforts in the independence struggle and then when you are proven wrong, you mention that since Goa was under Portuguese rule, there was no possibility of having Goan Catholic freedom fighters. If this is not hypocrisy, what is? You may dwell on that you have replied to Gogate but the truth is that you have just flip-flopped but shied to admit the truth. This is the classic ostrich head-in-the-sand attitude, when you don't want to see what's around but only stick to what you're doing.

Amarjeet, you've hit the nail on the head. Instead of using senseless vocabulary, Goans must admit that there's indeed been no Christian contribution during the freedom struggle.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 21 st June 2010 01:26


Mr. Amarjeet Singh Babbar - In that case Please tell me why were your Sikh people fighting for an independent KHALISTAN? How much blood was shed during that movement! Nobody is taking here on Gogate but it is he who is inciting people with his nonsense instead of just closing the flimsy topic

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 20 th June 2010 23:44


So Gogate you and your bunch of stupid and foolish cronies don’t think that Mr. Menino has given you the answer to your questions? That shows your (Gogate’s) literacy. Well now Mr. Dave has given you a good and proper answer. You can brood over it in your sleep. Where are you in India or out of India? If you are in India looks like you are one fellow involved in falsifying history etc………

- Jane De Sa, Margao | 20 th June 2010 23:36


Dave I really appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Your are really wise in your comments and unless Gogate and his foolish cronies have l some sense in their dull brains will understand the wisdom of your words.

- Lily Gracias, Panjim | 20 th June 2010 23:25


Bang on Renuka, What analysis, research you guys have put in hats off to you. You exposed all goans hypocrisy. Do you guys want the nobel price. We have lots in Goa for people like you.

Ok now you had your say, so what are you , Gogate, Sanjiv , Hemant

doing to contribute to our society, besides Analysis of Goan hypocrisy, cronies , liars, sly what else. You had your say.

What have you done to make your future a better place to live in, besides your so called Analysis, Please let us know all Goans want to learn from you...????

Menino has being polite so far with you all and has not resorted to any name calling. He has class.

If you already have answers to your questions why are you so hell bend to get a answer from Goans and yet call us hypocrisy. I dont understand.

Long live Goa, Goans, and India.

- Dave, UK | 20 th June 2010 19:19


Why is there so much hatred against Mr. Gogate who's posed one simple question: what's the role of Indian Christians in the Indian freedom struggle? It seems, the absence of a logical answer has angered most of the bloggers. We Sikhs were always in the forefront of the fight for independence and there was practically a freedom fighter in every Sikh household - unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Indian Christians. A mere admittance of the fact that yes, there wasn't any contribution from Indian Christians during the freedom struggle, would automatically bring this debate to a closure.

- Amarjeet Singh Babbar, Ludhiana | 20 th June 2010 16:20


@Vishwas: I agree that its a sorry state of affairs that Indian politicians are looting the country but there's a big difference in the loot conducted by them and that perpetrated by foreign colonisers. Here, we have, through franchise, the capacity to vote out such unscrupulous politicians out of power but the foreign colonisers heaped their authority on us through force and coercion and looted away our riches by subjugating us. Another difference is that the Indian judicial system can be enforced to bring Indian politicians to justice (at least there's a theoretical possibility) but there's no way we can exercise our authority to retrieve the loot that has been taken away from us by the colonisers.

@Ms. D'Sa: You seem to have lost it. On one hand you say I don't deserve to be entered into a conversation and on the other, you lambast me no end. But I'm sure you mean no harm - your outburst seems more like someone's who has no basis to argue and prove the other person wrong but who just wants to tom-tom that what somebody else (in this case Menino) says is the Holy Grail, just because he happens or is construed to be a local "intellectual". My sympathies are with you madam.

@Shyam Sawant: I think you need help because I'm kind of astonished that you kept mentioning "your ministers or government" as if to indicate that you have absolutely no association with India. In fact, from what you've written, you come across more an agent of the foreign powers that looted us rather than a self-respecting Indian. In the Arab countries you referred to, people like you are tried for treason and their fate sealed.

@Menino: If you think you've answered by question be happy in that thought because there are many - which of course don't include your cronies - who don't think so. By just repeating the same thing again and again, a question is not deemed to have been answered. Even you realise you've bungled but that's ok; unstable minds often do and I empathise with you.

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 20 th June 2010 16:00


Renuka sly people like you come and live and enjoy in Goa at the benevolence of us the kind hearted Goans are nothing but a bunch of idiots who just talk rot. Bang – you have exploded your stupid ideas here on a sensible blog meant for gentle and educated people. If you can talk rot about us Goans we too can do the same. Just read the comment of Vishwas and so many people who are showing you how neat looting is going on after independence. You answer to that point only and don’t yep out any rubbish.

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 20 th June 2010 15:57


Renuka Sahay, if you are a sensible lady can you please show me where did you find hypocrisy in my comments? And who are my bunch of cronies? There is nothing exploded in by Gogate. What about your bunch of cronies who are talking rubbish here? Be sensible and stick to the point. I have given you an answer properly asked by you and that too very politely. Is answering your question hypocrisy? You being a lady talks in a way that undermine your personality? I really do not understand what the hypocrisy here was. It was a fact and some clean and healthy discussion. In fact Gogate’s approach was not proper and now you ask a question and you get the answer you just try to twist the matter by using the HYPOCRISY. Please show that you are an educated person. Just don’t talk all that gibberish. - Menino

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 20 th June 2010 15:51


Yes it is true that the foreign powers that colonized India/Goa looted wealth from this country. But what about the loot which is taking place now after the independence? A Madhu Koda just two years in power can loot 2000 crores and so are the other corrupt politicians who are repeatedly manipulating the election process to occupy the chairs and loot the common man! And we the so called intellectuals are busy quarreling over petty issues ! How sad picture?

- vishwas prabhudesai, Loliem | 20 th June 2010 09:00


Bang on, Mr. Gogate - what analysis! You have exploded the hypocrisy displayed by Menino and his bunch of cronies.

- Renuka Sahay, Kanpur | 19 th June 2010 23:15


Gogate is a naive fellow who does not even know how to carry on a discussion. What rubbish are you writing? I feel that you are someone not worth entering into a conversation. If you have feeling that you have an upper hand then you are wrong and just as the wilkipedia of yours can be wroing.

- Jane De Sa, Margao | 19 th June 2010 22:08


And so Gogate the remaining part of the looting is being carried on systematically by your Indian ministers and government. Right? In fact India is being looted now by your so called honest and god fearing Indian Government (ministers) and you have the nerve to say that the British have looted India. This shows your mentality and your intelligence. Open your eyes wide and see what is happening. Go to Arab countries Indians are considered as menials and are treated badly. Just visit some of the arab countries and how the Indians are treated and they have no support from Indian embassy. Then come back to India and write your say.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 19 th June 2010 21:32


Gogote I am not afraid of you got it? It is you who is acting slyly and trying to be silly. I think I have answered correctly about the question put by Renuka. Regarding WC Banerjee so many people including myself have answered to you and my answer still stands as is. I was not answering to you. Read my comment well try to understand it first if you can and then reply back to me and if you want to do it personally my email ID is somewhere in one of the comments of GOA NEWS get it and can mail to me. That answer is not to your question but to Renuka’s and Bansal’s. Your name landed there accidentally. Secondly I do not think I have to answer to you again over that topic, because you will find so many people some of whom I do not even know have answered that. By the way it looks like you have taken everything personally rather than a clean discussion. Anyway good luck…Menino

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 19 th June 2010 20:49


About looting India I agree. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has joined an international network for the return of priceless artifacts taken away during British rule, including the Kohinoor diamond and the Sultanganj Buddha.

Not only India, various other countries like Mexico, Peru, China, Bolivia, Cyprus and Guatemala also voiced the same concern to get back their stolen and looted antiquities and to join the international campaign.

The Kohinoor Diamond is one of the most famous diamonds in the world. The Kohinoor diamond was first mentioned in 1306 when it was taken from a Rajah of Malwa, whose family had held the diamond for centuries. It was described as weighing 186 carats and was an oval cut white diamond - the shape and size of a small hen's egg. The Kohinoor diamond belonged to various Indian and Persian rulers but it became part of the Crown Jewels of England at the time that Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress of India. The Kohinoor was re-cut at this time and now weighs 108.93 carats and is kept in the Tower of London.

- Dave, UK | 19 th June 2010 17:46 very cleverly & slyly, Menino talks about the inability of the "Goan Catholics" to participate in India's freedom struggle. Wasn't it Menino who gave the example of WC Bannerjee - was he Goan by any stretch of imagination? When Menino found no answer to my question, he conveniently twists it to his advantage. Good show!

I find it amusing that he talks about prosperity in the UK & Portugal, who according to him, don't loot the masses. They wouldn't need to because they have already looted India to the bones, so what their populace is enjoying now are fortunes of our country. Its shameful that countries that ruled us for hundreds of years and stripped us to skeleton, are finding words of praise from an Indian.

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 19 th June 2010 15:35


OK Renuka, If Mr. Gogate’s question according to you is “what is the contribution of the Christians in the freedom movement?” Then let me answer in a polite and deeming manner. First of all if he is talking about the freedom struggle of India then History says that we the Goan Catholics could not participate in it because we were under a different rule and the Indians were fighting for the Independence of India from British. But when the turn came for the so called liberation of Goa from the Portuguese, History will tell you how many Catholics were involved in its liberation. I need not elaborate on it any further. And sadly I am sorry to say that till date Goans are suffering for its liberation, because you see I am in UK and have been to Portugal as well, these countries are prospering till date. Why? They don’t loot the poor in the form of corruption and even one is given unemployment benefits whatever be the nationality. Is this happening in Goa after Liberation or is it happening in India after its independence? Today India (and Goa including) is topping the list of most corrupt country in the world. Why? Has any good come out of independence or liberation? I hope you and Gogate gets your answer here very clearly.

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 18 th June 2010 22:22


Mr. Menino - I didn't get irritated - I simply toed Mr. Gogate's stand on the contribution of Christians (or rather the lack of it) during India's freedom movement. The ones who are getting rattled are the ones who are supporting you, Mr. Menino. However, its ironical that someone who champions the cause of Goa and all things Goan, incidentally sports the address of a country who were our colonial masters.

Meanwhile, the question Mr. Gogate has put across still remains unanswered.

- Sanjiv Bansal, Noida | 18 th June 2010 21:38


I would like to thank Dave, Shyam Sawant, Iqbal, Joe Rebello, Lily and the others who supported me. And Bansal and gogote how would you like if someone called you a liar. I only wrote what I read and was taught in the school. The whole issue of you two people’s interference is that you did it in a wrong way. Of course everybody has a right to talk but it should be intellectually. So Bansal since according to you everyone has the right to talk then let them talk. Why do you get irritated? I did not get irritated at all by yours or Gogate’s comments. But it is obivious that both of you have misrepresented your comments and that is what has made these people on the blog angry. No one stops you from supporting Gogote that is your right. But remember we have a right too and in our Goa, yes absolutely, we come first. That’s all, nothing personal. LONG LIVE GOA and LONG LIVE GOANS.

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 18 th June 2010 20:00


One has to live for today and tomorrow. Yesterday is dead and gone. We do not need any ideas from guys like Bansal and Gogate, Bansal don't talk scrap. Just sit and enjoy your tea in noida. Goans will not offer you or gogate anything

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 18 th June 2010 19:50


Instead of heaping insults on Mr. Gogate, why doesn't someone stand & answer his queries on the Christian impact on independence movement? His stand is upright and straightforward and this seems to have angered those who don't have an answer. School books have often been wrong - wasn't Pluto considered a planet by all books, encyclopedia, etc. till a year ago? But now its established that Pluto is no longer a planet but just a celestial body. Similarly, "Parag-baiters" need to know that school books can be wrong and to stick to your guns despite being corrected, says a lot about their stubborn mule-like mentality.

- Hemant Shah, Kolkata | 18 th June 2010 19:39


Mr. Gogate, if you carefully study how India was invaded by outsiders repeatedly and the local people were forcibly converted and made to change their religion and faith-may be with the intension of firmly establishing their roots in this alien country- is not a very pleasant history to read and know! the Hindu religion too has the cast system where one cast looks down on the other cast and there is jealousy and hatred between different castes. The worst thing is that, once a person is converted or changes his faith willingly or otherwise,, there is no means to take him back in the mainstream! Moreover all the Hindus too are not a homogeneous lot, with one section claiming superiority over the other! The main thing we should learn from the History is we should never fight amongst ourselves and give opportunity for the corrupt selfish people to rule us and make wealth at our cost because these selfish corrupt people are able to rule us because we are easily divided! How could a handful of Britishers or French or Portuguese, coming all the way from thousands of Miles,- from the other side of the globe- through stormy sea, could rule such a big Country for centuries? Or for that matter the muslim rulers travelling thousands of miles crossing deserts and icy terrains could establish their rule over the people in this country? We have never learnt any lesson from the bitter and unpleasant history because even now we continue to fight over petty issues, create unnecessary communal divides, and allow the corrupt politicians to rule us and prosper themselves at our cost, impose dynasty rule, loot our money and keep it in swiss banks,and make thousands of crores for their next ten generations by occupying seats of power!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 18 th June 2010 18:35


I agree with Mr. Parag Gogate fully. Instead of answering his question about the Christian contribution in the freedom movement, you are ganging up against him. If you are so proud of your "Goan intellectuals", why can't anyone answer Mr. Gogate logically instead of quarreling like children?

- Renuka , Sahay | 18 th June 2010 18:33


There is nothing wrong with the truth and there is nothing wrong with what Gandhi said, But you 2 individuals who are hindus are using your so called bitter truth to your advantage to prove your point, if you 2 were catholics you would be singing a different tune. Truth or no truth, right or wrong always gets complicated because of human nature. Sanjiv relax take a chill pill.. I suggest we close this topic.


- Dave, Uk | 18 th June 2010 18:25


You're correct Shaikh Iqbal, Mr. Menino still talks and argues like a schoolboy as indeed do all those who insist that he's correct. Wikipedia is the undisputed source of information & when they claim something, it's substantiated by a lot of study and proof. In any case, WC Bannerjee was just the President of the INC and not a freedom fighter and once did he face imprisonment for his anti-British activities (because there were none). So - the question remains - where is the Christian contribution in the freedom struggle? Instead of lampooning me, why don't you "intellectuals" answer?

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 18 th June 2010 18:22


I don't see why so many people get upset at Parag Gogate. Does someone becomes a villian by uttering the truth? Gandhiji, in his "My Experiments with the Truth" has mentioned that every Indian is essentially a Hindu in his character and soul. Will any of you then say that Gandhiji had a divisive agenda? Truth is always a bitter pill to swallow. Keep it up Parag, I am with you.

- Sanjiv Bansal, Noida | 18 th June 2010 01:24


You're correct Vishwas but at least those whose ancestors have abdicated their Hindu roots for a different faith should acknowledge this fact. As they say, those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. And Ms. Gracias, for your kind information, I live in a country that gives me freedom of expression, so don't give me that crap about not "poking my nose into Goan affairs". All you guys who are rankled are livid because I've spoken the bitter truth to which you have no answer, so that's why I've suddenly become someone who's trying to "divide" Goa. Grow up.

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 18 th June 2010 00:07


parag Gogate for your kind information Mr. Menino was and is till date the most extraordinarily intelligent student in the school. You can check that at Our Lady of Lourdes High School Valpoi Goa. And as such we have strong faith in his intelligence that he would not blurt out anything wrong. Your wilkipedia can be wrong but not Menino. I too remember the same face that WC Banerjee was a Christian and it was on the history book. These school text books were supplied by Maharashtra State Bureau of education as Goa Board did not have the same during our time. It was in Std VII or VIII that we came across this. So you better do your studies well and come to write comments on our Goan Sites.

- Shaikh Iqbal, Valpoi | 17 th June 2010 23:49


I certainly agree with Lily, Dave(UK), Shyam Sawant, Vishwas Prabhudesa and above all with Menino. But definitely do not agree with parag Gogate, who tries to insult our Goan intellectuals. Dave has written the best medical comment to parag gogate. What right have you to say that Menino is LYING? It is his comment. You have something you write but do not insult our Goans. We have not insulted you or anyone in Pune. From the history we learnt in the schools it was mentioned that W C Banerjee is a Christian. In that case go to Maharashtra State Bureau where the books came from that time and correct the history. The books we used were from MSB then try to get at us. According to you MSB are liers because the history books came from there.

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 17 th June 2010 23:35


Before the Mughals,French, Potuguese or English came to India and colonised this great counry, I think the society was homogeneous with majority as Hindus.It is quite obvious that our ancestors, whether we are Hindu, Catholic, or Muslim, were the same. Now fighting amongst ourselves and getting divided over religion or cast is a foolishness which is encouraged by the corrupt shrewd politicians who want to grab power by dividing the society over all possible lines! We should all wake up to the realities and should not fall prey to the tactics of the corrupt politicians who are exploiting the masses and ruling us and making money by keeping us poor and underprivileged!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 16 th June 2010 18:14


I'm not trying to divide anyone here - just trying to show you guys the mirror. I'd really appreciate if Mr. Sawant can answer my reasoning with rationale rather than resorting to chest-thumping rhetoric - let's leave that to politicians & actors. And what's this business about going to Kolkata (in case Mr. Sawant is unaware, its no longer Calcutta now)? When Wikipedia tells me a fact, I'd rather believe them, rather than a certain Mr. Sawant, who at best, can only argue childishly.

- Parag Gogate, Pune | 16 th June 2010 17:41


parag Gogate,

What information you are gathering is not from a legible source and can be written by anyone like you. So Before you try to use your cave minded thinking to create communalism in Goa , I suggest keep your nose in your kitchen where it belongs and use your mind more constructively



- Dave, UK | 16 th June 2010 16:28


Gogate, please stop talking nonsense and don't poke your nose in Goa. It is high time you learnt History well. Menino is not lying. Do not talk wrong about our Goans who are intellects.

- Lily Gracias, Panjim | 16 th June 2010 14:09


Parag Gogate, you do not create communalism in Goa and we the Goans will never fall for your stupid and rubbish comment. For your kind information we the Goans Hindus, Christians and Muslims are united but it is you people from the other parts of India who try to create a rift here in Goa and divide us on relgious Grounds. Mr. Menino is quite right in what he has commented about WC Banerjee. You go to Calcutta and you will be able to find out about WCB.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 16 th June 2010 00:49


Menino is lying when he says that Womesh Chandra Bannerjee was Christian. He should look up, which mentions categorically that WC Bannerjee's last rites were carried out as per Hindu Brahmin customs. Besides, the debate here is about Goan Christians & not other Christians. The fact of the matter - howsoever bitter it may be - is that Christians in India owe their existence as Christians due to foreign colonisers, be they British or Portuguese. Before occupation, they were Hindus & its but obvious that they, as Christians, wouldn't rebel against their masters who introduced them to their new faith. That explains the gross absence of Christian contribution in the freedom struggle - whether Indian or Goan.

Jai Hind!

parag Gogate


- Parag Gogate, Pune | 15 th June 2010 21:20


I am appalled that ignorant people are calling Swami Ramdev. "Fake" without knowing anything about him. I have been following him for the last few years and he has made an unimaginable difference to me. I think before casting aspersions on a swami ( which is quite fashionable), people should also understand that the real villain who will burn in hell (if there is one) is Papa Ratzi who blocked a church trial against a priest accused of molesting some 200 deaf boys.

- GoanInUS, USA | 26 th May 2010 10:52


In healthy discussions, one should not get upset and resort to personal accusations because he has a different view point! There are millions of people who have benefited due to following the simple pranayama techniques of Swamiji! There are cases of people who got new lease of life due to following his simple breathing exercises! What he has already done for our countrymen is laudable and his contribution in improving health of millions has no equal!

We should never be pessimistic as the call of the hour is to save this country from the corrupt and criminals.We pray God that he will succeed in his mission!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 11 th May 2010 08:27


are you from Goa Sumit? if you were you should know that a lot of Christians fought for its freedom. In India Christians have contributed to its progress and development in a propeortion greater than their actual nos.

Who says India is only for people of a particular particular religion?who has given you the right to say so? As Menino says India is not for Hindus Alone!

- LV, goa | 11 th May 2010 07:13


From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate what Mr. Purshottam has written below. You have written very sensibly and really deserve credit for such thinking. Here you are absolutely right in what ever you have written. We have to wait and see and really it does not make any difference to add one more. You are right!

Let me answer SUMIT as well. Well Sumit you seem to go a bit far. If you do not know history, do you read at least? History says that British never ruled Goa and left India much much before the liberation of Goa. So can you expect Goan Christians to get involved in Indian Independence?

But still to refresh you memory in case you have forgotten Mr. Womesh Chandra Bannerjee was a Christian and was fighting for Independence of India. In Goa, lots of Christians fought for its liberation. Every Christian of Goan origin or otherwise a citizen of India has the right to talk bad or good of India because India is a democratic country and even the Supreme Court has said that every individual has the right to speak out his mind. No one can stop anybody talking what is in their minds. If you cannot bear to hear, I think it would be appropriate for you to shut your mouth and sit at home quietly. Show that you are a rational human being, educated (if you are one). This shows your mentality towards other religions. India is just not for Hindus alone. Get that in your head.

You can put up comments in contrast, but do not create communalism in Goa among Goans where Hindus, Muslims and Christians live in perfect Harmony. I mean the original Goans (Hindus, Muslims & Christians) Try to do something constructive and do not be destructive. Thank you. Menino

- Menino G. P. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 10 th May 2010 22:13


Dear All,

This is a democracy and every body should be allowed to disagree. And therefore conversation should not be discontinued.

Secondly mr. sawant, one should not have doubt on anybody's abilities, I have said there are so many useless / pathetic characters persons in Goan politics it self, consider one more will come in entire Indian politics, what difference it will make don’t vote him until you feel he is capable of doing something.

I have said that let him come with agenda and people will decide his faith. Lets wait and watch , don’t lose hopes and also don’t rule him out.

- purushottam, Ponda | 10 th May 2010 18:27


I agree with Prakash and Nilesh.It is always better to discontinue the discussion when two people don't agree on some points instead of stretching it till the discussion becomes unpleasant!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 10 th May 2010 17:05


Has there ever been a Christian freedom figher against the British in India?If not let them please shut up.They are in India,let them enjoy it,but talking about good or bad of India is none of their business.

- Sumit, India | 10 th May 2010 17:01



I have been following Swami Ramdev ji for the last 6 months. I am in IT for 20 years and this is my first web posting. We all (including myself) need to ask ourselves that what contribution I am doing as a citizen of India. What solutions do I have because Swami Ramdev is a person like us. It is always easier to understand my own point of view than someone else. If I will be able to contribute 0.1% of what Swami Ramdev is contributing then it will be overwhelming satisfaction of my liife.

Just my thoughts.

- prakash, usa | 08 th May 2010 02:54




Health is wealth, he is teaching not only to the citizens of India but also the people all over the world how to live life healthy and be optimist all the citizen of India have the right to express their view for the betterment of our own country so be positive and attend the yoga classes of baba Ramdev.

- Nilesh Shetgaonkar, Morjim | 07 th May 2010 23:52


That does not answer my question Mr. Vishwas. Please do not twist the topic. Just give me a plain answer as to what the Baba is doing according to you to save the Country?

- Lily Gracias, Panjim | 07 th May 2010 21:34


Yes Mr. Purshottam, you are partially right. Mr. Ramdev baba is good now and was good before. But what here everybody is talking about is whether he will be the same after joining politics and once he is elected to power will his character remain the same and will he eradicate corruption? I doubt it my dear brother Purshottam. Mr. Vishwas you are drifting away from the main points like bai Lily said, sorry to say so.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 07 th May 2010 21:18


Once we accept that corruption is the greatest menace facing our country, any one who is out to do something to eradicate it, we have to wish him success. The intellectuals are always free to come out with better constructive ways of eradicating this menace, garner support of the masses and we will wish them success too! My wholehearted support to any one who is fighting against the corruption, gambling, and other activities destroying this nice beautiful State!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 07 th May 2010 16:08


Dear All,

Wait and watch Ram Dev Baba’s future course of actions, everybody will get their answers and as far as Political agendas of any political outfit are concerned it is always about WHAT YOU WILL DO IN FUTURE? And not what you have done in the past? So let Mr. Ramadev Baba come with his agenda for the political battle and people will give the opinion in the form of voting.

In our country, Phoolan Devi, Arun Gavli, are also elected, other big heroes of politics are as below:-

LaLoo Yadav, N. D Tiwari, Mayawati, Mulayam singh yadev, Charchill Alemao, Babush Monsirat, Dayanand Narverkar, Micky, Somnath Juarkar, etc. etc. are also elected and many of above are elected right here in Goa, so no need to question anybody is the people of india will decide the faith of Baba Ramdev, and last but not the least I personally feel that Baba is much better person then above mentioned people and I am also confident that large fraternity of our society thinks in this line, so let us give him and opportunity to speak at least and we will decide his faith.

Finally Instead of fighting battles that are already over, simply accept that things are as they are. Then look closely with a positive purpose, and you'll find plenty of opportunities for creating meaningful value.

- Purushottam, Ponda | 07 th May 2010 15:23


Mr. Vishwas I thought you were an intellectual person, but now I feel I was wrong. You have changed your views in three different ways in all you comments below and you have not answered Mr Sawant's question. In one comment you have said that we should support this man Ramdev in whatever he is doing to save the country. Can you please tell me specifically what is he doing to save the country? So far nobody has come accross him doing something to save the country. Mr. Vishwas can you answer my question please because may be me and the other readers are missing something that you know about this man and what he is doing to save the country. I would be much obliged for your answer. I appreciate, Mr Kalidas, Mr. Chris, Mr Menino, Jane, Mr Joseph and Mr. Sawant for their far sighted and right views.

- Lily Gracias, Panjim | 06 th May 2010 23:44


Mr. Sawant,

the real problem is that a section of our voters has also become corrupt as the voting by this section is done based on the favours /,money/ and dole-outs in various other forms given to them by the corrupt politicians! Changing this section of the voters and to make them vote for honest person is the real problem which does not have easy solution. The party structure could be helpful to some extent but whether a person would be successful in installing a honest Govt with principles is to be seen! We can only hope for the best!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 06 th May 2010 15:15


Mr. Wishwas you mean once he changes after forming the political party, are you going to be able to control him? What he is doing has nothing to do with his opening a new political party or in the comments below. Let him fight against corrupt as he is and everybody will support him and not by forming another party. Don't be too late to repent please

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 05 th May 2010 22:48


The corruption is there everywhere and may be in all countries. In some countries, it is less and a common man never feels its pinch. May be only at higher levels it exists, but here a common man feels it at each and every step, whether it is getting a job, a promotion, a posting, a transfer, a licence, a permit, construction of your own house in your own property, cutting of trees from ur own property and on and on and on..... the list is unending! Somewhere there has to be a stop to all this rot! One is right in saying that no political party has been able to stem the rot, but it does not mean, this cannot be done if honest people come into politics! This is difficult but not impossible! Why to be pessimists? Let us all wish that somebody honest will come to power and stem the rot!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 05 th May 2010 17:39


Hi All,

Reading almost all the comments upside down gives me only one feeling, people of Goa, in fact entire India, is so frustrated by the overall politics which is played in india.

The credibility of all the political parties are in jeopardy, some of the members of the party are good but, ruling parties are trying to frame some fake cases against clean leaders and ultimately their image is also tarnished any way that is not the point.

The point is whole India is frustrated, Eg. Kasab is convicted but co-accused are acquitted, just because they were Indian Muslims(Congress has fear that it might hurt their vote bank), afzal guru – Jamai ban ke baitha hai and President of India is seating on the file.

Atala is caught by media and not by police and also found that police themselves are corrupt, and going further Atala,s former Girlfriend says that son of a minister is involved in this, but on that police is not taking any action.

So on and so forth……….. I feel that people are not frustrated by this also…

But what happens to common persons, if they are without helmet on bike, they are fined, ordinary cars like Maruti 800, Alto, Indica are intercepted by police but higher value cars are left alone, people like Mahanand are acquitted due to political backing, no water supply, no electricity supply, garbage problem is not solved etc. etc…, no political will power to solve all this problems. The Best joke I can tell you is that The Verna industrial estate is the biggest estate of Goa and it does not have its Bus stand, people are standing on main road for buses, more importantly, last 3 years CM of Goa regularly makes up and down on the same road, but nothing happens…..

Because of all such problems people are frustrated and in this if some one called Ramdev Baba comes and tell people that he will clean up the system people can not digest it, and it is true because of the fact that all political parties are like Hammam mey sub nange therefore people cannot really digest/trust Ramdev baba’s intentions.

But I would say let us wait and watch his actions closely and decide his faith in due course, one should not forget his comment also, that almost 50% of the voters are not voting and he will convert them as his vote bank, he says that a party gets 35% of the total voted share then party wins, then if he gets 50% votes of total voters then definitely his party will win, the major problem is will he able to achieve this? Once again I say let us wait and watch………… till today as far as Ramdev Baba is concerned he has got very clean image. Let's not forget one thing, until and unless people of India votes him, his party will not flourish.

- Purushottam, Ponda Goa | 05 th May 2010 17:07


Criticising Baba Ramdev without knowing what he has done to the millions is ignorance! I think the right thinking people should support him and wish him all the best of luck in whatever he is doing to save this country!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 05 th May 2010 09:37


Mr vineet from Ranchi before you call anybody ignorant let me ask you a simple question. Do you find any of the political parties without corruption? Has anybody in the political parties been a saint and is without corruption? In all these comments below nobody has accused the guru of being corrupt. They have only stated that once in the political wing he too would do the same, which in other words he’ll do away with the corrupt oldies and be a new corrupt. He can fight corruption without starting a political party and that way he can remain clean. Otherwise once he creates a political party he is going to transform into a corrupt person just like the others. Can you execute people just because they are corrupt? From his words he clearly indicates that he is only waiting for an opportunity to jump into politics, which no one needs as already there are too many astray in India. Mr. Nilesh Shetgaonkar, let me tell you something, your so called baba has his eyes now on the political THRONE. It is evident from his speech. Otherwise why should he form a political party? You tell me Nilesh which poltical party till date has done away with corruption? That baba should stick to cleansing the mind, thoughts etc whatever he is doing now and that way there will be respect for him, else his whole character will change. Open you eyes wide and see what some of the swamis and gurus have done in India.

- Joseph Noronha, Mapuca | 04 th May 2010 21:28



jane do you know anything regarding this man? Then how can you say him a fake?.......please follow this man first, learn something from him to sharp your health and also the blocked mind.

Regarding his political view about the politics of India, he is very right and heading on right path. If you want to support him, then support, otherwise clean your mind.

He is a renowned Yoga guru all over the world. If he wishes, he can live a lavish life with all luxuries, but he is not so. Join his shibirs and iprove your health and thoughts.

- Nilesh Shetgaonkar, Morjim | 04 th May 2010 13:45


Here is a man who has done more for the health of the country than the health department of all the states and the centre combined. He has rehabilitated lakhs of alcohol and tobacco addicts. And still there are educated people (read English speaking) who have the ignorance to call him corrupt.

God save Goa!

- Vineet, Ranchi | 04 th May 2010 11:35


"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", IPL too was criticized. Press and Media set up the explosion bomb to bring the corrupt officials to light, yet the public had their senses closed and kept watching, spending money on those match fixing games. Was the general public not aware of these fixtures? yet kept on applauding. Everyone has likes and dislikes. Watch in your own community and see the lines of partisans- Let's remember what M. Gandhi said " I love all religious leaders and their preaching, when a soul enters the place of worship, it interacts with their God, no longer the soul exists the holy place, he or she does the same thing". Today's religious leaders of all faith takes the sick soul for a ride and you pay for their expenses.

- Emediavoices, Goa | 04 th May 2010 09:25


Mogall Goans let us dtop this man now or it will be too late to repent.

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 02 nd May 2010 13:41


Well said Mr. Menino. Now a fake baba wants to kill all the corrupt and himself wants to start new type of corruption? Mr Kalidas you are very correct to the point. Mr. Chris very brilliantly put. Now this self declared baba wants to rule and be a king of corruption.

- Jane de Sa, Margao | 02 nd May 2010 13:38


Now all that Goa needs is another political party created by a self proclaimed GURU. Another good direction towards corruption and a new BASE in Goa. Everybody tries to take Goans for a ride. GOOD BUSINESS! What a deception in the name of doing away with corruption! I fully agree with Mr. Kalidas & Mr. Chris. All that we need now is a godman to start more rubbish. Goans do not get deceived by sis hypocrisy. He is trying to make hay while the sun shines. Has anybody ever heard that corruption was done away by forming another political party? It is this so called guru's trick to start another new revolution of corruption and that too by using God. Poor God! Even God must be sick of such guys. GOANS, BE CAREFUL FROM SUCH DHONGI BABAS AND GURUS – Menino (Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 02 nd May 2010 00:17


Baba Randev is right in saying so! The cancer of corruption is destroying the whole democratic set up of our country! Unfortunately no department has remained unaffected which can be easily seen from the various reports and arrests made from almost every department of the democratic set up!

The Corrupt politicians have mastered the art of winning the elections by catching hold of a section of our electorate and bribing them and making them cast their votes in return for the favours! Once they occupy the seats of power then again they are free to indulge in all sort of corrupt practices building up the kitty for spending in the next elections!

Unfortunately we don't have the news media and the print media owned by independent corporations so that they can give out their truely independent views! This is seen to some extent in US and other developed countries. Here in this country unfortunately the politicians to a large extent, are able to influence the media and black out the news and articles which could expose their corruption and bring out probity in public life!

The Bofors, Harshad Mehata, Nagarwala, import of coffins/Bullet proof jackets, Fake stamp paper scam, and hundreds of other cases are a proof to all this and it is really unfortunate that the common man never comes to know about the guilty being punished adequately! However the assets of the corrupt go on multiplying many times and one can see may Madhu Kodas all aroud us!

The common man wishes, shri Ramdevbaba to succeed in eliminating the cancer of corruption but the path is all full of difficulties and may be full of lot many risks as fighting the corrupt has always been very much difficult!

The biggest obstacle is that, the corrupt politicians have converted a section of the voters who can be easily influenced to cast their votes in return for petty favours and money and this is the feeling of a common man! How to change this section of the voters to feel ashamed in accepting favours in return for votes is the real issue! Is the answer so easy?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 01 st May 2010 19:50


What Baba Ramdev says makes lot of sense! The corruption has become the cancer that is destroying the vitals of our State and our Nation! Fighting against it looks very difficult as some section of our own society has become accustomed to the easy money that it fetches! Winning elections by using this money gained through corrupt practices and again misusing the seats of power, to make more money , is also a common thing which one can see everywhere! The corrupt politicians will fight tooth and nail and to put in all out efforts to defeat the principles for which Baba Ramdev is standing! They would try all means including infiltrating in his organization, generating scandals of all sorts like prostitution, drug peddling, using gundaas against him, and all other available methods to bring bad name to him! If he succeeds, it will be a great boon for the present degenerated democracy that we have right now where the honest and people with principles find very hard to survive and the corrupt and cheats rule the masses!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 01 st May 2010 12:19


The picture of this self proclaimed "guru" selected by the Goa News Desk team says it all. If every corrupt person is put on death row then there will be noone left to carry out the executions!!

- Chris, Australia | 01 st May 2010 06:02


If there are no more corrupt people, who will fund his shibirs and other activities?

- Kalidas Sawkar, Goa-India | 30 th April 2010 23:53