Special status for Goa in pre-draft on CRZ

PTI, PANAJI | 24 April 2010 17:04 IST

Goa’s traditional fishermen fearing to lose their structures on the beach to the coastal regulation zone (CRZ) norms are likely to get relief with the recent pre-draft of CRZ 2010 by union government, a minister said.

State Environment Minister Aleixo Sequira told reporters today that Union Ministry of Environment and Forest's (MoEF) pre-draft on CRZ 2010 has given special status to Goa.
He said that the reconstructions and repair works of structures of local communities shall be permissible through this draft, which is likely to take the shape of a law by next two months.
Releasing the draft, which is uploaded on ministry's website, Sequira said that state government's efforts to convince union MoEF Jayram Ramesh to consider cases of Goan fishermen community, losing their dwellings and working shed to CRZ rules, sympathetically has bore fruits.
"We are thankful to the minister and UPA chairman Sonia Gandhi because of whom, many of the houses would be saved from being demolished," he said.
Sequeira, however, could not put the figure to structures that would been saved from being bulldozed after the pre-draft turns into law.
"I have gone through the draft.. We are yet to study it," he said responding to a question.
Many houses and work sheds in state's coastal belt were under cloud after high court order to strictly implement CRZ rule.
The ministry now has asked the state government to survey and map the fishing villages all along the Goa coast.
"Facilities required for the fishing and fishery allied activities such as traditional fish processing yards, boat building, repair yards, net mending yard, ice plants, ice storage, auction hall, jetties shall be provided in it," it adds.
The union ministry has also said that the eco sensitive low lying areas which are influenced by tidal action known as khazan lands shall be mapped. "The mangroves along such khazan land shall be protected and a management plan for the Khazal land be prepared," it adds.
The draft also directs the state to survey the sand dunes, beach stretches along the bays and creeks. "No commercial activities sahll be permitted on such sand dune areas," it reads.
The draft also mentions that the beaches such as Morjim, Galgibag and Agonda has been designated as turtle nesting sites and protected under Wildlife Protection Act 1972.
 "These areas shall be surveyed and a proper managment plan will be prepared for protection of these turtle nesting sites. No developemnt activites shall be permitted in such turtle breeding areas," draft says.
The minister said that the draft is loaded on the website and people can give their suggestions and objections to the state environment ministry by May 15, 2010.

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Since we have official language Konkani in

Goa, what development and progress done

by Goa Gvernment. Just few days ago I read

CM article saying "Decision of Konkani and

Marathi,why Mr. CM mixed up and make cocktail konkani/marathi.You should bear in

mind Konkani official language of Goa and Marathi official language of Mahrashtra.Do not

open back door like Mr. Bandodkar. Do not even think about marathi we respect all languages including marathi.During your tenure work hard to promote our konkani language. Moreover, see goans unemployment figure compare to the other

state. Most of them non-goans why these?

railways, airlines etc you will see non-goans

speak their own language telgu.malayalam,

marathi and so on.where is konkani ?Government must implement and adopt better law to promote konkani and top priority

job for goans.If you are not fully prepare then

learn from Thackeray.

- Domnick Rodrigues, Goa | 03 rd August 2010 17:28


Mr. Vishwas & Mr Menino you are both real intellects on this comments section. Very correct both of you. I wish that the concerned authority reads your comments and mend their ways. All this mining legal or illegal should be stopped right away and let the nature take its course once again. But here the MONEY is the root of all the destruction. If mining is stopped then how will the concerned authorities fill their pockets?

- Jane De Sa, Margao | 25 th April 2010 20:14


Good news for the fishing community who are dwelling on sea shores. But this should be implemented strictly so that no one can misuse this special status.

Regarding the sand dunes, in Morjim lots of sand dunes were demolished by the shack owners and no one cares about that.

And on which site this draft is loaded?

I wanna website @

- Nilesh Shetgaonkar, Morjim | 25 th April 2010 10:28


It is good that some authority is showing concern for the poor common man! Most of the times it is seen that under the guise of serving the common man, only the interests of the corrupt are taken care by the authorities! Most of the Hotels near the beaches have unauthorisedly occupied the portion of the beach making it difficult for a common man to even visit the beach! This they can do only beause they have money to offer to the authorities concerned who are responsible to ensure that there is no encroachment on public beaches!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 25 th April 2010 08:52


Throughout history of Goa, ever since the so called Liberation of Goa we have been hearing of SPECIAL STATUS for Goa. First Pandit Nehru the first Prime Minister of Goa had promised a special status for Goa. Sadly not even ordinary status was granted to Goa. Every now then special statuses are declared for Goa and Goans, all uncommitted statuses and the result? People like us wander around the world in search of a living and SPECIAL STATUSES – Menino (Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 24 th April 2010 19:35