Calvert claims Church acts like a mafia

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 01 March 2010 23:31 IST

Calvert Gonsalves, who had raked up a controversy by releasing a music CD ‘‘Dogui Bodmas’’, has now taken a step forward. He says the Church in Goa functions like a mafia and participates directly in election politics.

He made these allegations at a weekly ‘Head On' programme on Prudent, a local TV channel.

According to him, some priests are involved in selling Church properties of their ancestors, without taking locals into confidence. The antique carvings of the church are also sold under the pretext of renovation of Church buildings, he added.

Calvert has also criticised the Church for directly participating in election propaganda. Not less than 40 to 45 per cent people get influenced with such propaganda, claims Calvert, who himself is a panch and a politician.

The Church had sent a message to vote for Churchill Alemao, when he was contesting against BJP candidate Ramakant Angle. "I was thrilled with it because I was working for Churchill", he quipped.

Similarly, he said, in last Lok Sabha election, Church indirectly suggested that people should vote for Francisco Sardinha (Lok Sabha MP of the Congress today), by telling about the computers he had distributed and by waving "hand" on the day of voting.

Calvert had become a major controversy when, during Christmas last year, he had released a music CD ‘‘Dogui Bodmas''. It had painted the local priest Diogo Fernandes as well as local MLA and tourism minister Mickky Pacheco black.

The local parishioners, in protest, had stoned his house and blocked roads in Colva. The district magistrate had also banned sale of the CD. The ban was recently lifted by the court, terming the magistrate's order illegal.

In the interview with Prudent news editor Pramod Acharya, Calvert said he would continue exposing misdeeds of the Church until the Archbishop acts. He also complained that he was not allowed to meet the Archbishop, due to which he had to voice out his grievances through the music CD.

"Even the chief minister is accessible, but not the Archbishop", he feels.

Calvert also revealed that he is producing a film on this issue. However, he said, he does not mind diluting few controversial scenes if the Archbishop acts against Fr Diogo.

"There are also many good priests and I have also shown that in the film", he claims.

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Does God exist? if so!!!!? Is the humanity afraid of God or Human?God said the earth is my footstool then why the Archbishops need those palaces? Is he and his shepherd serving humanity like Mother Teresa? or selling the flock and their belongings to the sharks? We wish all the commentators on this article to visit the Island of Vanxim (Divar) and personally reason out the panic and diaspora the Bishop House has created to the helpless Hindus and Christians community with the help of politicians to the people of Vanxim. After all the religion and politics are in the same boat and cannot be trusted. In the name of saints and religious leaders, the current laity is misusing the powers and takes the people for the ride of divide and rule of excommunication. Human is afraid of Human and the Bishop or any one is on the same par.

- Emediavoices, Goa | 11 th June 2010 00:25


I have come across many comments of Mr. Calvert Gonsalves, I have no idea whatsoever, he exposing misdees of the Chruch and so on,Controversial issue does

not solve since then.However, let me breath long and whatever he oppose may be correct. His issue make me believe in, otherwise no one willing to have response to his issue. How come BIshop of Goa is silent after Fr. Diago misbehave towards Colva people .Overall Bishop/priest must stay away from politics or turn religious to politics.

- Domnick, Goa | 10 th June 2010 21:07


Hello Savio, Have you got any evidence of any sort against Fr. Diogo that you so firmly support Calvert? I'll tell you either Calver or you produce before the readers some concrete and hard evidence and I promise you that I will be the first one to support Calvert and openly. Varea veleo gozali varean ubon vetat. Tuje laguim asa kitem tori govai Padri Diogo aadd? Assa zalear amkam dakoi ugddapeo korun. - Menino (Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 31 st March 2010 00:28


If Jesus Christ was there in this world in person (not biblically), he would have done the same what Calvert did! Read the bible carefully, Jesus opposed the wrong doing by the temple heads. To speak the truth, is the Christian way. But to hide the truth from shame is devil's way. Keep up the good work Calvert. Goa needs more people like you. Everyone does mistake and only when some one corrects them, they get corrected!

- savio diaz, goa | 29 th March 2010 21:16


My dear Jesus Fernandes( If your REAL NAME is as so mentioned on YOUR Comment )...... Do you have parents? If YES, then just go and ASK them as to WHY they GAVE you that Name??? What Mr. Menino has written to you is a Health PRESCRIPTION. Just TAKE the medications properly and on time or else Panjim ALTHINO is Not far from your Path! Better Change your name...... or else the Community who you are Accusing BASELESSLY without any Reach to Facts... might become your FOLLOWERS!!!

- Joe Ganja, Overseas | 27 th March 2010 10:28


Hello Jesus Fernandes, you have been named after the Lord Jesus Himself. Yet here you are defaming his Vicar and his apostles on earth. I would like to ask you a few questions. Before that let me tell you that I have nothing against you and this is nothing personal, please. I know that each one has the right to blurt out his/her feelings but those feelings must be based on proper facts and judgements. I have nothing against you for writing against the Pope or his brother the Bishop/Cardinal.

1 – How do you know that the Holy Father’s brother is involved in a scandal?

2 – Have you met him in person to learn of his scandals?

3 – Have you personally investigated any of these scandals?

4– Or are you just talking something that is heard from some rubbish newspapers run by heretics?

5 – Have you ever ventured out of India and met any of our Church leaders?

6 – Or have you seen any or these Cardinals/Bishops/Priests involved in what you say “sex scandals”?

My dear, it is very easy to malign a Priest or a Bishop or a Cardinal as they are an easy target to malign. Don’t venture too far beyond your reach and none of us the Catholics should. Read the Gospels and you will find out what Jesus wrote about regarding such activities against his apostles and the priests are the apostles of Christ on earth. – Thanks Menino (Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 26 th March 2010 01:33


Oh my dear Pajoy Kamat and Brijesh Kanaujia..... Let me ask you both one thing first, Do you have any links with the Communal parties of India? Because it looks like you both are instigating and provoking others without any knowledge of the REAL FACT.. Why? Look at the Title of the Article " Church Acts like a Mafia" Is that politician only trying to highlight of one Priest from Colva.... or Is he trying to Accuse all the Priests of Christian Religion? If you don't find good food at one restaurant..... does that mean that all the restaurants are bad? This is not a POLITICAL PARTY or Any ORDINARY ORGANISATION...... It is a Religion? No matter Which Religion it is? Matters of such are always Highly Sensitive??? Just read and UNDERSTAND the comments by Mr. Vishwas Prabhudesai... he is a real gentlemen from his point of view. Before you people comment anything in Future just ASK that Calvert Gonsalves, WHY was he only thrilled when he received support from the Church to vote for Churchill Alemao against Ramakant Angle??? WHY the HELL he did not object the Priest or that Church at THAT TIME? WHY he didnot release a CD.. 'Dogui Bodmas' at THAT TIME? WHY he did not object or refrain the people from Voting for Francisco Sardinha because of Priests or that Church's request? WHY was he QUIET for such a LONG TIME??? Do you both have any knowledge about this or else do you both know Calvert personally? NO Not at All and Blank........ So just go to Colva and try to know WHO and WHAT that Calvert is?? Try to be like Vishwas Prabhudesai and don't try to provoke by pouring oil on fire.... just change your communal attitudes and be good. GOA is a Peace Loving State and all Religions Live in Harmony and in Future also We Want to Sustain in the same way.

- Joe Ganja, Overseas | 25 th March 2010 10:41


Has any one had read the news in international media about the church sex scandal and abuse in germany and ireland? Even Pope's brother is involved in this scandal and that is also this incident took place when Pope was himself the Bishop at that time.There are so many facts which have come to light. We have one of the best priest in our churches and they are working very hard, but there are also greedy priests, for them money is the way and not God. Imagine a decent earning man in Goa tries hard to get a nice car for him, but we see some priest with latest cars. As there is a saying, the hand which rock the cradle rules the world. The bishop house is not run by Bishop himself but by the Vicar General. He needs to be transfered and all the things will be alright.

- jesus fernandes, margao | 24 th March 2010 11:32


Calvert does not know the meaning of Mafia. He is calling our God fearing church mafia. What more can we expect from such a coward? He is now completely out of his mind. He does not know what to do now as he is finished and noone will listen to him. He is calling our great Bishop house Mafia. He is a gone case. Calvert, go somewhere and hide yourself in a dungent. That is the right place for you. You must have been shocked seeing the good deeds of Fr. Diogo. Those who are listening and believing Calvert, please visit Fr. Diogo, who is a shepherd sent by God to the people of Colva. Calvert, you must be very upset seeing the beautiful school he has built in Colva. Shame on you Calvert.

- daisy lobo, canacona | 15 th March 2010 18:31


Unfortunately, many who turn to priesthood today come from poor backgrounds and had they not been priests would be middle level bank workers with no status. Foolish catholics who do not hold priests accountable are the ones actually weakening the church.

By allowing corrupt priests to continue flaunting their power and selling off property etc, we are not doing the Church any favors. And by punishing and proposing to ban people like Calvert who expose these crooks, we are sealing our fate.

- pradip francis rodrigues, toronto, canada | 11 th March 2010 03:02


My Dear Prajoy, Have you seen the headlines of the topic and what it means? Calvert has said the Church acts like Mafia. Read carefully first and then try to find out the real facts. Only then write something and that too sensibly. Please........- Menino (Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes(Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 04 th March 2010 15:34


Hey Mr. Prajoy Kamat, How do you know what the Priest has done that you are out to punish the Priests? Please first go to Colva from Mapusa, do some fact findings and then come back and write a comment. Find out about Calvert also and see his character, OK? You guys talk without any thinking. That shows your great knowledge.

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 04 th March 2010 15:31


Let's leave the Church and God out of this.

Culvert is right, I am not against any order and I do beleive some orders are very honest in their approach and have done a lot of good and charity. But over all the church does have control over large amount of wealth and some individuals in the church have turned out to be greedy and are out to rob people, including properties from helpless poor people, widows, people are harrassed. The truth is always hidden. And in the name of religion, people turn a blind eye to the truth. dave

- dave, uk | 04 th March 2010 14:56


Issue is not of Church as a whole but an individual who is corrupt .....does that mean in the name of the Church, Priest can do anything as per his whims and fancies?......this is unacceptable....So punish the culprit...

- Prajoy Kamat, Mapusa | 04 th March 2010 12:42


Culvert is the disciple of the devil. Those who encourage or applaud him are a legion of devils. They have no place among the God fearing.

- Lily Gracias, London | 04 th March 2010 05:24


In fact I should praise you for the steps you take to disclose someone's misdeeds, but at the same the time I would request you to remember our CHRIST THE KING, and HIS TEACHINGS TO SAFEGUARD THE DIGNITY OF HUMAN BEINGS.

- Mateus Fernandes, London | 03 rd March 2010 22:01


I agree with you about father, but don't say that Goan churches are acting like Mafia. Let me ask you. Are you a true Goan? Then your parents must have taught you how to respect the Church.

- joseph ferns, Goan from uae | 03 rd March 2010 21:14


I would like to ask Brijesh what does he know about the administration of the Church? Does he know the meaning of the word BISHOP?. Do not try to instigate Calvert to damage our doctrines and malign our Church. In one word, do not stick your nose into something you do not know.

Church administration is not like the political administration. What Mr. Joe Rebello and Mr. Menino have said is true and right. We have to avoid law and order getting out of hand and protect the integrity of our Priests.

- Jose Noronha, United Kingdom | 03 rd March 2010 21:07


This has been an onging issue for quite a long time and the media makes it a big issue. No one should speak against the religion wheather it is Hindu, Christian or Muslim. They have their own to take care of the same. Calvert, being a Christian, should not have released the said CD, and for the Osvie who sang the song, had to see what he has done back home in Carmona. He had forcibly grabbed the Church Property, which was given to the church by his father. We used to play on the same plot, which is just in the front of the church, which Osvie blocked by puting stones, claiming to be his has been said that "dont throw stones on others' house when your own house is made of glass :


- Aggie Demello, Carmona | 03 rd March 2010 20:43


God means honesty, God means truth, God means non violence, God means compassion, God means forgiving, God means cleanliness, God means peace, God means sympathy for the underprivileged! Let us all be the true followers of God !

- Vishwas Prabhudesai, Loliem | 03 rd March 2010 20:15


Dear Culvert, don't try to be over smart. God will not like all the time you trying to be a vigilante. I do not agree with Brijesh Kanaujai. What does Brijesh know about our religion and how it works? Do not get flattered from people like Brijesh and land in trouble with God. You can expose Church leaders once in a while, but not all the time. Do not try to be a hero to people who do not know about us. Please do not create mess in Colva.

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 03 rd March 2010 16:27


I do agree what Mr. Calvert said on his cassette. But not all some. If you Mr. Menino oppose his cause, then why don't you request Goa bishop to investigate the fact Fr. Diago

activities? Seek and hide will not always remain as it is. The Goa Bishop is silent what the action he has taken to clear our peoples' feelings. There is some loophole I believe. We are all human beings. God made a mistake creating us. Is it not so?

- Brijesh Kanaujia, Margao-Goa | 02 nd March 2010 20:21


At least one person dared to reavel the fact. Intellectuals should take a note of it.

- Shekhar, Panaji Goa | 02 nd March 2010 10:24


Everything has its limit! I am neither a pro nor against the church leaders, but Calvert should not to be too adventurous. His quest to expose the Church leaders can be disastrous. He might be feeling boosted up due to the ban being lifted on his CD. But I am afraid if he ventures ahead with film against the Church authorities or in any way try to harm the Church, then there will be more chaos in Colva. As such the Government should ban this guy Calvert from his new adventure he is planning in order to prevent the law and order situation going out of hand again. This time looks like Calvert is going to cause it deliberately. – Menino (Valpoi/UK)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 02 nd March 2010 05:41


What is going on in OUR GOLDEN GOA in the name of Religion?

When will the people be free to Decide?

Is Money and Power everything?

Let us Goans ask these Questions to ourself and Answer them, before it is too Late.


- Jose Cunha, GOA(UK) | 02 nd March 2010 05:14


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