Anashwa Rathas, Pushpak Vimaanaas ..... and a Knowledge Society

By Dr Mukul Pai Raiturkar
23 October 2014 13:12 IST

It is now around 200 days of Modi sarkar. Modi came with the promise of being the clean "Kalki Avatar" to the Hindus of India. Unfortunately there have been no miracles. No "vinaashaayach dushkritam" except for labeling a few inconvenient people as "corrupt" or "ant-national". Hindus -- and let us forget the caste for the time being -- and a few innovative non Hindus -- who voted for Modi and pretended not to vote for RSS, have been largely disappointed. The larger than life image of Modi with the "may the force be with you" kind of supernatural appeal did not manage to last long after taking the Prime Minister's oath.

Black money from Swiss banks did not find its way into India. India did not become "sujalam sufalam". At least not as promised.

One dramatic change has occurred. Now I do not have to go to sleep to get a glimpse of Gandhiji. He wakes me up every morning with a message on my Reliance mobile reminding me of Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan. Then he comes with me to the clinic every day through my car's FM radio. Then he enters my home through television. Modi Sarkar, I dare say, has been pretty lucky for the old "half naked fakir" of Winston Churchill ! Whoa !! That was pretty anti national of me !!

The so called "Progressive Thinkers" or "Purogaami Vichaarvant" have breathed a sigh of relief that Gandhi has not met his maker although Congress might very well do that in near future. They are happy to place their full and unflinching trust in the new "legitimate" inheritors of Gandhian "thought" -- forget Gandhian action -- for the time being. Some of the "seculars", like those of Konkani Bhasha Mandal for instance, have even taken the Gandhi sent opportunity to take a few rewards.... oops I mean prizes ... from the hands of the "sanctified" RSS. Never mind ......

..... Never mind that the Hindutva laboratory in Modi's Gujarat is running full swing. Recently they even declared Dadaji Kond Dev to be Shivaji Maharaj's grandfather !! And Shiv Sena did not even object to that, probably in view of post poll alliance in Maharashtra. It's all in the family you see ?

.....Never mind Dinanath Batra's experiments with Hinduising education in Gujarat. "Bade bade desho mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti raheti hain !!"

When I visited Hampi and nearby areas of Karnataka I realized that such "experiments" have been quite fruitful. The "voter" -- which tacitly means Hindu voter -- has indeed started believing that Anashwa rathas and Pushpak Vimaanas did adorn the "Indian" streets and skies respectively, in the good old days. They were probably, if not definitely, destroyed by the Muslim invasion of India and by the onslaught of Western culture. In fact I was seriously told by one local that the Taj Mahal was once a Shiv Mandir by name "Tejomahalay" !! Never mind .....


The BJP and their ideological parent, RSS, with their immense talent and media control have got the "Hindu voter" to believe that in the ancient India -- read Hindu India -- the streets were paved with gold, women were being treated as equals of men and of course the Muslims came and spoilt all the fun !

In fact the way BJP-Modi-Industrialist-RSS nexus are marketing the Mahatma I would not be surprised if they declared him an avatar of Vishnu and proposed his temple to be built, preferably at Babri Masjid site, adjacent to the Ram Temple. So the highly laudable and readable Mahatma can be trusted to find "Constitutional" ways for Modi Sarkar to destroy the Mosque. Never mind .....

..... And what about democracy ?? A vibrant opposition is central to the existence of democracy. Our Modi Sarkar has no real opposition. Congress is physically and mentally handicapped. The cadre based left is fighting extinction. The progressive non aligned people have no laboratory to analyse the new Modi RSS crony capitalist equations.

In all this commotion, where is the Knowledge Society that India ought to be in order to be a harbinger of democracy and freedom ?

The social theory of a Knowledge Society explains how knowledge is fundamental to the politics, economics and culture of modern society. Associated ideas include Knowledge Economy created by economists ( note that we have ignored Amartya Sen) and the Learning Society created by educators (are Batra- Purandare- Oak our educators?)

In a Knowledge Society, individuals, communities and organizations produce knowledge intensive work. (never mind the gun toting and laathi wielding RSS and their "bhakts"disseminating photo-shopped information).

Knowledge begets knowledge. New competencies develop. The result is innovation and prosperity.

The UNESCO World Report 2005 titled Toward Knowledge Societies, printed by Imprimier Corlet, Noireau, France, establishes four principles that are essential for the development of an equitable knowledge Society. These are :

- Cultural diversity
- Equal access to education
- Universal access to information
- Freedom of expression

I request you to meditate upon what the present Modi Sarkar stands for vis-a vis these four fundamental principles for a sustainable Knowledge Society.

The PDF file of the UNESCO Report is available at It says -- "Knowledge belongs of right to any reasonable mind. Knowledge is not an ordinary, sale-able commodity. Knowledge is common good of the society."

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Dr Mukul Pai Raiturkar

Dr Mukul R Pai Raiturkar is a consultant pediatrician & neonatologist practicing in Margao. He is the co-convener of Ami Goenkar, an organisation of secular young Goans working towards a novel approach to religious-political issues of Goa. Son of veteran Goan freedom fighter Mr Ravindranath Pai Raiturkar, he exudes unshakable faith in a liberal, secular and free spirited democracy of India.

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Jayant baab,

I feel you are shooting the messenger rather than understanding the message. I have nothing to do with the writer. BJP and Congress are identical in their economic policies and will hence protect the interest of a particular group.

My concern is BJP's attempt to force the masses to swallow the shit they are churning in an attempt of cultural cleansing.

Do you disagree that the Brahminical class in this country has fabricated stories to keep other castes under the subjugation? What are Vedas and Upanishads and Smruti and Shruti? Is it not a mere play of words in Sanskrit to deceive the commoners?

But as a society we are enslaved for centuries and find pride in several Aryanized practices and rituals which actually celebrate their triumph over us. BJP is guided by the RSS from Nagpur which is the epicenter of communal virus. The insecurity of Brahmins who constitute merely 3 percent of the society has turned out to be a tool of exploitation . Shabai Shabai in the name of Bhaujansamaj that throngs to ' their' temples to worship these Aryan Gods controlled by Brahmins. BJP was, is and will be a diabolical force as long as it's control lies in the hands of Khaki Chaddiwalas.

- Rupesh Jhalmi, Margao | 11 th November 2014 14:41



I agree with what you say. I am just trying to put it in context with the crap has been written by this guy.

Has he talked anytime about the monopoly of Brahmins, Saraswats and others in Hindu hegemony alias caste system. He is Congress chamchaa who will only oppose BJP, period. And to do that he will write all kinds of crazy garbage masquerading as philosophy.

- Jayant Tari, Margao | 07 th November 2014 23:31


Jayant Baab, why it hurts you so much despite being a victim of Brahminical conspiracy for ages? You write like a typical Hindutvavist who likes to pinpoint at Church and Mullas when criticized.

And if you are a Hindu ask the Brahminical class where they place you because they are the agents of Gods as a community .

They want dumb and benumbed Bahujans like you to hide their own evil deeds. Patrao,,,, remember 'aiz mhaka falyam tuka'!

The bahujans are meant to be 'used' as monkeys to protect the honor of Aryan women . Haven't you read Ramayana?

- Rupesh Jhalmi, Margao | 06 th November 2014 20:54


Jhalami-bab, read carefully the piece he wrote. There is no mention of 'Brahminism' it is all about Hindus and Hinduism. He has not uttered a word against Mullas and Mullabaji, so also the hypocrisy of Church.

Nowadays it is fashion to be an intellect by using Hindus as a punching bag.

- Jayant Tari, Margao | 05 th November 2014 17:39


A well written piece . But those who have been feeding on the falsehood of Brahminism will never digest these thoughts. No other class in the entire world has managed to keep a very large section of population under its subjugation for centuries. These fundamentalists are now aggressive with an advent of Bhai raj in Goa and Modi raj in India.

Earlier most of them grew under the shadows of Congress but as Sangh Parivar became stronger, they changed their loyalties.

This particular class ( not all Brahmins) has been fabricating fables for its survival, These fables from dwarf Vaman's treachery to usurp Bali's kingdom to sending Sant Tukaram to heaven are now being questioned by the modern youth , particularly from the Bahujan class. This obviously hurts them. So they ensure to create puppets from Bahujans who chant their praises for monetary and other gains.

They have money, power and full backing of big corporate sharks. Obviously the media controlled by them will never go beyond scratching the surface.

- Rupesh Jhalmi, Margao | 04 th November 2014 11:20


बाब सार्को आसा मरे तू ? ना जाल्यार मोदीच्या नावान काय्चेक्काय बोम्बाबोम्ब मार मारून पिसो बा जावशी.

- Modibhakt, Goa | 03 rd November 2014 00:19


Bring back SONIA MAATA.

Bring back Yuvraj Rahul.

Bring back Dehspremi VADHRA.

MUKULKUMAR tum aghe badho hum tumhare piche hai.

- Govinda, Goa | 28 th October 2014 16:18


You claim "Hindus -- and let us forget the caste for the time being -- and a few innovative non Hindus -- who voted for Modi and pretended not to vote for RSS, have been largely disappointed" - I challenge u to provide statistical evidence to prove your claim - Did u yourself vote for BJP and Modi and are now disappointed? Do you have any statistics about the the vote share based on religious views? Please provide a source for this info.

- Chaitanya Dhume, Mumbai | 26 th October 2014 11:50


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