Dear Aam Aadmi & Aurat,

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
22 March 2014 17:46 IST

My dear Aam Aadmi/Aam Aurat,

I write this to you as an ordinary and may be not so humble Aam Aadmi party worker. You may accuse me of romanticism and impractical idealism but this is my form of emotional catharsis. So, here goes!

Like a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunlight through the dark clouds, Arvind Kejriwal and team- The Davids in this battle for the soul of India- lit a prairie fire, on the political landscape of this country. Their spectacular triumph in Delhi is now the stuff of legend.

So, when the Aam Aadmi party decided to take the plunge into electoral politics in Goa, many activist, prominent citizens and ordinary folk promptly and instinctively latched onto the dream. (Yours truly included).

Idealistic? Impulsive? Idiotic? Perhaps. But as that wise Korean proverb goes “Whenever you do something instinctively you are usually right”!

Tell me, have you ever fallen in love with a girl by weighing all the pros and cons; the ifs and the buts? The may bes or may be nots? You love her or you don’t right? In matters of love, you go with your heart (instinct) and not yours brains (reason).

And the odds are that your heart is usually right.

So has this love affair turned rocky now? The path been strewn with seemingly insurmountable obstacles? Has the marriage turned just that wee bit sour?

To this, one must say an emphatic No!

Certainly, there have been some stupid mistakes committed, lots of ill tempered; churlish comments made; confusing policy agendas articulated and a lot of melodrama enacted.

Just like in any passionate, tempestuous love affair.

But none can deny the honesty in purpose that is at the very core of the revolution. Whichever way you look at it, AAP may appear confused and contradictory at times, but it is sincere, it is truthful and it does not bluff. Whatever the provocation!

And a relationship can endure forever, despite its rocky moments, only when it is honest and truthful.

Of course, you’ll argue that this argument is naïve almost mills and boon in its presentation.

Romance and Politics?? When did that last happen since Julius Caesar and Cleopatra and look where it took them.

But then, tell me, people, do we have any other choice???

This much is abundantly clear. Big unaccounted money and Dubious Crony capitalism is the all pervasive villain in this sordid crime drama, cutting a dagger through our land.

The two major political parties the congress and the BJP whether they admit it or not and importantly whether they desire it or not are completely subservient and hostage to this ogre in our midst.

They are so entwined in this maze of sleazy business interests, that even if they want to come clean it’s nigh impossible for them at this stage.

Remember Abhimanyu in the Chakravuyh??

So, after ten years of the abominably corrupt Congress bumbling that has damaged” business sentiment “; it’s time to bring in the “strong man” to protect the citadel of the rich and powerful, the shady oligarchs who really rule us!!

And it is this hard, uncomfortable truth that AK and the AAP want to expose and then undertake a massive course correction to protect the values of our democracy.

Not that the AAP is against capitalism or big industry or for that matter even wealth generation.

But the one compromise that the AAP will never indulge in is to subvert and isolate the Aam Aadmi/Aurat’s right to be at the centre of this development model.

All development must be with the Aam Aadmi/Aurat at its heart and soul.


We are tired of the “trickle down” economy. It must be “trickle around to everyone” please. Fair and square; with uncompromising rules and regulations for ALL! ALL means ALL!

So of course a modicum of mining or real estate development or upscale tourism is always welcome. But it cannot be savage, criminally callous and protective of the interests of the private few at the devastating cost of the public many.

That is the fundamentals of the argument!! And make no mistake; this argument will triumph, despite all the apparent clouds of despair.

In sum then, the hard currency of the AAP is people, people and only people. (ex BJP, ex Congress, politically naïve citizens, ex MGP, ex communists, industrialist and farmers, tech geeks and fisherman doctors and patients; the whole rainbow coalition, if you will).

Divisible labels and identities must be abandoned forthwith. (Does the baseless RSS accusation hurled at our local unit in Goa, ring a bell?).

We are at the crossroads, mates. We’ll have to stand up and be counted and come to the table, to claim our right to democracy.

Democracy cannot be outsourced to one individual, one dynasty, one family or one corporate lobby. Never!!

We do that and our civilization itself could be in serious jeopardy of terminal demise.

Welcome to the party, then, guys and gals. Even if it’s chaotic and sometimes ill tempered and we seem to be drunk on our own petty egos, trust me, it’s a whole lot of fun and you’d have a ball of a time.

Importantly, you will undertake a wonderful, wonderful journey of the discovery of Self.


Warm regards


A rather opinionated AAP worker(Oscar Rebelo)

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Previous Comments

My sentiments exactly :) I think we need to start voting from a position of courage and conviction not negativity and fear. Thanks Dr. Oscar for articulating your ideas so clearly and positively.

- Karen, Panjim | 09 th April 2014 10:06


It is not politics which has become cesspool of corrupt people the disease has proliferated in all the social, economic, educational judicial fields. We need ombudsman for each of these fields. To cite case of once regarded noble profession of medicine we find cut throat pick pockets in white aprons. Medicines offered as samples are sold to gullible patients. Corporatisation of this profession has driven out poor people from these most essential services. One of my relatives admitted in ICU was billed for physiotherapy. Doctor, society is suffering. Therefore you are welcome to cure us.

- Madhav Bastodker, Ponda | 30 th March 2014 05:16


Nice Article ...whatever you mentioned is true to the core which our electorate and the media just don't seem to understand or they just tend to be ignorant for their own vested interest.. Even though BJP and Congress are so corrupt and AAP has clean candidates, People just don't seem to understand....

- Newton Fernandes, Goa | 23 rd March 2014 12:43


Totally agree . The truthful path is always rocky and thorny . I only hope Goan community will judiciously understand the true spirit of changing the declining life in all aspect.

- romualdo rebello, arizona | 23 rd March 2014 03:24


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