Indoctrination & Intelligent Psychopathy

By Dr Mukul Pai Raiturkar
04 December 2013 07:23 IST

1st October 2013. I finished my outpatients and thought of facebooking a little. As I entered our Facebook group Goa Speaks I was flabbergasted to find a post of a senior Constitutional expert of Goa right on top. A sarcastic post admonishing the staging of the play “ Mee Nathuram Godsay Boltoy” at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, on Gandhi Jayanti day.

Within a couple of hours of this and after a lot of noise on the social media the staging of the play was cancelled. Also playing a pivotal role was the veteran freedom fighter Mr Gurunath Kelekar who minced no words in taking on the powers that be.

Mahatma Gandhi lived and died for India – and yet there exist many cults that are hell bent on ridiculing Gandhi and all that he stood for. Indoctrination and mind control through stealth is their mantra. Fascism in India their dream.

Why do cults exist ? Why does a person need to belong to any ideology? Why is it that the more radical an ideology, the more removed from the truth an ideology the more likely it is to get followers ?

Answers to these questions can be found in places more than one. In "The Psychology of Good and Evil" Ervin Staub says, "Being a gang member may satisfy needs that do not get satisfied elsewhere -- like the need for security, need for positive connection to others, a positive sense of self, or a feeling of effectiveness." This is why people need to "belong".

As to why belong to an ideology far removed from truth, Adolf Hitler says in Mein Kampf -- "the greater the lie, the greater the chance that it will be believed.". The bigger the lies belted out by a cult, the more is its following.

Life in black and white looks so easy to a person overwhelmed by the shades of grey. People with focused,one track minds are admired or loathed depending on the nature of their goals -- their simplicity and purpose oft envied by those of us who have more plural, more disunited and all encompassing minds. Why not just take up the creed and give your brain a well deserved rest ?

Cults are formed when the followers decided to let their Guru do the thinking for them. In this way they absolve themselves of the responsibility of any outcome either to themselves or to their society.

People are driven to cults by laziness, selfishness, idiocy, fear, fury or frustration. The unity of all members of any cult is therefore based on negative emotion, negative thinking --like a common hatred for a particular ideology. All the cult members will uniformly hate an ideology, and more so the person propagating that ideology.

Idiocy and cults are intimately related. More often than not, the messenger of a particular truth is targeted. Gandhiji and Dabholkar are classic examples of such targeting. Killing them in no way affected what they stood for. Yet the cults killed them. There is an ancient Chines proverb, "when the wise man points to the Moon, the idiot looks at the finger". In the case of the cults, the idiot goes one step ahead and cuts off the finger in the hope that the Moon will disappear.
Such is the nature of the cults.

This was largely about the followers of cults. What about the founders and the leaders ? to put it bluntly, the founders and leaders of cults are psychopaths with high IQ. "Psychopath", by definition, is a person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse. Earlier the psychiatrists believed that psychopaths were people essentially with a low or an average IQ, who would get involved in grossly anti social acts, get caught and get imprisoned. Psychopathy, thus, was thought to be of a self limiting social consequence -- never doing irreparable damage to the society. 

This concept changed when Robert Hare studied the rich and famous CEOs of mega firms who did mega scams on the Wall Street, and managed not to get caught. He found that they met the personality traits of psychopathic personality disorder and yet had a very high IQ. It was thus concluded that high intelligence and high social or economic status does not rule out psychopathy. In fact psychopaths with high IQ are capable of damaging the society irreparably. Adolf Hitler is a classic example.

What are the personality traits of the high IQ psychopaths who head the cults? Charming, glib, deceitful, arrogant, grandiose,cold hearted, theatrical, narcissistic, charismatic, good orators -- are some of these traits.

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) is a diagnostic tool used to rate a person's psychopathic or antisocial tendencies. People who are psychopathic prey ruthlessly on others using charm, deceit, violence or other methods that allow them to get with they want. The symptoms of psychopathy include: lack of a conscience or sense of guilt, lack of empathy, egocentricity, pathological lying, repeated violations of social norms, disregard for the law, shallow emotions, and a history of victimizing others. PCL-R consists of a 20-item symptom rating scale that allows qualified examiners to compare a subject's degree of psychopathy with that of a prototypical psychopath. It is accepted by many in the field as the best method for determining the presence and extent of psychopathy in a person.

Primary problem of today's India is, a large number of intelligent psychopaths have joined hands in order to usurp power in 2014. However, science of the mind says that the outcome of such well coordinated, intelligent psychopathy is Fascism.  

Fascism is nothing but the coming to power of an amalgamation of multiple psychopathic cults. The doctrine of fascism is based on what brain scientists call "brainwashing". Brainwashing is defined as " the systematic and often forcible elimination from a person's mind of more established ideas, especially political ones, so that another set of ideas may take their place."
How do cults brainwash? Four combinations of techniques are theoretically possible:

--- individuals influencing other individuals
---individuals influencing groups
---groups influencing other groups
---groups influencing individuals

"Influence" is exerted by FORCE or by STEALTH.

Force has its own problems. Applying force to someone triggers vigorous reaction, engaging the victim's emotional instincts to defend the threatened freedoms. Victim is often left dysfunctional; and more importantly from the brainwasher's point of view, "unreliable". Another limitation of force is it takes considerable resources and effort to monitor one person, let alone many.
Stealth therefore becomes the favored option of cult leaders. Stealth includes:

---subtleties of media and advertizing
---false utopias spun by charismatic leaders
---proposed technologies of mind manipulation

What are the "technologies of mind manipulation?" In his book "The search for the Manchurian Candidate"(1977) investigative reporter John Marks describes how US Government's CIA spent years -- and vast amounts of tax payer's money-- searching for fool proof methods of brainwashing people. Although CIA failed to pinpoint any "foolproof" technique, it did apply many techniques along the way, with varying results, viz:

---mind changing substances like LSD
---Hypnosis(current favorite among many Indian cults)
---Sensory deprivation
---Depatterning experiments - where mind was rendered blank with intensive electro shocks combined with prolonged, drug induced sleep, so that new belifs could be impressed upon it.

Other than depatterning most of these techniques are still in use around the cult world.

Social and electronic media form a very important part of stealthy mind control.

In her book "Tomorrow's People", brain scientist Susan Greenfield speculates that further development of mass media technologies into the realm of virtual reality could create increasingly infantalized, stimulus driven, asocial consumers whose ever need is anticipated and provided by the endlessly watchful technologies and the cult leaders who use such technologies.

My contention in this blog is, stealth based indoctrination followed systematically by intelligent psychopathic cult leaders is the basis of current right wing political ideology in India.

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Dr Mukul Pai Raiturkar

Dr Mukul R Pai Raiturkar is a consultant pediatrician & neonatologist practicing in Margao. He is the co-convener of Ami Goenkar, an organisation of secular young Goans working towards a novel approach to religious-political issues of Goa. Son of veteran Goan freedom fighter Mr Ravindranath Pai Raiturkar, he exudes unshakable faith in a liberal, secular and free spirited democracy of India.

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