Decades of Decadence

By Dr Mukul Pai Raiturkar
25 June 2013 22:13 IST

Ashok Chowgule, a prominent Goan industrialist says BJP has to have a PM candidate who can not only idealize Hindutva but can also implement it. He said this while speaking at the BJP National convention at the Marriott in Goa. A not so surprising coincidence to this BJP Convention was the Hindu Convention at Ramnathi under the auspices of HJS and Sanatan Hindu Sanskriti Saunstha.

All the National level leaders who gathered at the BJP National Convention stood up in reverence to the National Song "Vande Mataram" but did not care to recite "Jana - Gana - Mana" the National Anthem.

Tagore's "Jana- Gana-Mana" was chosen as the National anthem of India in 1947. Vande Mataram was rejected on the grounds that Muslims, Christians,Parsis, Sikhs and others who opposed idol worship felt offended by its depiction of the Nation as "Mother Durga", a Hindu Goddess. Muslims also felt its origin as part of the novel Anandmath. They felt that the novel had an anti Muslim message.

Mind you, I have no problem with reciting Vande Mataram. I have a problem with not reciting Jana Gana Mana and instead standing up for Vande Mataram which is not the protocol.

Against the wishes of the party patriarch Lal Krishna Advani, Modi and the younger reactionary Hindutva brigade including our Goa Chief Minister Mr Manohar Parrikar are pushing themselves to seize power and implement the Hindutva agenda in India. Development without Hindutva is not acceptable to them. Therefore Nitish Kumar is not acceptable to them.

In the real world as also in the cyberspace, what polarizes people and dominates debates is religion and caste.

Indian thinking is completely affected by religion and therefore reaction. Religion and reaction have become integrated into the Indian consciousness to such a disastrous extent that anybody who challenges such integration is considered a maverick. Is this not one step away from the Taliban ideology where the maverick is executed in public ?

Materialism and spiritual decadence are intimately related. Materialism to me is the greed for wealth, the lust for power and the craving for fame. Materialism to me is the need for identity (asmitai) and the need to preserve this identity. Once decadence sets in, it affects the thought process. Clarity of thought and perception decreases. Principles of Existence cannot be appreciated any more. Mind becomes confused, restless and aggressive.

Those who project themselves in our society as spiritually advanced and work towards a Hindu Rashtra and Dharakranti are in fact the most decadent individuals, with the most decadent perception and thought. Extremes always look alike at first glance, and in today's world nobody has the time for a second glance. "Dharmakranti" is an aggressive term. Aggression is devoid of love and compassion. Aggression has an element of evil in it, an element of extreme, violent self interest.

Peace, love, compassion, tolerance, understanding, patience all go hand in hand. They go towards spiritual well-being in the individual. They go towards the formation of a healthy and happy Nation -- an inclusive and compassionate Nation that is at complete peace with itself.

Nation is nothing but the people in it. For a Nation to be at peace with itself, each individual has to be at peace with himself or herself.

So why this decadence of India ? Why this decadence of the Indian ? Is progress in science and technology associated with spiritual decadence ?

To the insensitive mind, yes. The insensitive mind or the decadent mind confuses between the scientific, technical decision making and the existential movement or the spiritual movement. Such a mind applies the same principles of reactive decision making that work in science and technology to the existential process. It hopes to succeed and ends in failure. It hopes for peace and ends up in war -- war with itself, war with the other person, war with the other religion or war with the other Nation.


Decadence became evident in the best wishes that Narendra Modi conveyed to the Hindu Convention in Ramnathi. He said, “I feel proud about this convention organized by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti”. The Hindu convention, in its invitation, clearly stated that it was to finalize the details for the establishment of a “Hindu Nation”. “Dharmakranti” that it called for violated the principles of peaceful coexistence and reinforced the idea of Hindu supremacy.

Decadence prevents these Hindutvawaadis including Manohar Parrikar from realizing that the idea of Hindu supremacy is antithetic to the idea of India.

And is it not pure decadence of the lowest kind when Jayant Athavale, the self appointed Krishna-avatar head of Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskriti Saustha says, and I quote, “The second all India Hindu convention being held in Goa is a historical step in the establishment of the Hindu Rashtra. This convention will have comprehensive impact. Establishing the Hindu Rashtra is not a process that will fructify in a matter of a day or in few months. It will fructify only after a conflict in the form of a dharmakranti (Revolution for dharma). After 2014, the times will progressively become favorable for devout Hindus. After 2018, we will begin to taste victory in the dharmakranti, and by 2023, the Hindu Rashtra will be established in Bharat!”

The latest example of decadence is Modi’s interference with the Indian army’s rescue operation in Uttarakhand. Now why does a state CM interfere with Army’s rescue? Will Indian army single out Gujaratis and keep them waiting to be rescued? Is this not sacrificing the last shards of political decency for the sake of political mileage back in Gujarat?

And pray tell me, when India’s principal opposition party has no faith in the Constitution of India and has contempt for the very idea of India, how can India progress peacefully? Isn’t decadence the ONLY possible way?

And will these decades of decadence continue or will they end in 2014, once for all?

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Dr Mukul Pai Raiturkar

Dr Mukul R Pai Raiturkar is a consultant pediatrician & neonatologist practicing in Margao. He is the co-convener of Ami Goenkar, an organisation of secular young Goans working towards a novel approach to religious-political issues of Goa. Son of veteran Goan freedom fighter Mr Ravindranath Pai Raiturkar, he exudes unshakable faith in a liberal, secular and free spirited democracy of India.

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