We, the People?

By Sandesh Prabhudesai
11 June 2010 11:28 IST

The Mickky-Nadia issue and implicating the former minister along with Mickky's close associate Lyndon Monteiro as well as Nadia's family is making waves in Goa these days. Obviously, front page headlines, articles, editorials are all occupied with this issue.

I conduct a weekly debate called Jagor on current issue. But so much has been debated upon this issue, I thought we should not have Jagor on this issue.

Ultimately, this issue also has been raked up by vested political interests within the Digambar Kamat government. Not that the issue is not genuine. They got the opportunity because Nadia died and there was something fishy in it. But the Goa police sue motto took cognizance of it, definitely, because of political rivalry Mickky had with home minister Ravi Naik, PWD minister Churchill Alemao and power minister Alexio Sequeira. I don't know how many of these three are behind it, but they are definitely not opposed to the exposure of their former cabinet colleague.

But, in the bargain, Goa has witnessed a new height of political immorality. Till yesterday, this immoral act of Mickky was a grapevine. Today, it's official.

We thus decided to have a debate on ‘Morality in Politics'.

It's a debate of three panelists. We invited two women - Bailancho Ekvott president Auda Viegas and former MLA Nirmala Sawant, along with Adv Radharao Gracias, the vice president of the United Goans Democratic Party and one of the leading criminal lawyer of South Goa.

Nirmala and Radharao among them were the MLAs while Nirmala was a minister too. Auda had contested Lok Sabha polls on UGDP ticket last time.

But more than politicians, all these three are known for their social activities. Auda works among women, Nirmala is the convenor of Mhadei Bachao Abhiyan and Radharao has been active in various social issues right from the days of student movement of ‘80s.

But Radharao, as the UGDP vice president, was also instrumental in giving first-time tickets to Mickky Pacheco and Babush Monseratte.

"How do you feel about this when both these characters have set new standards of political immorality in the state," I asked him while anchoring.

Little before that, Auda had listed out all kind of immoral acts Mickky has been involved in, like goondagiri, bigamy, misbehaving with girls, playing in casinos etc etc.

Radharao's reply was thought-provoking: "What Auda says is not a new thing. In the last Assembly election, we had fielded a candidate in Benaulim constituency. During election campaign, both of us had placed this whole history-sheet of Mickky before the people. What was their response? Electing Mickky with a thumping majority."

In fact Radharao posed a question before me: "Sandesh, if you contest elections tomorrow, will people elect you? Why didn't they elect me for the second term?"

Of course, Radharao's track record as an MLA has been excellent. His studied and thought-provoking Assembly speeches are still remembered. He was personally not involved in any corrupt or anti-people activity during his brief term as the Loutolim MLA.

When he contested again, his rivals from the Congress beat him up and threw him in a paddy field, the booths were rigged. Radharao had neither the muscle power nor money power to counter it. I remembered all that...

Similar was the experience of Nirmala or Auda. Nirmala was denied ticket by her own party, which she headed at one time, to accommodate a corrupt politician. She contested as an independent and lost. Today, she is nowhere...

Obviously, Nirmala and Auda instantly agreed with what Radharao was saying. It was unanimous:

People don't want good candidates having moral values, principles and no money power.

Little before this debate, I had another two-hour long debate on a survey we had conducted on the occasion of Digambar Kamat government completing three years. GPCC president Subhash Shirodkar was one of the panelists.

We were discussing similar issue, of politicians spending money on building temples, sponsoring pilgrimage to Shirdi and Vailankani, donating huge sums for sports clubs and even sponsoring family functions like weddings etc.

"Where does this money come from?" - I asked Subhash.

He was quick to answer - "Of course, from corruption".

He was right. Not in admitting that this money comes from corruption. To say it publicly. Because it's not even an open secret today. No need to hide it any more. Each and every Goan voter knows it. From the so called uneducated to the so called highly educated. Still, they accept this black money from them and praise these corrupt donors publicly, amidst huge crowd applauses.

Who doesn't know that these ‘winner' politicians have amassed wealth through illegal means, like illegal mining, commissions on contracts, matka, drugs, rave parties, allowing casinos, running sex rackets and what not...

Who doesn't know that these ‘victorious' politicians are involved in all kind of immoral acts like spoiling girls, playing in casinos, their sons involved in raping minors and even illegal drug trade?

All of us know it.

In spite it, they are HONOURABLE leaders to us. They are the STRONGEST candidates. They are the MIGHTY.

We, the people, are mere beggars. We BEG.

We don't believe in power of COLLECTIVE. We believe only in INDIVIDUAL benefits. We are SELFISH.

We don't think of the society. We only think of ME and my personal benefit.

We don't even think of morals and values.

In case if we think of morals and values, then our first action is - NOT TO VOTE.

Our second action is NOT TO ACT.

Not to move around. Not to tell others the ethics of democracy. Not to mobilise public opinion against immorals.

Is this moral? Are we a moralistic lot?

Ultimately, all of us support immorality. Some of us support it actively, the other lot supports it passively.

Who? We, the People!!!
Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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Sandesh Prabhudesai is a journalist, presently the Editor of goanews.com, Goa's oldest exclusive news website since 1996. He has earlier worked as the Editor-in-Chief of Prudent & Goa365, Goa's TV channels and Editor of Sunaparant, besides working as a reporter for Goan and national dailies & weeklies in English and Marathi since 1987. He also reports for the BBC. He is also actively involved in literary and cultural activities. After retirement from day-to-day journalism in 2020, he is into Re-Search Journalism (पुनर्सोद पत्रकारिता), focusing on analytical articles, Video programs & Books.

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i admit that nowdays the vote is sold for money,but where do you find good candidates now being the 21st century.every one who sits for the election does not do it for the sake of providing a good governance. the gandhi days are over. take a example of previous cuncolim MLA and velim MLA.one was a teacher and the other was a pwd engineer roaming the salcette on an old chetak. now you can see the difference, was he not a good candidate before in front of the eyes of the people. everyone who wants to sit for election has only one motto ,to collect wealth as much as he can in any corrupt way.

- justino, dubai | 02 nd September 2010 02:28


Pooja you are very much right. A section amongst us is accepting money and other doles from the candidates and elects them to power to loot this State! Many of the so called intellectuals also keeping quite and indifferent are busy in doing chamchaguiri for their own selfish motives.some of us are indifferent and least bothered as to what would happen to this beautiful State! Others are casting their votes on communal grounds irrespective of the candidate is corrupt or thief or criminal or smuggler or rapist! Long live our democracy!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 14 th June 2010 19:08


I really feel ashamed that we are making the robbers the owners of our house. we have sold ourselves for a petite amount that they give us as alms during election.I dont understand how we have become so self centered.....Our GOA is a land which we take pride in ,,,,,,,but with such politicians i wonder what are we heading towrds. Trust me if we keep quiet this time means we have lost our mental balance.

- Pooja, Margao | 13 th June 2010 17:20


Great as always right from the days of Navjawan Bharat Saba. As usual we are trying to sell mirrors to the blind.

- D de Sousa, Ireland | 13 th June 2010 15:40


As rightly said by Danuska, our skin has grown thick...very sad part. even when micky is main accused in suicide case & still absconding, people called up for meeting in his support that too with remarkable presence of females.......if such is the case then how do we expect the change the scenario??? very disappointing..NOT EVEN THE GOD CAN SAVE GOA AS WELL AS WE GOAN........

- Darshan Naik, Margao | 12 th June 2010 17:35


Sandesh thumbs up!! But i still feel we goans have grown thick in skin and no amount of humiliation will make us feel guilty coz these "honourable" crooks are all elected by us..and its a shame..and i feel it terribly as im not in goa now and all i get to hear in the NDTV newsroom is "this is what you miss goa for...goa's true colours and so on' its sill never to late to come out and voice our opinions but this idea of voting for a known devil than an unknown has to be done away with...which is the main notion of people going to vote...We really got to buckle up and get tough to bring in a new change .

- danuska, goa/delhi | 11 th June 2010 23:44


Dear sandesh,

You wrote everything about todays political situation and type of society we are living in. i do not have any comments to add.

thanks for reminding.

- sanjay dessai, Curchorem goa | 11 th June 2010 22:01


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