Playboy stopped; now when will Vulgarity stop?

By Sandesh Prabhudesai (EdiThought)
16 April 2013 00:47 IST

Finally, Michael Lobo won. Playboy Club is out; at least for the time being. He killed many birds with one stone. Got rid of his arch political rival and former Congress MLA Agnelo Fernandes, who was promoting Playboy, in his own property. Got the saffronites win his confidence that he upholds Indian (Bharatiya) Sanskruti. And saved all the night clubs running in and around Calangute from getting wiped out if Playboy had arrived in Goa.

Actually Playboy were playing quite safe in India. They have plans to open at least 120 clubs all over India. The India launch was supposed to be in Goa, by March this year. They had lobbied for it much earlier, due to which Agnelo was in picture (not Michael). Realizing the socio-cultural ‘political’ scenario in India, they decided to even redesign the costumes of Playboy Bunnies, comparatively to what they call decent attire. This was not for much liberal Goa; but for much more conservative India. But alas, it got stuck in ‘free-for-all’ Goa!

The issue for Michael was vulgarity. It worked very well in the saffron camp. Unfortunately, the government rejected Playboy proposal, not on ethical grounds, but technical grounds. Playboy had applied for a shack license. The shack policy does not allow non-Goan to get a bid for the shack, and definitely not for a company but an individual. Playboy was neither ‘original’ Goan nor an individual. It was just not a company, but an international brand. Thus, obviously, it got rejected.

Michael is not happy with this. He wants no such brand to enter Goa; or for that matter at least his constituency. Why? Because all international brands are bad? And all the local brands, which are presently selling in the whole belt are good? Ethical? Moral? Upholding the rich Indian tradition? Or is it the lobby of local clubs and discotheques he is representing and protecting?

Dear Mr Michael, we will feel proud of you not when you stop Playboy from coming ‘in’. We will feel proud if you manage to get all such unethical activities ‘out’ from Calangute. Do you want us to believe that Playboy was the only Club that was ruining the ethics and promoting vulgarity in the whole of Calangute belt? Forget the clubs; is the Calangute beach free of vulgarity? Absolutely decent? The model of Bhratiya Sanskruti?

Fine, let’s accept the usual political argument that this is the legacy of former Congress government which the poor BJP has to carry forward. Well, then Playboy is a good start towards establishing good ethical standards and debarring vulgarity in Goan tourism. In that case, are we wrong if we expect the Michael Lobos and Dilip Parulekars and Manohar Parrikars to debar all the vulgar activities from Calangute, and then Goa, in the name of promoting tourism?

Well, fine, let’s Play (ethics) Boys!

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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