Building up Hate!

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
28 June 2012 12:09 IST

Let’s get this fact straight off the ground. Pramod Muthalik, despite the noxious fumes that emanate from his nostrils is a bumbling idiot. A silly caricature of his confused cause. And to think that the vast majority of Hindus in Goa would bite his moronic bait is a complete insult to their intelligence & integrity.

Pramod Muthalik is persona non grata in Goa and even the stupid idiot knows it.

The point therefore is not Pramod Muthalik, but the ideology of hate and intolerance that drives psychos like him. Many frontal organizations of the Sangh Parivar, have consistently, deviously and insidiously built up a dogged and concerted hate campaign against minorities of this country, especially Muslims and Christians and then predictably at some juncture a Muthalik, a Pradhya Thakur a Dara Singh or a Malgonda Patil blows up in our faces.

Arguably, the RSS, the fountainhead of this world view, and the BJP, its political arm, have toned down their vicious language considerably over the last few years especially in Goa perhaps due to the compulsion of coalition politics. But has there been a genuine change of heart? Has there been a reaching out to other communities with dignity and honour?  I don’t know.

But then are hate campaigns, the sole prerogative of only a Pramod Muthalik? Hardly! They happen all the time in all communities, all races, across all religions & across all times.

The dangerous Wahaabi dogma and call to mindless violence as propagated by Islamist groups (both at home and abroad) sets off blokes as suicide bombers upon us.

Similarly the hate bigotry of twisted racist ideologues unleashes a Andreas Brevik gunning innocent kids at a camping site in Norway lately.

History is replete with anecdotes of how these hate ideologies have been the biggest population control tools of all time.

I recently visited the horrible, horrible concentration camps of Auschwitz – Birkenau in Poland. Tragic, depressing and totally over whelming. It boggles the mind, how one man’s perverted and demonic ideology could exterminate so many innocents, only because they belonged to another faith or race.

But it was never only about Hitler, though he remained the comic book villain for posterity. It was about ordinary Nazis and other civilians who carried out these atrocities, letting the hate ideology seep in to their bodies by a perverse kind of osmosis.

And the thousands upon thousands of Germans who chose to remain silent, out of fear, out of cowardice or out of convenience.

That to most historians remains WWII’s greatest tragedy.

Hence, in Goa more than just a Pramod Muthalik, it is the hate ideology that defines him that must be confronted and challenged. With Reason! With Peace and Love! And by Force, if necessary.

And we must do it as one people, one Goa, one Voice!

Hence when the Facebook generation sprang up to confront the S.R.S. it warmed the cockles of our hearts. Here was a generation ready for a street fight for the correct cause. To preserve their freedom, their independence and deep down fight for the true and wonderful values of Hinduism.

Because Hindu fundamentalism must be fought by the plural and glorious voice of Hindu values, Muslim fundamentalism by a firm, rational and peaceful voice of the ordinary Muslim (though admittedly this is a very very feeble voice) and Neo con Right wing Christian Evangelism that denigrates other faiths must be confronted by the sane Christian voice representing Christ‘s true teaching.

The battle can’t be fought only from outside because sadly the enemy lies within - sometimes in our very hearts.

Hence, the next time a priest whispers in your ears about the deficiency and redundancy of other faiths, or a mulla tells you not to love another human because he is a Khafir, or a Sri Ram Sene activist tells you to knock that lady dressed in a bikini on the head (while he leers at her bottom), this is what you need to tell them.

“Dude, please stop spitting in my face with your polluted ideology and go brush your teeth since you reek of bad breath”! Please back off!!!

Love everything on this planet! Another human, an animal, a plant, your enemy, your differing ideologue, your neighbourhood politician; even love Lady Gaga if she’s your cup of tea.

But with every sinew of our being and every atom of our consciousness and conscience we must relentlessly, passionately, ruthlessly, uncompromisingly and unflinchingly hate A HATE IDEOLOGY, that targets innocents. There must be no compromises on that. Not now! Not Ever!

P.S. Three little queries on hate ideologies.

(1)As much as the Parrikar Govt. says that it is the democratic right for the S.R.S. to spew their garbage on us, is it ok for SIMI and the Naxalites to also exercise their democratic right in Goa??

(2) Across every cocktail party and at every village tinto in Goa there is this subterranean but frightening whisper that gets ever louder and shriller: “HATE THE GHANTI.” Is that acceptable to all loving, religious, devout, peaceful and dazzling Goans??

(3)Is hate a good and powerful emotion at times? It is, when we direct it against child abusers and wife beaters; terrorists and corrupt officials. But, that hate must be channeled through due process of law and justice, never vigilantism and mob violence.

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Things are not so simple, since 2000 a group is growing all over india. almost every year there is a bomb explosion Samjhauta blast, Jalna, Nanded, Ajmer, Malegao, Goa, about 12 bomb blasts in 12 years. All investigation agencies IB, CBI, NIA, ATS, police found links in all the matter that they were like a chain looped together. 4/5 people involved in each blast and 1/2 persons common in another blast. these groups work in different names, RSS, SRS, Bajrang Dal but at the end they are one and same. Shriram Sena is another name for Bajrang Dal for both means monkey Army of Ram. Then SRS is RSS and so on. Now in Goa meeting these groups have declared they will form their own constitution for a Hindu Nation replacing Govt of India with Hindu Nation with its own constitution and flag. They have declared a War on India as contemplated in IPC. And a huge amounts of funds being raised for this purpose.

- Ajay, Ponda | 12 th July 2012 14:12


Dotor bab,

Well written, although I think there might not be a way in stopping the morons from opening a 'Shakha' in Goa - with all due respects, the CM will not grow a pair to stop them (For the purpose of clarity, I am a registered member of the BJP).

Marginalized groups like these keep fading into oblivion, but the sad part is the amplitude of their nuisance keeps increasing.

But the SRS will die its own death, of that I have no doubt. There are two approaches - treat it like a snake and smoke it to death, or treat it like a disease, quarantine it, ignore it, it will die. The former might be a double-edged sword.

- Manesh Mahatme, Gurgaon, India | 10 th July 2012 15:32


Dotor bab

If a snake sneaks in our garden do we rush to kill it? We never know when slimy creatures crawl in stealth. By making more noise on rabble risers you give support to them. We should ask for better law enforcement which will get rid of many ills in Goa which now happen under watchful eyes of law guardians. Can we not talk on important issues like the ‘bastis’ on moti dongor and in chimbel, nagalli hills and altino, drugs, land garb? We have seen moti dongor lords taking over from the notorious kareband goons. And, we all know who has strengthened them. No one invited but today you can’t get them out. The senas of any colour cannot do much like shev sena is no force while across border they are strong. This will answer the ganti question you rise. Every prosperous region is built by immigrants as is USA. But there are local laws you dare not break.

You speak and write well for good cause but why your animosity to RSS. They have an agenda but who does not. You mention priest hissing in ear in passing. Did the Pope not declare the agenda to convert Asia on his millennium visit? Has northeast not been part of this agenda? Who has single agenda of conversion behind all the good work? Are we not seeing Church extracting price for support to Parrikar?

Many malices of society can be addressed by our initiative. Not talk on the ghost of communism all time.

- francis pereira, margao | 30 th June 2012 09:14


respected Dr. plz tel me their is any law or any constitutional way not to allow Ram Sena to open their branch in any where in country.if yes than we will tell this to our CM.

- Mahesh, Panjim | 28 th June 2012 15:28


Sneha and her friends started a petition on asking CM Parrikar to stop the entry of Sri Ram Sene in Goa. Please sign the petition and share it with your contacts-

- Shibayan, Bangalore | 28 th June 2012 15:20


We dont need religious clerics as to what to do and whom to worship..... each one of us are pretty much sane enough not to follow these bunch of insane holy (?) police.....we dont need any Hindu Jagruti or Ram sene to Dictate or Force their views on us.............We need to keep our religious views locked in hearts.... or lock it up in Bhagwad Gita....Or Bible.... Or Quran.....n keep it up to ONESELF.........why exhibit it. ???????... why flaunt it ????????????? why FORCE IT ?????? OUR GENERATION SHOULD EVEN BE READY FOR PARAM MAATA LADY GAGA JANJAGRUTI SAMITI....DOWN THE FUTURE.......


WE SHALL DO AND FOLLOW AND BELIEVE WHAT WE WANT........ WE DONT NEED AN AWAKENING...........BY YOU.......................................

- Kapil usgaokar, Vasco | 28 th June 2012 13:07



- Amey, Margao | 28 th June 2012 12:53


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