What's a Conscience vote?

By Sandesh Prabhudesai (EdiThought)
02 March 2012 23:27 IST

Conscience vote is not a fanatic vote. Not a blind vote. Open-minded vote is a conscience vote.

It cannot be just a negative vote. It has to be also positive. A thoughtful vote. Judged from all sides. Rationally. Objectively.

How do we judge any candidate?

Of course, being educated enough, presumably we would not judge any candidate based on religion, caste or regional affiliations. We also may not get impressed with the money and muscle power the candidate has. Or even the number of central leaders or film stars attending his or her meetings.

But how else do we judge the candidate? Based on a party? Based on the position he or she has created through money power? Based on the people moving along with him? Based on the media reports coming in his or her favour?

What are we voting for? To defeat somebody? Or to elect somebody? Are we aware that this is an Election and not a Defeation?

Who do we look at? Only the candidate? Only our own constituency? Or the Party? And the government which our candidate would support to?

What are we voting for? To elect the MLA? Or to elect the Government?

What do we want our MLA to do? Only infrastructural development? Only legislating? Only giving impressive speeches in the Assembly? Or an implementation of a planned master plan for our constituency as well as for the whole state?

What is our expectation? Only cosmetic infrastructural development? Or development of human life and human values?

Will we vote for ME?

Or for US?  


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Sandesh Prabhudesai (EdiThought)

Sandesh Prabhudesai is the Editor of goanews.com. He has been earlier the Editor of Sunaparant (Konkani daily) and Editor-in-Chief of Pruden (TV channel). His collection of selective editorials of Sunaparant has been published as 'Goff'. He writes brief thoughts as EdiThought for goanews.com, but not on regular basis.

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