Good Bye Congress & Thank You for Nothing!!!

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
24 February 2012 15:25 IST

I have this one question for Mr. Shantaram Naik, the face and voice of the Congress-NCP campaign in Goa: “Why is it that a decent, honorable, articulate, secular and relatively non-controversial person like you never figures in the list as a Congress nominee for the Assembly polls?” Clearly, loyalists have to do the dog work, whereas the “winnable” candidates have to bring in the booty!! Classic Congress cowboy stuff!

I think we need to stop pussy footing and molly coddling on this issue any longer, this Election 2012. We need to set the record straight.

By and large the whole of Goa shares the ideology of the Cong – NCP. An ideology propounded by Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru and Patel. An ideology of pluralism, liberalism and genuine secularism (a respect for all religions and not a divorce between state and religion). And we will all continue to celebrate and propagate this ideology. As a society! As a people! As a Generation! No sweat.

But we do not need these ruthless oligarchs masquerading as social workers / lovers of Goa / Proponents of secularism to hold that flag aloft for us.  This CONG – NCP alliance for Goa is like the Costa Concordia! - a glittering dazzling, alluring ship that is going to take all of us crashing into a rock. Goa in a ruinous heap. And of course, true to form, the captains (MLAs) of the ship would desert it, in a heartbeat and jump off board first as and when the crash happens.

It is a pathetic joke that the Congress manifesto of 2012 reads exactly like the one in 2007. So it’s been five years of pulling wool over  people’s eyes; Five years of cloak and dagger games; Five years of devastating mining to disembowel the hinterlands; Five years of spurious insertions in RP2021, Five years of Agitations; Litigations and Frustrations; Five years of broken promises and knives in our back; Five years of the putrid stench of corruption; Five years of pandering to the real estate and mining lobbies; and Five years (This is the cruelest joke) of daily prostrations before a cross, a masjid or a temple!

Five years of pure unadulterated daylight murder of Goa!

So yes, you wrestle with your conscience; you wonder if you are betraying your ideological position; you weigh the options of a BJP/RSS entry if everyone deserts the mother lode Congress. You wonder if the opposition parties who also have mining dynasties and real estate sharks as candidates will do a better job!

BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This CONG-NCP in Goa has impaled us on a slow fire for far too long. They have betrayed our trust beyond redemption. The logic therefore is obvious. The CONG-NCP like a cockroach who has survived billions of years, will always be around but Goa will most certainly be dead, buried and entombed if these guys triumph again!

Because what is it that will change over the next five years? More Build and dig and bribe!!! The new fundamentals of the Goan economy. If 2007 was a horror story, then 2012 onwards under Congress rule will be a catastrophe of unbridled proportions.

In the five years of its rule ministers have run amok; there has been no prosecution when government agencies themselves have indicted criminal officials; the drug barons have carved out their own fiefdoms; there has been this strange logic among Congressmen: Protect my constituency but Screw Goa!

So Goa will have to be reclaimed from the vice like grip of these oligarchs. How? I don’t know and the solutions to do so may not be perfect. There is the real danger of trishul wielding lunatics crawling out of the wood work. The smaller parties may be gobbled up by big brother Congress eventually and jettison all the gains; the Greens may not break the glass ceiling. We all may be back to square one!

But the message to the CONG-NCP must be loud and clear this election 2012. “You can buy out and pollute my land, my music, my humor; my joie de vivre; my Goan lifestyle and my raison d’être; but you are not going to succeed in buying out my conscience. I’m not putting that up for sale. Not now!  Not ever!!”

I know I’ll have my ultra-secular friends rushing in and pulling down my trousers to see if I wear saffron shorts or whether my boxer underwear has two leaves or candles or the flower or the hammer or sickle symbol emblazoned on it. The truth is I don’t use underwear, so please lay off me for a while.”


PS : There is every possibility that on the 6th of March the people of Goa will have sold themselves for 30 pieces of silver and the CONG – NCP may well be back in the saddle again. If so, you can kiss Goa good bye forever.

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Yes! We the Goans did it :))

- Mahesh Parrikar, Mapusa | 07 th March 2012 15:47


Dear Dr. Oscar,

The Election have come and gone. You have done your part. I have done mine. Result show both have been successful. Only future will show whether we were right. But for the present we had no other choice.

- joemike, london | 07 th March 2012 15:11


Well said Dr. Oscar.

If majority of us, the Goans, vote with their conscience and not cast their vote based on the goodies and bribes they get. Goa will witness a better Govt.

I completely agree with you, that this family dynasties and corruption ridden govt. of Congress-NCP must go first.

Hope Goans Save Goa.


- Mahesh Parrikar, Mapusa | 01 st March 2012 17:46


Sure.. one thing is sure.. NO VOTE FOR CONGRESS this time..its a promise

- Rafeeq shaikh, Ponda | 01 st March 2012 00:14


This is an article I found online that makes an interesting read. Posted it as a comment so that It piggy back on Dr. Oscars article. With all the promises and bouquets offered by the various parties, htis may provide some food for thought.

An economics professor at a local University made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer. The professor then said, "OK, we will have an experiment in this class on the socialism principles".. All grades will be averaged and everyone will receive the same grade so no one will fail and no one will receive an A.... (Substituting grades for Ranks - something closer to home and more readily understood by all).

After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were HAPPY. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little. The second test average was a D! No one was happy. When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F. As the tests proceeded, the scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else. To their great surprise, ALL FAILED and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

Could not be any simpler than that. Remember, there is a test coming up. The elections. These are possibly the 5 best sentences you'll ever read and all applicable to this experiment:

1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!

5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

- Netizen, Margao | 29 th February 2012 18:56


Oscar as usual been very frank and enlisted all the right reasons to get a new set of politicians to save Goa.I am sure only time will tell if the new apples will be better or as rotten as the past,but change is imminent and need of the hour.

As far as Oscar standing for elections it has to be a call from his own heart.I know his passion for politics is as much as his desire to practice medicine,but I selfishly don't want to lose a good doctor colleague in exchange for a friend politician as I have no need for politicians in my clean life and no average Adam admi needs one.Politicians role in our lives has to be like the developed countries.Politicians are required only for your dirty practices and illegal activities.

- Dr Mahendra Kudchadkar, Panaji | 29 th February 2012 18:39


I like the message in the article but in reality what are our alternatives?

The MGP has willingly participated in this loot of Goa for the last five years and have now switched sides gladly towards BJP.

Trinamool / UGDP / Save Goa/ Mikky etc are also full of opportunists.

The Congress and NCP are status quo and BJP are supposedly communal. What option does Goa have?

Just one point in defence of BJP, and directed towards Shalom Sardinha - please note that watching porn is not illegal in India. Yes it was wrong that those three MLAs in Karnataka were watching it in their workplace and they should be disqualified as soon as they are found guilty.

But when Congress MLAs and MPs have been indulging in mass financial corruption, surely they have no right complaining about little bit moral corruption by BJP?

- Joaquim Da Silva, Vasco | 29 th February 2012 00:06


Well written article and comments. But where this all started? There are many issues in Goa and India. And there are bound to be differences of opinion. Just as there are two sides to a coin, all individuals too have good habits and bad habits; virtues and vices; and ultimately evryone in public life should compromise with one another wherever there are differences of opinion for the GOOD GOVERNANCE; However the GOOD AND INTELLIGENT PEOPLE of GOA failed in their duties when Parrikar axed Babush and all Goans stood in favour of Babush. And the end result Goa's Progress got stalled and money paid by tax payers for the Development of Goa and Benefit of Goans were pocketed by our representatives to become Crorepatis. Hoewever, its spilt milk and No use crying over it. Let's forget the PAST and Bury the Wrong Notions and vote unitedly as GOANS to hand over our ILLESHE BHANGRALE GOEM to future generation by preserving GREEN GOA CLEAN and PURE free of corruption; rape; loot etc.

I hope everybody irrespective of caste; creed; religion;

and everyone who love GOA and want GOA's name to

be carved on the WORLD Map may vote for NON CONG-NCP candidates. THIS IS THE LAST APPEAL TO ALL PROUD GOANS.

- N Karmali, Margao | 28 th February 2012 13:29


Clearly the article speaks that -

1. Goa vote in the ideology of Cong-NCP

2. Goa vote out people that make Cong-NCP

Really an issue!

But this article is ambiguous about a way - "to stop pussy footing and molly coddling on this issue any longer"


Are the people of Velim leading the way, for Goa to follow?

- B Brother, Earth | 28 th February 2012 09:47


Dear Doctor,

You always brought the real picture of Goa and today read my minds and hearts of many Goans alike

The last lines are real frighfull and puts me into oblivion.but my feelings confirm me that its the end of Goa and Goans only God can save goans as their minds are feeble.t has been like that for ages and their mind set will never change as they had been living their lifestyle for ages.

Well, Oligrachial setup is installed by current democractic system and is supported by British Inmperalist monetary setup , only to reveal our ignorance. Time is not far away that these oligarchs coming into cabinet setup /assembly will destroy goan habitaait and displace usand then disposses us and pawn Goa as done in Greece to their own generations to secure their future interest and thats where our next generation chioldren will end up homeless,penniless and as slaves. They will curse us for our role as of today..we have to think and act now

Its happening in the west and after this elections after 5 years India will have perfect Oligrachial setup and India is no expception as the elite are already members of the global club and its only about control of our land,resources and economy and rest of us are only meant for,Cazars,Festas, Chourizam,buffets and dances, gather bribes for easy way out and football games.

What do you except now when the mandate is hanging on the thread and all evil mechanism of politicos are already in place. Paper money will definately become defunt as its only printed to monetized long term debt and capitalize our souls.

Please Goans must get out now at this very moment of PRIMAL PHYCOSIS which they are in with their heads buried in sand of time.

- Mark Dsouza, Calgary | 28 th February 2012 07:32


Poor Doctor! Crying before the death of Mother Goa. Brave son, you could have contested as an independent? You write good, talk good may be you could have tried your luck atleast to beat one Congress or NCP candidate? People will read your articles and forget them. With due respect Doctor, no hard feelings please...

- Francisco Fernandes, Switzerland | 28 th February 2012 04:18


Dear Doctor,

My sincere appreciation for your courage to take on these looters who had done nothing for Goa and Goans.

The need of the hour is for good people like you to actively take part in politics...its a dirty world but thats the only way forward. Goans will stand by you and generations to come be thankful to you.

- Samson, Dubai | 27 th February 2012 17:13


Very well said by Dr. Oscar, we need clean administrator like Manohar parrikar to run GOA

- Sunil Parab, Ponda | 27 th February 2012 16:54


Hats Off Doc,

Really apprecitate your voice of concerns,I think its going to deaf ears.we the youth are only glued to face book, orkut social networking sites day in and day out , to hell with goa,thats where i stay in a 85sqft flat,iam definately not bothered of the society, Goa I suppose.

we had the portugese rule in Goa and then one day we woke up and drove them away,that was yesteyears. talking of the present scenario we have the Ministers and their familes ruling us goans, I suppose we are at their mercy.when its time for elections we have all the canididates coming to our doorsteps begging us to vote and giving us their manifesto but what where is the previous manifesto and the results to what they have done.its time for us to wake up drive these Ministers out as we did for the Portugese.

P.s A humble request to you and Remo, you'll have proved yourself in your respective fields,get up and be leaders of the masses We support you'll

- sydney , Margao | 27 th February 2012 11:32


Dear Dr. Oscar,

You have spelt the path. I pray every Voter just takes it on the 3rd of March.

Viva Goa.

Sapna Sardessai

- Sapna Sardessai, Porvorim | 27 th February 2012 10:04


Dear Dotor,

I totally agree to what you have written word by word. But who is going to Save Goa. Your articles or my vote. Well none of this will work. If we need to save our land, our music, our humor; our joie de vivre; our Goan lifestyle and our raison d’être; then emininent Goans like you have to grab the bull by his horns and come in mainstream politics. Giving speeches and doind roadshow acts like Arvind Kejriwal & Kiran Bedi wont help the nation nor Goa.

You form a party , lets chose the right candidates for Goa, lets bring in the fund, lets campain for the candidates we believe can make a change. We might Win or Lose doesnt matter, but people of Goa will be behind us if we are fighting for the right cause.

Change doesnt come easily. You have already sowed the seeds of change in Goa, now its time to water them and nurture them so they grow. If you just keep sowing seeds and dont water them, then you better collect your seeds and sell them.

Now Lets watch When DOtor Oscar rebelllo contest for the election. Lets start with Panjim civic polls......

- Eric, Ponda | 27 th February 2012 09:47


Dr. Oscar has hit the nail at right spot. The unpleasant truth often stings.....Look at the wealth acquired by the Politicians when serving us, and you will know whether these greedy people have served the poor masses or served themselves...Look at the huge wealth siphoned out under the name of mining and the pittance collected as Royalty , and the exploitation will be clear...Look at the arrogance of the elected reps who are actually paid by the tax payer to serve them and you will start feeling doubts as to who is the servant and who the master.....And over and above this---they have now come out with the Family Raj to keep the loot within the Family...Deplorable...and pathetic...

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 27 th February 2012 09:37


Hats off doc for your bold article !

Now that the public face of THE GBA has called a spade a spade ; is it fair to assume that the current bunch of GBA officials are tacitly endorsing the Congress- NCP Alliance ???

And are perhaps beneficiaries in some way or the other ???????????

- antonio B, cabo - de - rama | 26 th February 2012 22:44


Freedom of speech is our constitutional right and We should definitely have it!! I respect each and every person's opinion on the upcoming elections!! But I just have 2 questions which I would like to put before all the people who believe that BJP is highly Communal.

I believe it was the Parrikar led Government which constructed the Old Goa highway from Panjim during the Exposition of St Francis Xavier's Sacred Relics!! What is your opinion about this convenience that was brought in for our beloved Christians brothers??

My 2nd Question to you'll is..would You call a party which has not only restricted Good Friday holiday and St Francis Xavier holiday BUT ALSO MAHASHIVRATRI holiday AND HOLI communal?

Nobody is perfect!!! But We should not be ignorant about the Good work that has been done in the past!!

- Sneha Usgaonkar, Panaji | 26 th February 2012 21:44


Dear Oscar,

I like reading your articles and admire your involvment wrt saving Goa

However the Oscar I knew in GMC and in Panaji in the 1990s is someone else I guess

An elitist who only mingled with the rich and the famous and a snob towards most middle class/ working class /bhahujan masses in Bambolim and Panaji

Your "caring nature" as a resident towards the poorest of the poor such as the "Ghanti" patients was well known, I am witness to that.

I for a minute would never doubt that you got your Govt. job without any political influence from Willy D Sousa or that you carried out private practise despite working as a govt doctor and claiming non-practising allowance

Soo from your exemplary record who else but you to carry the torch to save Goa !!Save the masses and asses from doom?

You should be nominated for the Padma Bushan.



- Niel Fernandes, UK | 26 th February 2012 21:05


Hi Oscar,

The firebrand leader in u once again. Well, i subscribe to ur well-intentioned thots and wish all luck for the laity to choose a good candidate this time, but ideology and reality are two pegs of the system--- polarised and equally intoxicating.

Ideologically, the high literacy rate, overall consciousness and above all love for Goa should prevail because of less population and desire to rid the state of manifold anomalies, but sadly that has not been the case so far. Ur observation is not only correct, but is also laced with realism---- the final outcome this poll might not be a diff story.

So, the other peg of reality needs to be looked at. Why is it so difficult, Oscar for people to unite? I often used to raise this question while I was posted in Goa (mentally still) and heated but meaningful debates /arguments used to spill over into long nights, nay early mornings. It was always a good feel though.

I feel good riddance to the evils that dog the beautiful state requires lot of social engineering and for someone to do that at a faster pace, Goa requires a real grassroot leader who can really come out trumps with mass appeal.

Ur fight against the RP had an universal appeal for Goa and the result was felt by one and all. A bigger bell perhaps needs to make a resounding echoing noise across the state, and i can only wish it happens at the earliest, for i subscribe to what u have said and ur apprehensions about the future roadmap.


sanjay banerjee

- sanjay banerjee, Navi Mumbai | 26 th February 2012 20:48


Well said Oscar. No vote for Congress this time.

- Samir Kelekar, Bangalore | 26 th February 2012 12:07


Mr Junior Sardinha before commenting on what Dr Oscar have written think twice what you father Sardinha as MP and chief minister for a short time have done. Where werer you for the past 5 years if the BJP have done mistakes in past during thier tenure they should have done during thier tenure rectified any wrong doings but you, and your father as well as Cong/ncp slept on the issue till now. You closed your eyes when all the illegal mines activities going on, besides all the land been sold to the builders. Good that they didn't give you a seat other wise you also going to do the same thing Cong govt doing at the centre and in Goa. Before writing something like this think twice as you are a politician son and prompt bull fights

- domnic, bahrain | 26 th February 2012 03:48


This article should be published in local dailies, including a translated version in marathi dailies.

- Sandee Vaidya, Margao | 25 th February 2012 23:18


Dear Dotor Oscar,

Was happy to read your stinging but honest blog.While you have justly stated that the Congress have the best ideology, as a Government they could have done a lot more given that they were firmly in the saddle for 5 years.....but how can you even think of supporting an opposition which has abetted in this great loot of Goa...people who have been part and parcel in illegal mining scams and colluding with the ruling MLAs as business partners are some of the candidates that the "Party with a difference" has given the electorate....... and the biggest joke is that when some of their MLAs in neighbouring Karnataka were caught red handed watching pornographic films in the Assembly,our great and HIGHLY EDUCATED leader of opposition justified that they were only watching and not acting in it!

Who was responsible for fooling the people of this state during the 2000-2005 stint when they promised the youth employment by starting the pre employment scheme? Who was responsible for converting our Good Friday holiday and St Francis Xavier holiday to restricted? Who was responsible for the infamous Regional Plan 2011 and the widely spoken about Mala Scandal,which if not for guys like you and the GBA would have robbed every Goan of their motherland??? The answers are on the wall Dr Oscar and it would be foolish to support these wolves who are masquerading in sheep clothing. I agree that some of the Congress MLAs have put us on a low fire but lets not act foolishly by jumping from the frying pan into the fire.Let us all stand up and be counted before its too late and they have successfully ruined our communal harmony on the basis of Gujarat!!!!!

So Goa, do not let any party buy your conscience!!!!! After all I firmly believe that it is the only thing in the whole world which cannot be bought!!!!! Goans, vote for clean, educated people who have a vision for the state of Goa.

And finally Dr Oscar, now that SAVE GOA MLAs(which again was a ploy supported and funded by the BJP to fool the people of Goa in 2007) is firmly into the CONGRESS,any vote for the Congress is a vote to SAVE GOA! Isnt it ?he he

- shalom sardinha, Curtorim | 25 th February 2012 22:58


We all agree and understood the logic behind what Dr Oscar have written, All of us must understand some come up openly which party to support and which one to oppose when you are in limelight some play neutral.Few days are left for the all goans to decide. First of all it is our right and duty to vote lets make it happen so that more voters turn out to vote. In order to do that writing on the internet won't be enough as it is not reaching to the villages it should be door to door canvassing about the misdeeds of the harmful politicians like Alemao's, Ravi Naik, both Ranes, husband and wife Monserate. Of course don't forget to get rid of useless money collecting agent of Sonia Gandhi current cm Digamber Kamat. You can vote for other candidates who are good and can provide good goverment. They say always if the tree is bad cut the tree from the roots.

Hope all goans get together and teach Congress and NCP a lesson on 3rd March.

- domnic, bahrain | 25 th February 2012 22:10


Dear Dr.Rebello,

I really appreciate what you and the others have done for Goa but being an activist is useless until you have the power to change things. Why don't you stand for elections? when we will have choices of choosing people like you, one will look beyond the ideology of pluralism, liberalism and genuine secularism, till then do we have a choice? at the moment we have to choose between the bad, the worse and the ugly!!!


A Goan

- Amar Akbar Anthony, Goa | 25 th February 2012 21:39


Dear Dr. Oscar,

While refering to the Ideplogy of Congress party you have made references to the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and Patel.

I would take this liberty to remind you that the ideolgy you have refered to was of Indian National Congress. This Congress was burried by Indira Gandhi in 1969. The party was dissolved. The party symball and flag was freezed. Two new congresses were formed. (1) Congress Urs. and (2) Congress (Indira). Indira Gandhi, on loosing elections defied the Court and declared emergency in this Country. For seventeen months there was dictatorship in this country. She never believed in the Ideology you are talking about.. Finally the Congress urge could not survive before the dirty politics of Congress (Indira). So what we have today is a party owned by the family of Indira Gandhi and its name is Congress (I). Conveniently they have dropped the letter (I) and they bluff the people and claim legacy of 110 years. So please do not expect any good from this party. This party is not of the Nation but it is of the Indira Family. You see the shameless behavior of people like Digvijay, Manish, Abhishek, Kapil and all other spokesmen. They never speak for the Nation. They speak for the family.

- Ramesh Verenkar, Goa | 25 th February 2012 21:36


Whoops!!!! what a way to undress the Cock-Race men.....Bravo for vividly and humorously summarizing the last few years of Goa political dirty dance......but honestly there is this definite buzz around everywhere ....... its going to be no more Congress men armed again to crush down Goa (if they are still left with it)...... but again the D-Day will witness it all because all the big wigs are up with their Santa Claus cum Saibaba cum Pir avatars....... while some are happily giving away cash all along the Monte Hill and khariawado thinking that their AAM AADMI is not happy with their Santa Claus...... there are others sneaking into the wee hours of the Junta houses a la Saibaba...... to ask for votes...... then there are the Pirs trying to satisfy themselves that their preachings ( Read My Constituency Zindabad) are still holding true.........well amongst all this tamasha.... the aam aadmi is enjoying the full blown view of the dirty picture.........cashing in every moment of ecstasy ............ well the public should basically enjoy E- Grade Phillum..... eat out all the golden popcorn offered by all their politician...... but give away the OSCARS to the right candidate..... EAT from everywhere but VOTE well........................

well amongst all this i miss the good old days - as kids we would be running behind the vehicles crooning to - SHOOR AMI SARDAR AAMHALA KAAY KUNAACHI BHEETI......... and then the very golden......... TAI MAI AKKA...... VICHAR KARA PAKKA........ANI @@@@@ WAR MARA SHIKKA............. (or may be its still going around..... may be in Russian..... or may be Kannada.... or Bengali..... or Bihari............ or may be simply carved on golden notes and handed over to each family member...........)........

- Dr Kapil K, Wish i was a Valpoikar | 25 th February 2012 15:05


Wel said doc!!!

- Abhijit, Margao/Pune | 25 th February 2012 13:15


Hii Yogesh::Based on what I read from many sources, it seems like it will take a very long time for the BJP to re-build trust amongst the Goan voters and specially the Christians.It firstly needs to shed its communal image and embrace secularism.Nearly every country in the world is secular in some way or the other.That is the reality.Hitler did not suceed with his form of purity.

- N.Fernandes, London | 25 th February 2012 01:40


i have same feelings like you. i always admire your thoughts as it speaks truth. however when you say that we do not want cong-ncp back again, and nor you like BJP THEN WHOM SHOULD WE VOTE?

i feel that irrespective considering bjp as communal, for the first time they have given 5/6 tickets to minority, its a radical change may be to garner minority votes. if 2 minority candidates could bring BJP GOVT dawn in 2005/6 then 5/6 can definitely put a check on them.

- yogesh, margao | 24 th February 2012 22:14


Dear Doctor Oscar,

It is always a treat to either here you or read you. I have no doubt in mind that everythng that you have said here is true. You stand for the welfare of Goa and as a selfless activist demonstrated it in the past. Goa, by and large unlike all other states has been the most peaceful and calm state as far as communual controversies are concerned and i do not think we should get unnecessarily worried about that even if BJP-MGP is elected to power.

If you really compare and minutely analyse so many years of Congress rule over india with that of NDA (BJP) rule, you will find that it is infact the strategy of congress party to keep the religious sentiments burning. I do not have give the examples here. Yet they call themselves secular and label BJP as communual.

It is the real sorry state of affairs that our muslim freinds are still far behind financially, inspite of these so called secular congress in power. In fact they never intend to make the minority appeasement issue die down purely for Vote Bank. I think goans are wise enough to know that and do not need an astrologer.

Mr. Parrikar irrespective of his affiliation to any organisation has proved that he is a tough and an able administartor. As you have rightly pointed out it is for the goans to decide whether they want to streamline the messy affairs of goa or want to see further errosion of our beloved state.

- Nilesh Salatry, Thane | 24 th February 2012 15:48


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