Let’s think beyond Family Raj!

By Sandesh Prabhudesai (EdiThought)
21 February 2012 20:13 IST

The overall mood appears to be voting against the Family Raj. But which family? Only the surname family? Only relatives? Or also the extended family of these ‘surname families’? Or, perhaps a ganged up group?

Well, there are five families in the Congress-NCP camp – Alemaos, Ranes, Monserattes, Madkaikars and Ravi Naik.

Then there is Dhawalikar family in the MGP. And the Salgaoncar family, contesting as Trinamool Congress and the independent.

The Congress and the NCP and the MGP and the political class claims that they are winnables. Goa is however witnessing a wave against such a selection of candidates.

Well-educated or not, belonging to the candidate’s religion and caste or not, staunch supporter of the candidate’s party or not, admiring the candidate for his work or not; everybody is upset with this decision.

People in fact laugh when the leaders, including the central leaders, justify this selection in press conferences. The more they justify the more is the anguish.

It is very much true that every citizen, including every member of any family, has a democratic right to contest the election. And it is also very much true that every voter has a right to reject this dangerous trend by rejecting them.

It would be really good if this anger translates into vote and ALL the family members, belonging to all the parties or independents, are defeated even by losing their deposits. No party or politician in Goa would then dare to think of bringing the whole family into politics, making it a family business.

But will that be enough? If we have started thinking, then aren’t we educated enough to understand the whole game plan of these families to rope in more members in their extended families?

The last EdiThought of goanews.com has listed out many of these extended family members. It is a conspiracy to impose Family Raj on Goa and Goans. And even these extended family members should be looked upon as part of this conspiracy. Once elected, they would be loyal to these families; neither their party nor their party leader; forget the common man.

The voter thus today needs to think beyond the Family Raj. Needs to think about the Extended Family Raj. Need to think about those who are neither their relatives nor carrying their surnames, but the family head as their Sir.

The voter also needs to look at this Extended Family Member beyond the work he or she has done. Their capability, performance etc etc is simply secondary. What is primary is their loyalty to the Master.

It’s needed not to just defeat any particular party or a candidate. It’s needed to save our democracy. It’s needed to maintain self-respect of the voter. It’s needed to guard the electoral system. It’s needed to save Goa.

Let’s be wise enough to think beyond Family Raj. Let’s be wise enough to understand the sinister designs of the Extended Family Raj. Let’s wake up. Let’s rise up. Let’s save our Democracy!!!

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Sandesh Prabhudesai (EdiThought)

Sandesh Prabhudesai is the Editor of goanews.com. He has been earlier the Editor of Sunaparant (Konkani daily) and Editor-in-Chief of Pruden (TV channel). His collection of selective editorials of Sunaparant has been published as 'Goff'. He writes brief thoughts as EdiThought for goanews.com, but not on regular basis.

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First of all, why are they even contesting? all these people, as we know, are corrupted and who is responsible for this all? I would say the Goan commodity (in the sense, people) who accepted the "GIFTS" from such politicians.

Nice article - every Goan MUST READ!!!

- Rahul, Ponda | 23 rd February 2012 02:20


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