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By Dr Oscar Rebelo
29 January 2012 09:54 IST

“Viva Panjim”, a wonderful restaurant in the bylanes of Fontainhas is one of our favorite haunts. We indulge in classic Goan hospitality cuisine there and are privileged to some hot, juicy gossip, on the Goan political scene from adjoining tables.

The other day, I was there, with my psephologist friend Rajan Prabhudesai (RP for short, and not to be confused with Regional plan). As we were nibbling on some fresh squid and nursing a vodka (I only drink vodka now, since the Russian invasion of Goa should be complete in the next decade), we overheard this conversation between four gentlemen and they were discussing the forthcoming election and I reproduce the conversation ad verbatim. No editing!!

Of the four, one was a vintage ardent Congress supporter; the second a BJP fan; the third a passionate voluble, green party lover and the fourth a mysterious, obese, character with blood shot eyes, a humungous pot belly and a hideous smile,

THE CONGRESS SUPPORTER: “I am clearly supporting my Congress party this time around. Again! Despite their horrendous track record on governance, corruption, mining and other disasters plaguing Goa that is the ideology I am most comfortable with. Plural, accommodating and liberal. True; the BJP always says the right things when in opposition and the leopard always cleverly shows his dark spots when he comes to power.

And unfortunately we always remember the BJP best by their acts, when in power not when they are without it”.

As we listened to this, the fourth character in the group (we’ll call him DUKOR, for convenience) stuffed his mouth  with a combination of the chilly fry, a morsel of the garlic fresh and a table spoon full of rice all at the same time nearly choking himself to death .


He spoke thus “I care two hoots. The BJP and its fountain head. The RSS ideology may be obnoxious to many of us, but the BJP voter doesn’t hit the electoral button to endorse that perverted ideology. 99% of BJP supporters don’t even believe in that sort of revisionist thinking. We vote for BJP, because of their relatively cleaner, more honest and more salt of the earth candidates, who I believe will deliver on Goa.

Of course, poor old Shripad Naik; easily Goa’s most soft spoken, easy going, gentleman politician must have been wishing he was born a Catholic. That way, he would have been assured a red carpet welcome and a 21 gun salute to contest the local polls, as a BJP candidate.

But I’m going with the BJP combine because the destructive Congress must be buried. Deep in to some mining pit.’

DUKOR was now probably on his fourth whiskey, looking suitably sozzled and he smiled at us like a cheetah after his feast.


Easily the most gentle and articulate of the four he remarked, “my vote is for the green candidates who have thrown their hats in to the ring. They have been the ones, consistently fighting for Goa’s causes, with unflinching devotion all these years.

My mind says they may not make it but my heart strongly believes they will pack quite a punch. So maybe we’ll lose the election, we may lose our money but at least we will have won our conscience!!

Of course it would have really helped if the “Greens” articulated their economic agenda pronto and ASAP for Goa! Because the politics of grievance can take you only thus far. What wins you an election is the politics of aspiration!!

“DUKOR “scratched his crotch and burped loudly.

RP (my psephologist friend) and I looked at the four quizzically and latched on to their conversation intently. R.P asked the waiter what he thought of the Regional parties in the fray.

“Regional?”, he queried, “they are  ‘Seasonal’ parties. They bloom once every five years, like wild flowers in the grave yard of Goan politics”.

Dinner over, as we prepared to leave, we confronted “DUKOR” as he still continued to gobble the leftovers.

What’s your view?? We asked him.

He laughed uproariously, spilling some vindalho on his lily white shirt,

“My vote will be sold to the highest bidder whether he is from Valpoi, Taleigao or Benaulim. And since these three idiotic friends  of mine, who I concede, truly love Goa can NEVER come together as one, we the mercenaries will surely win. No doubt. And we will be the ones who’ll control the major parties, the levers of power and eventually Goa!

He burped triumphantly again!

Amused, I asked RP what his prediction was. He remarked with uncanny perception. “If the BJP – MGP unite genuinely and keep their lunatic fringe out of sight and out of mind and if the greens/regional parties scatter the traditional Congress vote, this election will run very very close. It’s  going to be a great carnival. We’ll all have a mighty laugh for one full month, as the jamboree unfolds upon us. After that alas, Goa will continue  to cry.

The Olympics 2012 in Goa begins NOW. Ready Steady GOA! Let the games begin!

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Hi Oscar,

I have read your gossip besides other views which get published during election time. My humble request to the candidates especially of Congress and BJP how many crores have they paid or offered to pay inorder to get the ticket in their respective parties. It is shame in the name secular or comunal whatever you call them especially the congress party acts like pimp and sell the candidate for teh highest bidder, inturn once they get elected public pay the price as they have to recover the money, so it is right time for all the voters to reject all these politicians once and for all like the same thing what they did for Dr Wilfred and Subash Shirodkar. in last election. Defeat all teh decfactors, ranes, alemaos, monserates, shirodkars, besides others.

- domnic, serrao | 30 th January 2012 16:33


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