Mee Churchill (not Winston) Boltoy

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
01 August 2011 11:57 IST

Friends, Goans and Congressmen (and BJP men as well, because if push comes to shove, I may have to turn to you)

Permit me to introduce myself. (as if you all still didn’t know). I am Goa’s premier STATE MAN. In many ways I’m  responsible for the sorry state of affairs in our state of Goa today, but then that’s the price you pay for many of my sacrifices in political life.

I’ve sacrificed so much to serve you, my beloved people (or idiots depending on your perspective). I sacrificed  my trawlers for you; I sacrificed my CM kodel in 15 days, in the PDF experiment (actually my only genuine sacrifice but then who notices); I sacrificed Konkani for English; I’ve  sacrificed my friendship with Luizinho bab and my title to GOD FATHER; I’ve  sacrificed the  Save Goa Front at the altar of greed and avarice; I’ve sacrificed the punch-drunk and ideologically  retarded Congress party in Goa a number of times; I’ve sacrificed  the secret and hush–hush support of Goa’s biggest brains; Dr.Willy’s and Manohar’s slush backing; I’ve sacrificed my family to serving Goa; I’ve sacrificed Goa’s bridges and roads to shady, seedy contractors; The list goes on…

With so much sacrificing they now should crown me the undisputed  QURBANI KING of Goa.

And what do I get for all my sacrifices? Betrayal! Dhoka!! A dagger in my back! Churchill deserves better!

And now it’s time to show a fist to all the squealing pigs. I’m going to show that Vijay the Sardesai! I’m going to show that upstart Pratima Coutinho! I’m going to show that Digambar Kamat! I’m going to show the High Command! I’m going  to show that Low Command! I’m going to show those Youth Congress brats! I’m even going to show that Mickey Pacheco (but not too much, since secretly I’m  a little scared of him).

With me around dear Goans, it’s always SHOWTIME in Goa. The theatre of the  absurd! The vaudeville act of high histrionics and abject stupidity!

And what I love the most is that all you idiots, oops friends, keep buying into the act! Again Again and Again.

So I don’t just resign to my fate. I just resign from this railway platform called the Congress and like Arnold Schawerzenegger always claim that “I’LL BE BACK”!

So then the question arises ?

What is the secret of my success ? How do I and my family survive all these monkey antics and keep getting re-elected again and again by thumping  majorities.

Money may play a small role but the key reason I and those of my ilk  like Babush and Mickey and the rest succeed is because both the principal parties in Goa,  the bankrupt Congress and the opportunistic BJP, need us desperately to navigate the ruthless corridors of power. We are simply indispensable knights on the chess board of Goan politics.

The Congress, despite an ideological doctrine most palatable to Goans – one of pluralism, secularism and tolerance, is so stuffed up and dependent on rank mercenaries that the bigger your blackmailing power, the lower the Congress will bend. So if  a party that refuses to stand by its own core beliefs succumbs to blackmail, almost on a daily basis, what else do I do but become the biggest black mailer of them all??

You think that Diggu Baba has remained CM so long because of his leadership qualities: Balderdash!!. He has remained CM only because he has so beautifully handled blackmail, elevating it to a fine art. (that this could cost him his Margao seat is another matter  altogether)

And about the BJP; the less said the better. Its ideology of division, revisionism and hatred is so repulsive and repugnant to Goans that even polite frogs have stopped croaking. So they keep throwing us the necessary life lines, every time the going gets tough for them. And there’s no one quite like Manohar Parrikar who can defend the indefensible with a straight face and arithmetic accuracy.

Therefore, my loyal Goans, until a party evolves in Goa, which has the ideology of the Congress, is backed whole heartedly by the moral oracles (a.k.a. activists ) and has the discipline, commitment and genuine service qualities of the BJP cadre, we will always be kings and family No.1.

And since that party is a Disney like fantastical dream which will never come true, your goose is well and truly cooked.

(This type of an experiment has been forged by Mamta in West Bengal. The ideology of the Congress, the backing of activists and the sort of discipline of BJP cadres. And see how Mamta romped home).

For now read my lips! Churchill is Goa  and Goa is Churchill and all you fellows out there better get used to our kind of democracy which will take the whole of Goa to hell but at least my scarifies won’t have gone in vain.

Thank you, God bless and Viva Goem.

P.S. Also now forget Galgibaga and Talpona and Sinquetim, I’m off to build another bridge to connect with Digambar Baba. I have to sink that Vijay fellow this time at any cost!!!.


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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Previous Comments

To Mr. N. Fernandes

Thanks, for reading my post and revert.

I am glad to see your passion and love for our golden Goa and hoping all goan does feel the same. Our debate on Churchill will be a never ending, to cut it short I agree with you, Churchill will have to live forever with the tag ‘Smuggler’, even before coming into politics he was known as a goonda but he is a very smart man, he played an act of Robin Hood and won the hearts of many goans, I as an individual look at the latter part..

Concerning bringing his family into politics I see no problem and there shouldn’t be any problem, India is a democratic Country, in his capacity if he wants’, he can bring his whole family even his driver and watchman into politics but it has to be our decision as electorate to vote them to power or not.

Starting from you, me, are we goans ready to eradicate corruption? Or will commit the same mistake by electing the same politician in the next assembly elections?

- Roy Fernandes, Caribbean | 07 th August 2011 09:38


To Roy Fernandes::

I get the impression that your views on Churchill Alemao and his whole family,are discoloured.

Statistically, Churchill is seen as the most corrupt person,along with his brother Joaquim and then followed by Babush Monseratte & Ravi Naik etc

The Alemaos have already carved a reputation in Goa`s current history as SMUGGLERS.That is how they will always be viewed or what will be written about them.

This TAG & reputation will always remain with them , even if they have no money left , to purchase or buy popularity.

The only difference is, that the term "Smugglers" has been replaced with the term "Looters" , "Plunderers", "Grafters" "Commission agents" and bully boys.

99.9% of Goans, from all over Goa ,not just Benaulim, Varca,Navelim actually hate the Alemaos.

They are seen as expanding their loot & plunder by including their family members in the enterprise.

The reason they get re-elected is because they do not use clean & non -corrupt Democratic practises.

I am not sure what you mean by "he has to be in business"? What business?

- N.Fernandes, London | 05 th August 2011 13:22


In my opinion Mr. Churchill is the best as compared to the other 39 MLA’s we have, he may be arrogant some time but he’s there for the people, he plays politics because he has to be in business...... Is he so bad!!!!! that he gets re-elected every time or are the people deaf and blind ?????

- Roy Fernandes, Caribbean | 05 th August 2011 10:05


Hi Sameer (Banglore):::

If Churchill Alemao, having completed counting all the illegal Commissions & kickbacks,he has made for the day from his PWD duties, sat down to write an article in English, we would have to add new,meaningless & incomprenhensible words to the English dictionary.

There would need to be a special section also introduced ,for his words, in the dictionary.

He nowadays carries along with him at each and every function and innagural ceremony,a newly disqualified & his broken toy doll, called Valanka.

He has trained this "toy doll" of his, to be an "on & Off" Advogad from the proceeds of "Blue,white,red & black Collar Crimes".!!

If you tell Churchill that his English speaking & writing skills are an asset to the Congress Party in Goa, he will be your friend for life.

- N.Fernandes, London | 03 rd August 2011 12:43


Great article by DR.Oscar(SAMEER Its an article by Dr.Oscar Rebello...i thoght you would be a little sensible than churchill.)

- Calisto , Colva | 02 nd August 2011 22:08


No problem about English...he can hire services of well educated and unemployed dotors and advogads.

- B Brother, Earth | 02 nd August 2011 00:18


Great article but one major mistake. Since when can Churchill write such super English ? :-)


- Samir Kelekar, bangalore | 01 st August 2011 22:37


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