The PINC Argument

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
28 March 2011 12:01 IST

Loving Goa, nowadays is really a tough ask. You have to fight your own inner schizophrenic demons.

 During the recently concluded  and valiantly fought CCP election a number of citizens (of which I was proudly one) got together and tried to galvanise and support a brand new set of councilors cutting across party lines, to challenge the vice like grip of the erstwhile Babush panel which in our opinion had  clearly failed us - the citizens of Panaji.

The evidence of that failure was so clear that Hercule Poirots pet poodle would have deciphered it.

Of course it was a political process and hence we had to play the dirty game.

There were five founding principles that loosely tired us together as citizens.

1) Though 99% of us believe in the congress ideology of pluralism, tolerance and inclusiveness , we refuse to buy the argument that galloping,  in your face corruption indulged in by mercenaries  who pretend to be congressmen is to be tolerated at the altar of secular ethos.

Follow the ideology not the mercenaries.

2) The BJP,  the opposite pole of this spectrum has an ideology that truly sucks. Big Time!

Exclusivist, intolerant and the gross inability to crack down on their lunatic fringe groups like the Bajrang Dals and Ram Senas when  they go on their regular jolly rampages is the antithesis of everything that is beautifully Goan, indeed splendidly  Indian.

However it is without a doubt that most BJP legislators and councilors are infinitely less odiously corrupt than their star congress counterparts in Goa . You don’t find real estate and mining  wheeler dealers as easily in the BJP pantheon (Unless they defect to become chief Minister that is )

And certainly,  in our opinion the councilors we endorsed from the BJP beginning  with Ashok Naik were the epitome of humility, uprightness and dignity, the perpetual underdogs in this fight. And we weren’t prepared to hang these guys and gals from the nearest street light poles in Panaji (no trees now, only streetlight poles) just because they belonged to the BJP.

3) “‘Form your own party” is the gratuitous advice we get from most sources. This needs money, dedication (to a political cause) and time which we as citizens do simply do not have. And we therefore decided to back  independent  brave hearts like Surendra and Ruth Furtado , Ashley do Rosario, Aires Rodrigues , Oscar De Cunha , men & women of mettle  who would be a bulwark in case the crazy bats on the Right marched out to deface street names in Portuguese.

4) We concede that there were enough honourable men and women on the current Babush panel but as Hercule Poirot pet poodle had already told us that his erstwhile panel had converted Panaji into one giant garbage dump. So we couldn’t afford another calamity this time round. After a close shave this time, the babush panel seems to be making the right noises.However only time, babush and permissions if any, for giant skyscrapers will tell us if these noises will translate into action on the ground.

5) Our right of choice (Not to be confused with a Choice of the Right):  We are all law abiding, tax paying citizens of Goa. Consumers of a product. We are given a choice between a decaying toxic Coca Cola and a fresher Pepsi with more fizzle. ( though we would prefer a glass of water anytime, neutral PH , not acidic or alkaline)

We made a choice and rooted for Pepsi.  You can disagree and disparage our choice. But, surely  you couldn’t be suggesting that we have no right to express our choice in a democracy as many of our well meaning detractors seem to suggest.

That would be akin to following in the rich, anti democratic , traditions of Goa’s most popular hate figure Manohar Parrikar himself.

In sum, PINC did what “ It” thought best. It may not have been enough. It may not have been successful and it may have tread a dangerous ideological adjustment but it was a good shot and we got to interact and bond with some of the finest men & women  on the campaign trail  which was an enlightening experience.

We believe that the battle between Babush and Parrikar is between The Creator and His Creation.  Let them slug it out on that front.  Let Panaji decide who has smoothened his respective rough edges.

For PINC it was about looking beyond these two gentlemen and see a sorrowful Panaji that required us to raise a loud voice in protest  and create a bloody good din about it and Boy, did we raise Hell!!!!!!!!!!

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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It was a novel way of supporting candidates across party lines.

Citizens who joined hands with you, were not very well liked, it's obvious.

Your dirty game wouldn't be called a dirty game at all. Secularism, the Congress displays, is laced with lethal dose of corruption. What appears from the outsideon is truly, no secularism at all. Narasimha Rao was a mute spectator, when Babri Masjid was brought down.

You may have not been elsewhere as successful, but, two were netted, in Surendra and Ruth. There could not have been a better option than of forming a party, no stop gap or half measures would work.

Neutral PH water, it may well be, but not nigh enough or too close for comfort, to the messy sewage work of Panjim, we experienced in the past.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 08 th April 2011 18:28


All was said during CCP election but it has bite the dust. All prominent panajikars come and companied against Babush Panel. People (so called literate ) voters have voted to Babush Panel on the promise that he will contest from Panaji(result of CCP gives clear indication that he will win) Now the real game starts, all the so called wrong doings of Mr. Babush was told to people and they voted his panel, now this picture will cascade in entire Goa. During Next assembly the picture will be more or less like this:-

Alemao – 3 MLA

Narvekar – 2 MLa

Rane – 2 MLA

Ravi Naik – 2 MLA

Babush – 2 MLA

Salgaokar – 2 MLA

Digambar -1 MLA

Mami – 1 MLA

Gudhino – 1 MLA

Dhavlikar – 2 MLA

Sardesai – 1 MLA

Reginald – 1 MLA

Shirodkar – 1 MLA

Total 21 – MLA and Congress Govt.

The Picture further versants’ b’coz No Parrikar, No. Damu, No Parsekar, No Vijay Pai Khot in Assembly so congress will be able to do whatever they want, literally no opposition at all. Well people will vote this pattern and the shout on the road what is the use? Because inspite of all the things told to people of Panaji they did what they wanted to do and see now what has happened Mr.minister is cought red handed on AIR Port ofcourse this will have no bearing on election because to will election one needs is

Vitamin “ M” in 3 forms , no need to explain the form of 3M…..

Therefore its better that prominent citizens to do there profession because , we always say that “CAPTAIN IS AS GOOD AS THE PLAYERS OF THE TEAM ARE” in same wards we can say “POLITICIANS ARE AS GOOD AS THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY ARE” because we the people are corrupt our leaders are. The voting pattern is such that if one candidate gives Rs.1000, other need to give 2000 or else he is lost. Secondly new trend has come now in Goa. The heavy weights of Goa do not spend money During election time, but they ensure that people are paid during entire 5 years…. So only question is what next?

- Purushottam, Honda | 07 th April 2011 10:26


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