By Dr Oscar Rebelo
07 July 2020 23:37 IST

Now darlings, I'm truly freaking out.

Two senior political figures, Dr Suresh Amonkar and Pascoal D’Souza, have bid us adieu, courtesy Covid.

Granted, both had co-morbid conditions, but they were fine, genuinely nice guys who were snatched away before their time.

As predicted, this little viper is getting too close for comfort now, and we had better be prepared for war.

And dancing like a bunch of BJP idiots at a lockdown party, presided over by the ever-dapper Glen Ticlo, is simply no way to wage the war.

So again a few thoughts, like straws trying to stand straight in a gale-storm.



This is not 100%, but many colleagues in Delhi and Bombay are using this extensively, and they are swearing by it.

No designer studies, no concrete scientific proof yet, but in many cases it's been the thin red line between life and death.

I know for a fact, it's still not been used in Goa (for whatever bureaucratic reasons).

But public pressure must mount to make these drugs (though expensive) available.

The wily Americans have already amassed 90% of the global stock.

Remember this one simple fact.

Rich, poor, famous, notorious or VIP, in Goa, you get Covid and you are at the ESI hospital.

Nowhere else.

Hence these drugs, if the crap hits the fan, must be available there.

So my dear Pramod and Vishwajeet, after the two of you have finished gouging one another's political eyes out and sharpening knives to thrust into God knows who's back, please, please get us these bloody drugs.

If anyone of us gets truly serious, the kitchen sink has to be flung at this virus.

Nothing else will do.



Whatever be our hare-brained economic reasons, for getting tourists in from the hot zones, be prepared for an Almighty Spike.

I fully comprehend the desperate plight of the tourism industry that is truly bleeding.

But one MUST be very, very careful.

You drag this pandemic into the peak winter months, because of this short-sightedness, and Goa would comprehensively be out of sight and out of mind.

Don't kill the golden goose that lays not kills the golden eggs.

But then haven't you done that already??



This is the mild silver-lining.

Most cases in Goa are still asymptomatic contacts.

That gives us some hope.

And as Dr Edwin, sadly maskless, makes a relevant point.

The mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic patients should be put up in local schools and community centres, monitoring one another, rather than flood the Covid hospital.



This will be the July to remember.

This is the month that many of us will get exposed, without a doubt, as we go about our regular routines.

Mask, shield, Weekly HCQS, gloves, prayers (for those who know how to).

And simply keep away from family and friends for at least this month.

One mile away.

We willy-nilly are ticking time-bombs.

But there is factual good news.

A VIP patient was in two private hospitals for around two weeks, unknowingly.

Discovered to be Covid a week later.

Not one, not a single contact; doctor, nurse, housekeeping or otherwise, turned out positive after two weeks of contact.

All clean.

Have we front-line, petal-infested, terribly frightened warriors acquired some level of immunity?

Let's grant that to some mysterious miracle.



I won't tire of saying this.

We need, absolutely freaking need, to row in unison on this.

Or else this boat will sink.

So discipline, reaching out, keeping our nerve, being generous of mind, body and spirit and following the rules.

There can be no compromise on this.

This is our crucial month.

That we remain at this: 80 to 100 cases daily, and don't suddenly spike.

Or we are submerged by the quicksand.

As a medical professional, this has easily been the most fascinating and exhausting period of our lives.

It is not the fear of contracting the virus which rattles us, as much as the terror of exporting it to our loved ones.

Never ever thought that practising medicine was akin to walking on hot-coals daily.

But somehow one gets that gut feeling that, post-July or early August, there is going to be a light at the end of a dark, gloomy and terrifying tunnel.

Maybe wishful thinking, of course.

But then sunshine has this magical quality of peeping out of the darkness when you least expect it.

So keep your fingers crossed!  (And don't touch the fingers to your face!!)

It’s been a long dreary climb, but the Valley of Flowers may well be beckoning.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Like your Frank

opinions hitting the nail on the head trying to bring some common sense in the brainless administration.

- Romeu, Mapuca/Assonora | 11 th July 2020 02:52


Yes, good advise for others to bond together and start your own piece with rumor mongering on political eye gauging. Lage raho with fractured thought processing. Of course, no dearth of blind unthinking followers.

- Dr. V. L. Lobo, Panjim | 10 th July 2020 22:29


Goa needs few more like you and it will be heaven on earth.

- Angela, Kuwait, Panjim | 10 th July 2020 15:32


Goa needs few more like you dear doctor, Goa will be heaven on earth.

- Angela, Kuwait, Panjim | 10 th July 2020 15:31


Well penned.. You think it's going to make, a difference to these political goons who leave no stone unturned to fill their pockets n rob us of our inherited and environmental surroundings!!!

- Sheila DeSousa, Calangute | 09 th July 2020 18:21


If a tiny state like Goa could produce some more with your type of vision. I am sure that the place called Goa would be the perfect place to live in. Thanks to you DOC

- Eutimio Fernandes, Varca | 09 th July 2020 14:57


I would say survival of the fittest & adaptation to the environment, by Charles Darwin. As it is said anything too much is poison.its as per our greed we are facing our own situations. Humanity,morality is lost in this world. We have become selfish to an extent that we don't want to expels toxins,hence cancers ,tumors,low life expectancy.

We just wanto blame others for our deeds be it politicians or anyone else. Education has made us beggars begging from government or any other organization.

Untill &unless we stand up for oneself & stop blaming others,anything will get you,every one will die including myself.which is ultimate truth.

Nobody is immortal. Remember that & behave likewise.

- Sameer naik, Khandepar, goa | 09 th July 2020 11:28


You are to Congress what Salkar is to BJP. Both of you speak with both ends of your elementary canals.

- Dr. J. Pacheco, Margao | 09 th July 2020 03:30


Let's hope the Doctors across Goa's private sector join in the fight when called upon. 👍

- Dr.Archan Naik, Margao | 08 th July 2020 21:42


Doctor is absolutely right, he has hit the nail on the head.

It's time to gear up, mistakes have been done, but we need to give Goans the best chance.

- Vikram Sood, Goa | 08 th July 2020 21:26


Waiting to see u as chief minister of Goa. u r classmate in Don Bosco XB class.

- Manuel fernandes, Curtorim | 08 th July 2020 19:41


Are you some sort of country doctor and more of a politician with the intent on gossiping and fear mongering rather then providing some valuable and useful/unbiased information to people?

- Laila Mascarenhas, Lisboa | 08 th July 2020 18:17


This is not 100%, but many colleagues in Delhi and Bombay are using this extensively, and they are swearing by it.

No designer studies, no concrete scientific proof yet, but in many cases it's been the thin red line between life and death.

--Crap!! The mortality rate is so low only people with serious pre-conditions are dying.

And you want to dose people with unsubstantiated drugs? Living in a fools paradise. You are articles are like Trump speeches, everyday is a new story. No connection between two articles!! I

- Ryston, London | 08 th July 2020 17:25


All of you just fucking understand that months of july till November are the shittiest months in Goa as far as fever cases go. Covid-19 is going to fuck us all....

With current settings our people will have no place for cremation in a couple of months..

So just go take some Vitamin D3 ... 2000IU per day or more as per Dr.Oscars recommendation if he agrees to this accept this clear shit..

All those fucking countries with millions of dead are all Vitamin D3 deficient .

No Sunrays help those cursed to born in the cold latitudes..

We are in the monsoon now. Be prepared to dieeeeee...

- Mr. Fucking Pandemic Shit, Universe No. 100 x pie x some shitty Covid-19 Exponential number | 08 th July 2020 16:43


There is a lot of truth and foresight in what ever you say but do we understand especially the 40 who say they know all what is good for us. Hope we implement what is suggested by you

- Vincente Fernandes, Seraulim | 08 th July 2020 16:08


It could not be more precise eloquent and optimistic . Doctor you have given authentic n forward looking account of the covid situation in Goa. Thanks for your message. Waiting to hear from you.

- Anna Neena George, Ponda | 08 th July 2020 10:25


It could not be more precise eloquent and optimistic . Doctor you have given authentic n forward looking account of the covid situation in Goa. Thanks for your message. Waiting to hear from you.

- Anna Neena George, Ponda | 08 th July 2020 10:23


Thanks for this info. I usually stay for 6 mts in South Goa. This year we are scared to visit Goa as we have seen on TV loads of lorries entering Goa without border controls or health checks. The Virus has not gone. My question to you as a Dr is why is the Govt not opening the new hospital in S Goa which has been standing empty for so many years? They have to close that filthy Hospicio hospital. Bring in a health service available for all. As an OCI we get fleeced by Drs in Goa. They think we are walking banks so many choose to treat themselves rather than go to hospital or see a Dr. Can this change especially with the Virus still lurking?

Keep up the good work. My cousin Indira Rodrigues is a staunch member of APP. Sorry to hear about Elvis. I thought he was a genuine man.

God bless you all Save Goa and stop the double tracking My cousin is Chairman in this fight against double tracking. The CM is pulling the wool over Goan eyes. Be vigilant and fight for Goa.

- Viola Waite, LA Chapelle Baloue | 08 th July 2020 09:54


Great article. I hope that the concerned are listening and will pay heed to Dr. Oscar's words of wisdom.

- Mario Rodrigues, Alto Porvorim | 08 th July 2020 08:45


Very good article which hits the nail on the head

Only we healthcare professionals know what we are going through

- alethea barbosa, Panaji | 08 th July 2020 08:04


As usual very sound and non biased article. Gives us hope in times like this.

Thank you Dr.

- Kim Sabir, Socorro | 08 th July 2020 06:36


Sound advice

- Jennifer, Navelim | 08 th July 2020 06:13


Please please take Dr. Oscar's advise and help us all by following the care we must take for ourselves , our families and others. In all my life this has been the first time a Pandemic has take so many lives the world over. We have to be responsible for ourselves first and try to explain the seriousness to others. To go around without masks on scooters, motorcycle n other modes of transport - with three and four person sitting together is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Thank God most of us are still alive !!!!

- Bina Kapur, Volvaddo, Pilerne. | 08 th July 2020 06:01


Hats off to You, Our Dearest Oscar. Drugs, Masks, HCQ, PPE, nutritious diet, consumption of hot water, steam Inhalations frequently shall benefit immensely Our Sossegado Goan population.

- Dr Silvano Dias Sapeco, Tuanto Verem Reis-Magos | 08 th July 2020 05:18


I fully support you and your group dr.

- Mario Brito Fernandes, Margao (Madgaon) | 08 th July 2020 05:17


respected dear doc. Oscar Rebelo. appreciation and any thanks for warning on covid 19, dos & donts. humble request, would you once again take up the cudgel for Goa, as the anti-Goa marauders are relentlessly hacking at the door of Goas coastal zones to achive their devious agenda

and our goan brothren needs waking up from thier delirious slumber. thanks

- evaristo j. rodrigues, santo estevam ( jua ) | 08 th July 2020 05:01


I would like to join the AAM ADAMI pls send me email

- Fatima Elizabeth britto, BENAULIM M | 08 th July 2020 04:45


Thankyou Dr. OSCAR Rebelo .God Bless you. Lino&fly.

- Jose Lino D Souza ., Near Libbre Feabre chapel .(chimbel). | 08 th July 2020 04:22


I always ensure that I read his articles. Respect him a lot

- Deepak Mopkar, Fatorda | 08 th July 2020 04:10


With jokers running our state its terrifying indeed !!!!

- Dylan Fernandes, Mapusa | 08 th July 2020 03:53


Thank you Dr.

For all the info of the utter stupidity n greed of our govt officials .For your care for wat happens to the people of Goa.

I say God bless you , your fly, keep you safe. Stay blessed.

- Vimla D' souza, Saligao | 08 th July 2020 03:46


I think that Mild positive cases have to be treated not in hospital but in confinement if they have possibilities in house with close monitoring from doctors and make a new test when there is no symptoms . Sending all to Hospital only if bad condition or symptoms

- Maria de Fatima Figueiredo de Albuquerque, Loutulim | 08 th July 2020 03:33


I thoroughly enjoy your posts

- Leslie Santimano, Colva | 08 th July 2020 03:20



- Ermelinda Makkimane, Panjim | 08 th July 2020 03:11


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