Straws in the wind

By Radharao Gracias
03 January 2011 13:40 IST

“Power will go into the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters. These are the men of straw, of whom no trace will be found after a few years.  They will be fighting among themselves, and India will be lost in political squabbles”. So observed Churchill (the original version), arguing against independence to India.

For once, the greatest British leader of all times has been proved wrong. The men of straw have not disappeared. On the contrary, they have followed the Old Testament. They have gone forth and multiplied! Now, it is straw, straw all the way. From the Yeddys to the Reddys. From Varca to Barkha. Men of straw. Women of straw. It is straw, straw and more straw. The entire country has become one huge haystack. And yet, all the cows do starve!

There is a proverb, rendered redundant by technology, “People living in glass houses must not throw stones at others”. Nowadays, whichever way you go, you see nothing but glass houses. And people living in them hurl stones at each other. But nothing happens. Science has made glass unbreakable. However, the occupants do not realize that glass albeit unbreakable, is not opaque. The occupants are seen undressing with the curtains up and the lights on. And we have all become voyeurs enjoying the expose. Day in and day out. On television. On newspapers. On the internet. And we fire missiles at them. Once again nothing happens. Our missiles are merely dummies. The only effective missile we have is the vote. But we have never learnt to fire it.

Don’t be a cynic I am told, the tide will turn. “There will be light at the end of the tunnel”. I have waited long. I have travelled here and there. Elsewhere in the world, I have seen light not merely at the end but inside every tunnel. But in our country it is a different world. The tunnels are dark and deep (darker than Robert Frost’s Woods) and I have travelled in the hope of finding light at the end. Only to encounter power failure! The fear is, when the tide does turn, it may be a Tsunami.

We have a Prime Minister, who is branded as downright honest. Perhaps so. But whoever said that the country needs an honest Prime Minister? We need a Prime Minister, who is efficient and effective. We need a Prime Minister, who commands majority on his own. We need a Prime Minister, whose honesty percolates down through and through. We need a Prime Minister, who is decisive. We need a Prime Minister, not remote controlled by anyone. Least of all by Mambo Italiano!

How did this come to pass? If you want an answer, travel to the countryside or whatever is left of it. These days, the empty spaces in the village appear to be covered by a mantle of snow. The mirage is caused by Congress grass in full bloom. The Congress grass is no grass but a shrub which overwhelms and smothers every other plant in its neighbourhood. It spreads far and wide and destroys the fertility of the soil. When the wind blows the pollen takes to the air, if inhaled sends you to bed with cough and cold. The plant has practically colonized the whole country with no benefit to the host. The miniscule seeds of the plant gained entry as stowaways in bags of wheat sent to the country to avert famines in the fifties of the last century under a law called Public Law 480 (PL 480) by the US.

The person who named the plant Congress grass deserves Nostradamus Award for prophecy (if there is such an award). The Congress grass has had the same effect on the countryside as the Congress has had on the country. Both are parasites, thriving on the country’s soil and soul. The country has been impoverished while Congress grass and Congressmen have prospered.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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Radharao Gracias

Radharao F.Gracias is a senior Trial Court lawyer and ex President of the South Goa Advocates Association. He is also former independent MLA of Goa. He has been an activist on issues related to Goa for more than three decades.

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It's a classic one but just another write up.We need Krantikar´s like Bhagat Singh,Chandrashekar Azad,Bismil etc to fight the battle against our own elected prostitutes but sorry to say,they will never be born again.

There is no place for genuine,sincere citizens in our so called Mera Bharat Mahaan.It's time to migrate.Not worth fighting for greedy fellow Bharatwasi´s

Love n Rgds,


- Joel Morais, Cuncolim | 31 st January 2011 13:57


Classic one Radha. articulate, sarcastic, yet insightful. Keep the good work going, you always had it in you.

- gerson rebelo, bangalore | 26 th January 2011 23:11


To Mr. Kalidas Sawkar,

Due respect, of course, that would make a difference. The general class would be happy with "D'Souza" but the little upper and upper would certainly correct it to "de Sousa" or "de Souza". Permit me, your spelling should have been haphazard meaning having no particular order or plan. Cheers.

- Ludovico, Od Goa | 23 rd January 2011 14:07


It is said that when Dr. Wilfred DeSouza(Pl. excuse my spelling of his family name, since I know sometimes caste dictates spelling) entered politics medicine lost a fine and capable surgen.

In the same tone, When Mr. Radharao Gracias entered politics 'halfazardly', it was a loss for readership and politics too!

- Kalidas Sawkar, Panaji Goa | 22 nd January 2011 18:50


Sir Winston Churchill, may be the greatest man or one of the greatest men, but he has to give his due to the fact, that, circumstance placed him in the position, at the time, for which he became famous. He called our Father of the Nation, a 'fakir' because of that position. But to me, the greatest man even today is our Mahatma.

Today, we are not less in the comity of nations, on the world stage, as Independent India, and 'you ain't seen nothin' yet'.

That the political party has degenerated, is because of our own self, that education, learning has rendered us worse thieves, scoundrels, with better insight into thievery and laws, and how to manipulate everything around. Therefore the best people to govern us are rogues, manipulators and scoundrels. Our present PM is not one of them, therefore, everyone is raring to question him hoping he would make a big blunder. God give him strength. How sorry we look, to people who are watching us!

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 03 rd January 2011 16:23


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