Why is Mickky made so powerful?

By Sandesh Prabhudesai
30 December 2010 01:20 IST

Is Mickky Pacheco the most powerful politician of Goa? It appears so, on a face value. See the bandwagon of politicians opposing his re-entry into the cabinet. Churchill Alemao. Joaquim Alemao. Babush Monseratte. Babu Azgaonkar. And seven more. Five ministers and five MLAs of the ‘majority’ Congress party.

Are they so scared of him? One among the three MLAs of the Nationalist Congress Party? Was Mickky so powerful, when he was in the cabinet? Was he so influential as the minister?

One could understand if Churchill is scared of Mickky. This ‘casino-fame’ Benaulim MLA made our Saxttikar strongman Churchill bite dust in 2002 Assembly election. In 2007 polls, Churchill simply moved to another constituency – Navelim. And now Churchill wants to field his ‘sprung up’ daughter-cum-‘social’ worker Valenka from Benaulim. Obviously, Churchill is bound to oppose Mickky becoming a minister once again.

Even Joaquim opposing Mickky could be understood as he equally loves his niece Valenka. But why eight more? They too are concerned about Valenka?  Or are they ‘slaves of Alemaos’?

The argument is that Mickky is facing a chargesheet in Nadia Torrado death case. And a minister facing a chargesheet should not remain in the cabinet. Like how Dayanand Narvekar was dropped. If so, then why Pandurang Madkaikar was dropped? What chargesheet did he face?

And who cries about the chargesheet? Babush Monseratte? Who himself is facing a chargesheet for publicly attacking Panaji town police station along with his supporters?  (Forget the rape case on his son Rohit he stood by).

Churchill has an argument on this. According to him, Mickky is facing a murder charge; Babush is not. Well, then did Narvekar face a murder charge? Or is cricket-ticket scam much more a serious crime than attacking police station, raping a minor or killing a friend?

Has the Indian National Congress prepared a list of crimes, which are then categorised as to-be-pardoned and not-to-be-pardoned, as far as ministerial berth is concerned?

In simple, do this ‘gang of ten’ think that we Goans are fools? And they are the most intelligent people in the world? That they can fool all the people all the time?

Definitely not.

Sadly, politics is never so straight. The politicians always have their hidden agendas. In Mickky’s case, Churchill claims that chief minister Digambar Kamat and even the Congress high command is opposed to his re-entry.

He appears to be right the way chief minister Digambar-bab and Congress observer B K Hariprasad behaved. It’s definitely not because of one Mickky. There is much more than what is told and spoken about.

A rumour in political circles was that revenue minister Jose Philip D’Souza and tourism minister Nilkanth Halarnkar – both NCP legislators – are planning to join the Congress after the present Assembly is dissolved and fresh polls are announced.

With their strange behaviour, D’Souza and Halarnkar have made the rumour true. Perhaps it is for the first time in the country that the central high command ‘orders’ its members to quit and they simply refuse to obey. What made them so gutsy to defy their party president and all-time-strong Sharad Pawar?

Of course, even if they don’t quit, neither Pawar nor his party can legally touch both of them. They can simply defy the party directives and continue in ministerial seats. They are two-thirds from among the three-member legislature party. D’Souza is the legislature party leader. Even if Pawar tomorrow throws them out of party, they would continue as NCP MLAs in the Assembly. Like how Babush Monseratte continued as the UGDP member even after he was expelled from the party. He was not even ‘unattached’, since no such category exists by law.

But fresh election is not too far. If both of them have to contest once again, they cannot do it unless NCP gives them tickets. Why should Pawar give tickets to D’Souza and Halarnkar, who publicly defy supremo’s directives and put him to a public shame?

Well, this can happen only if they are ‘well protected’. Today, both of them are ‘fully protected’ by the Congress. After public defiance of their party (NCP) high command, both D’Souza and Halarnkar are de-facto behaving like Congressmen and definitely not ‘loyal soldiers of their own party’ - the NCP.

Obviously, the NCP – from Goa to Delhi – is fully aware of this ‘political conspiracy’ of their senior alliance partner. The plan is simple and straight. Keep ‘their’ men as NCP ministers, admit them into the Congress when election approaches and wipe out the NCP from Goa’s political map.

In such a situation, the only hope for the NCP is Mickky Pacheco, whether they like him or not. With the way Mickky’s cabinet induction is being opposed, it is crystal clear that the Congress would never admit him in their party. Secondly, he is the only one who could organise a massive party convention in his own Benaulim constituency and mobilise equally huge crowd for his birthday bash recently.

For the NCP, it simply does not matter whether Mickky is facing a murder charge, a bigamy case or a police case for cheating while gambling at casino. ‘Character’ is a non-issue, simply because the NCP itself has no character.

The NCP was formed by opposing making Sonia Gandhi the prime minister, because of her Italian roots. Today, Sonia is more powerful than the prime minister. She is the chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), of which NCP is the member. Pawar has surrendered before her long ago, by accepting the Italy-born lady as his supremo.

Except this issue on which Pawar has compromised long ago, the NCP never had any ideology of its own. It exists in Maharashtra because of Pawar, survives in Meghalaya because of P A Sangma and was born in Goa because Dr Wilfred de Souza merged his Goa Rajiv Congress into the NCP.

Why should such a party then bother about ‘character’ of any person to keep its identity alive? Today, Mickky is the saviour of NCP. Tomorrow, more such disgruntled characters of Congress could join this ‘characterless’ party. It could be Dayanand Narvekar, Pandurang Madkaikar etc etc. All such ‘Congressmen/women at heart’ have three favourite choices – the NCP, the UGDP or the MGP.

Even the 'party with a difference' - the BJP - is not indifferent to them. In fact Manohar Parrikar has embraced and welcomed all such opportunists in his saffron brigade to become Chief Minister. If you remember, Mickky Pacheco, Jose Philip D'Souza, Dayanand Narvekar, Babu Azgaonkar and even GPCC chief Subhash Shirodkar were 'loyal soliders' of Hindutva at one time.

If we look at the whole scenario in this background, we can read well what is happening. It is not Alemaos who are opposing Mickky but it is a well-planned election strategy of the Congress that is keeping Mickky out and Jose-Nilkanth in. And it is the struggling NCP that is trying to push Mickky in, to fight for its own survival. It is a simple opportunistic power game. It has nothing to do with keeping the criminals out, maintaining credibility of the party or to work for the welfare of all of US.

It’s a dirty power game; that’s all.  

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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Sandesh Prabhudesai is a journalist, presently the Editor of goanews.com, Goa's oldest exclusive news website since 1996. He has earlier worked as the Editor-in-Chief of Prudent & Goa365, Goa's TV channels and Editor of Sunaparant, besides working as a reporter for Goan and national dailies & weeklies in English and Marathi since 1987. He also reports for the BBC. He is also actively involved in literary and cultural activities. After retirement from day-to-day journalism in 2020, he is into Re-Search Journalism (पुनर्सोद पत्रकारिता), focusing on analytical articles, Video programs & Books.

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Sandesh Prabhudesai, I think you should invite Mickky and myself for a straight talk on one of your TV programmes. Its there that I will show Goa all those watching as to how powerful Mickky is and how Mickky and those like him are bluffing us. Its so sad that a six fail can take all of us for a ride. In the same breath I also apologise to Goa and Goans for promoting Mickky and being instrumental in getting him to win the 2005 by-elections from Benaulim elections when Mickky had resigned as MLA. Looking forward to your call at the earliest. Calvert Gonsalves – Colva Goa

- Calvert Gonsalves, colva | 04 th January 2011 22:04


That Mickky can mobilize support on the side of his party was obvious when he arranged a huge gathering for NCP, I think, it was just before the Nadia episode.

Since then things have never been the same. Call it a big success, if you will, and re-defining constituencies, are also factors, but the truth is, it sent chills down the spines of many a Congressman in Goa.

What they call a coalition 'dharma', when the High Command of a coalition party says about its member, it should be a done thing, because when he was told to give up his ministry de obeyed, and now they are making internal arrangements of who should replace whom.

They are wary that if all 40 constiuencies are contested, they might pick up a good number, independently. A lot has changed since last.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 31 st December 2010 12:46


Good free and frank analysis of the degenerated political scenario!

The politics has no more remained as a tool of serving people but it has become a profession to earn wealth under the guise of serving people!

The principles, ideologies, values have least role in winning elections in the today's degenerated political system and it is the vote bank politics and corrupting a section of the voters which win the elections!

In Goa being a small state- the winning of elections is made so easy and all that matters is taking care of a few thousand voters from each constituencies- may be by taking care of their needs and paying them a part of the ill gotten wealth!

Some of the politicians have become so shameless that they never hesitate in pouring bulk of the budget in their own constituencies on flimsy projects- ignoring the claim of the other constituencies where Govt. spending is badly needed!

The people get the Govt. that they deserve! One can draw their own conclusion!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 31 st December 2010 10:42



nice article on dirty politics. I liked it. and always like 2 read ur articles.

Wishing u all a healthy and happy new year. God bless u all and give u all more and more strength 2 continue d gd work.

Arch. Yogesh

- Yogesh, Poinguinim | 31 st December 2010 07:01


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