Not in 'My Goa’ Please

By Deepali Desai
21 August 2019 12:27 IST

In the times of the digital world, the social media trend in Goa has become highly worrisome since the last few years. Some specific Facebook groups are mostly used by Goans living in the state and abroad to express their political opinions. I myself am active on several of these platforms. Recently, I came across a post that asked other members to prove themselves as ‘Niz Goenkars’. One asked ‘how many of you speak Konkani at home?’ In response, a man provided a certificate that ‘proved him’ as an original Goan.

Just last week. a video went viral of a man speaking in Konkani, where he was allegedly heard hurling abuses and calling Goans hypocrites for attacking migrants. All this at a time when an emerging political group calling themselves as revolutionaries have unleased their attack on tourists and migrant population working in Goa. Their videos often go viral in which they are seen heckling some tourists or others reportedly creating menace in the state. The influx of migrant population has raised questions, but does that allow anyone to take law in their hands?

The growing trend of calling out ‘outsiders’ is somewhat worrying to my mind. I am apprehensive because on-ground it may alienate many people who have been living in Goa with dignity for many generations, even if they may have originated from somewhere else. Every time, I hear these voices, I am reminded of methods Shiv Sena had adopted in Maharashtra several years back. The aggression at which social media is taking shape is sending disturbing signals. So, there is a need to have a balanced approach.

Can we seriously survive without people from other states? Can we build houses without the migrant labour or for that matter can a person running local business in Goa find himself/herself enough manpower within the state? Are we willing to let go off them completely?

I am mentioning the specific nature of the job because the lower strata to my belief are the most targeted. Again, there is no theory as pro-migrant but there is a large fear of being reduced to a political tool to those trying to build their image.

If Goans are willing to replace them, then let them go. In that case, every local landowner must swear by not giving their houses for rent or their lands to 'outsiders'. At this moment a thought process is needed. Issue of crime is pertinent but then let a local house owner take a responsibility. Let the authority do their jobs of verification.

At least let us not be hatemongers because originally that’s not who we are.





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Deepali Desai

Formerly a Television Journalist with close to a decade long experience in covering news. She has worked with India's top news channels such as Times Now, NDTV & NewsX. Recently, she had a stint in Goa365 as a Desk Head. She breathes politics and likes to keep her eyes on social media trends. Deepali is from Ribandar, Goa, presently working in North India for Women’s Rights Organisation.

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Worst is that there is a movement that is willing to enforce by law privileges only for POGO so called people of Goan origin.

Not all Outsiders are same catagory. Many of them brought dynamics to Goan Economy since mines business to Hotels and Hospitality Business any money other sectors ...

Besides we are being extremely selfish as we know Goans topically are migrants to other countries like Portugal where we are received and welcomed open handed we expect all other countries gives to our citizens same regalities and opportunities then how come locals can behave contrary.

The Portuguese were the Colonials but left a good legacy and heritage too that beanty and charm is appreciated by whole India we should be proud and join their Experty with today's generation and develop betterments in Goa in various fields welcoming all those outsiders who can bring an added value and job creation.

This sense of discrimination can be highly negative and on long term prejudicial I condemn POGO conception or any sort of discrimination.

- Kesaria, Panjim | 21 st August 2019 11:59


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